Analysis of Common Faults of LED Display Screen

LED display screen quickly enters our life and appears in every corner of our life. We have been used to LED display screen appearing in our life. However, in the process of using LED display screen every day, you may encounter various different fault phenomena of LED display screen, and people who do not understand the operation of LED display screen may be distressed, Here are some explanations for these aspects:1 What is the reason why the LED screen is completely black?During the application of the control system, we occasionally encounter the phenomenon that the LED screen is completely black. The same phenomenon may be caused by various reasons. Even the process of screen blackening will vary according to different operations or different environments. For example, it may be black at the moment of power on, black during loading, black after sending, etc

Analysis of Common Faults of LED Display Screen 1

1. Please ensure that all hardware, including the control system, is powered on correctly. ( 5V, do not connect reversely or wrongly)2. Check and repeatedly confirm whether the serial port cable used to connect the controller is loose or falling off. (if it turns black during loading, it may be caused by this reason, that is, the communication line is interrupted due to looseness during communication, so the screen turns black. Don't think that the line can't be loose if the screen body doesn't move. Please check it. It's very important to solve the problem quickly.)3. Check and confirm whether the LED screen and the hub distribution board connected to the main control card are tightly connected and inserted reversely.

2 Why does the LED display screen appear bright lines for a few seconds or the screen image becomes blurred when it is just powered on?

After the screen controller is properly connected with the computer, hub distribution board and screen, it is necessary to provide 5V power supply to the controller to make it work normally (at this time, do not directly connect with 220V voltage). At the moment of power on, a bright line or "flower screen" will appear on the screen for a few seconds. The bright line or "flower screen" is a normal test phenomenon to remind the user that the screen is about to start working normally. Within 2 seconds, the phenomenon is automatically eliminated and the screen enters the normal working state.

3 The reason why the whole screen of the unit board is not bright or dark1. Visually check whether the power connection line, 26p cable between unit boards and the indicator light of power module are normal.2. Use a multimeter to measure whether the unit board has normal voltage, and then measure whether the voltage output of the power module is normal. If not, it is judged that the power module is broken.

Analysis of Common Faults of LED Display Screen 2

3. Measure the low voltage of the power module and adjust the fine adjustment (the fine adjustment at the power module close to the indicator light) to make the voltage reach the standard.4 What are the reasons for the failure to load or communicate?The reasons for communication failure and loading failure are roughly the same, which may be caused by the following reasons. Please compare with the operation according to the listed items:

1. Ensure that the control system hardware is properly powered on.2. Check and confirm that the serial port line used to connect the controller is a straight line rather than a cross line.3. Check and confirm that the serial port connecting wire is intact and there is no looseness or falling off at both ends.

4. Select the correct product model, correct transmission mode, correct serial port number and correct serial transmission rate according to the LED display control software and the selected control card, and correctly set the address and serial transmission rate on the hardware of the control system according to the dial switch diagram provided in the software.5. Check whether the jumper cap is loose or falls off; If the jumper cap is not loose, ensure that the jumper cap is oriented correctly.6. If it still fails to load after the above inspection and correction, please use a multimeter to measure whether the serial port of the connected computer or control system hardware is damaged to confirm whether it should be returned to the computer manufacturer or the control system hardware for testing.

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