Belsee Best Aftermarket Tesla Style Vertical IPS Screen Display Android 9.0 Auto Head Unit Car Radio Replacement for Ford F150 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

Support Android Auto and Apply carplay. If you want it, you can buy USB dongle adaptor for it (check this link ).

This head unit come with special harness and canbus box. It plug and play, No need cut wires. You can download Spotify, YouTube etc from Google play store. Built-in Google play store and Google Maps.

You can replace your factory radio if your Ford F150 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 like below photo

Mirror Link

Most of android phone and iPhone can be mirrored same screen on belsee unit by easy-connect application. Android via usb charging cable and wifi can be mirrored. iPhone via wifi. You can touch and control any operation such as watching video, navigation etc through an android phone. But the iPhone just display of the things on the phone screen, does not can be control on the unit.

Tested Samsung Galaxy S8 mirror link by wifi and USB cable. You must open the USB debugging from phone.

(Open Samsung Galaxy S8 USB debugging: Settings>About phone>Software information>Build number>click five times>back settings>Developer options>Turn on USB debugging)

Steering wheel control

The Stereo come with canbus box, it remains your original steering wheel controls work.


Built-in FM/AM Radio. (Must make sure factory / aftermarket radio adaptor connect to radio connector as well on back of head unit )

3 seconds to press radio search button, it will search radio stations automatically. Long press the radio station to save.

Support RDS function.


Support Bluetooth for hands free phone call.

Phone book, must paired your phone, the phone will receives a command when you sync your phone's contacts, please click allow, the contacts listing will display touch screen of head unit.

A2DP, support listening music from your phone.

OBD2, please choose the correct Bluetooth code when you pair the ELM327 OBD2.

Multimedia player function

Music and Video

Turn on music app, please slide to the right, choose correct path from USB or SD card. Slide to the left to show songs listing.

Support display song's name,album,singer, cover image.


Car data will show the screen of head unit for your safe when you connected TPMS device.


You can connect OBD2 scanner to test real data or trouble from your vehicle. Must choose the correct Bluetooth code on Bluetooth application.

Rear view camera

Back image will display on the screen automatically when you back the car.

(Only support RCA type back up camera input)

Belsee HD reversing camera support IR night vision.

Belsee Best Aftermarket Tesla Style Vertical IPS Screen Display Android 9.0 Auto Head Unit Car Radio Replacement for Ford F150 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 1

Why didn't Apple simply move the finger print scanner to back of iPhone 8/8 Plus and add a full screen display?

There are few Android phones who have implemented the biometrics at the back of the phone (Eg: Samsung S7, S8, Pixel, Mi Note 4 etc)There are two important things over here:1: The Comfort: ErgonomicsIf the fingerprint scanner is located at the back, its difficult to unlock the phone if its lying on a table/sofa. You have to pick it up then only you can unlock the device, whereas if the phone is having the sensor at the front, you can unlock it without picking it up (e.g.: Moto G4, iPhone 5s onwards). If you consider Samsung S7, S8 the sensor placement is horrible, its really difficult to unlock at its next to camera modules, it takes time to get used to it. 2: Face ID (iPhone X)Its having thousands of points to scan compared to Touch ID or any other fingerprint scanner, so its more secure. Like Apple says :It projects and analyzes more than 30,000 invisible dots

My digital camera fujifilm xp doesn't work?

The screen has gas gone on your camera, meaning you need to have the screen fixed, it probably has a leak inside the screen, this is a rare common problem. The rubber seal is pathetic, these waterproof cameras work great for some time then get busted, which means the rubber seal is not sufficient enough its not as protective around the lens and screen display as should be. Have it checked out anyway

Belsee Best Aftermarket Tesla Style Vertical IPS Screen Display Android 9.0 Auto Head Unit Car Radio Replacement for Ford F150 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2

How do i get my computer screen's display to go back to its normal size (everything is enlarged) ?

Right click an empty spot on the screen and change the resoulution to one that suits you or Do a system restore, click start, all programs, acessories, system tools, and then system restore. Pick a date in bold when it was working right and click OK. When it reboots it should be working good again. PS: the little arrows in the corner of the calendar let you go back a month or 2 and forward again. You lose nothing except the problem your having and maybe an update or 2.

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Analysis of the Overall Design Framework of LED Large Screen Display Control System
Analysis of the Overall Design Framework of LED Large Screen Display Control System
introductionThe development of information technology promotes the continuous progress of flat panel display (FPD) technology. New display technologies such as LCD (liquid crystal), PDP (plasma) and LED (light emitting diode) have been widely used in the field of display screen. Among them, LCD (liquid crystal) technology has become the mainstream, with many products and mature market mechanism. Although LCD technology has achieved great success, people still do not stop exploring and studying new technologies. LED display technology is a new technology in recent years. LED technology has attracted more and more attention because of its unique characteristics of high brightness, low power consumption and long service life. Large screen display based on LED technology has been widely used in public places such as squares, airports, sports venues and stations to display multimedia information such as text, animation, image and video on the large screen. When displaying information, the LED large screen control system does not need to process the data by the computer. It directly reads the information stored in the display buffer to display. When the information needs to be updated, the data acquisition module of the display sends new data to the display module. In this paper, a color asynchronous LED large screen display control system is designed by using the technical method of high-speed data storage and processing.1 system design1.1 overall framework of the systemThe overall framework of the LED large screen display control system designed in this paper is shown in Figure 1.Figure 1 structure diagram of LED large screen control systemAs can be seen from the figure, the system mainly includes the following four components:1) The upper computer user control platform is mainly used to compress the image data and modify the display information;2) The screen communication interface part based on arm is used to communicate with the host computer and receive the image data and control signal of the host computer;3) The large screen main controller based on CPLD and arm realizes image gray modulation and reconstruction;4) The large screen display driving circuit provides a constant driving current for the LED tube of the large screen.Figure 2 shows the data flow diagram of the system.Figure 2 data flow diagram of LED large screen control system1.2 system hardware designAt present, there are two mainstream main processors for display control system, one is arm, the other is 89055 produced by ATMEL company. Because arm not only has fast operation speed, but also can process all kinds of digital signals in real time, it is very suitable for the characteristics that the main processor of LED large screen control system needs to move a large amount of data during operation. At the same time, it also leaves plenty of time and space for software programming in the later stage of design. Therefore, we choose arm as the main processor of the system.1.2.1 communication module designIn asynchronous LED large screen control system, different information can be displayed in offline state. Therefore, to realize the real-time update and adjustment of large screen display content is an important link in the design of LED large screen control system. The communication function between LED display and host computer is designed and studied in order to obtain the adjusted display content quickly and reliably. Therefore, the system designed in this paper provides three communication modes, namely Ethernet communication, serial communication and wireless RF communication. These three communication modes not only enhance the performance of communication, but also facilitate the use of users.1.2.2 design of display control moduleThe screen control circuit is an important part of the LED large screen control system. The display control logic circuit generates the read-write control signal and the address to access the display buffer data. The read display data is sent to the LED display through the display driver. The display control module is mainly composed of read / write address generator, counter, read / write address selector, read / write selector, read / write signal generator, shift latch and synchronization controller.To display a complete graphic image on the LED large screen, CPLD and arm must work together to complete the functions of reading and decompressing the graphic image data in the display memory, making the image display effect, gray modulation and generating the driving logic of the display screen. The hardware structure diagram of the display control module is shown in Figure 3.Fig. 3 circuit diagram of LED display main controllerIn the control circuit, the data bus connects CPLD and arm, and S3C44B0X gates the data buffer in CPLD through chip 2, so the base address of arm output data is 0x4000000. ARM first copies the image data saved in FLASH to SDRAM. After related processing, it calls different dynamic display program to write the image data in SDRAM into CPLD buffer, CPLD generates the corresponding timing conversion, and outputs it to LED drive circuit serial.2 software design and implementation of LED large screen control systemConsidering the operating efficiency of the system hardware driver and the software development cycle, the system uses C language as the software development tool.The designed application program should realize the connection function with the display hardware. First, it should communicate with the hardware driver at the bottom of the system. Second, it should provide the user with a control interface and receive various instructions input by the user. Therefore, Visual C is used as the development tool of system application. The communication application program is written using MSComm (Microsoft communications control). MSComm is an ActiveX control for simplified window and serial communication programming provided by Microsoft for users. MSComm control transmits and receives data through the serial port of external devices, which can provide serial communication function for applications. Using MSComm control for serial port programming is very fast and convenient. MSComm control is event driven. In general, it must be notified when an event occurs. In actual programming, you can add your own processing code to the OnComm event processing function. The OnComm event processing function can also check and handle communication errors in the running process of the program. The biggest advantage of OnComm control is that the program response time is very short and the reliability is high. Each MSComm control corresponds to a serial port. If the application needs to access multiple serial ports, use multiple MSComm controls. The behavior of MSComm controls is determined by their various properties. In VC , these attributes can be set through a series of member functions to control the data format, baud rate and other characteristics of the serial port. In addition, in VC , MSComm control appears as a derived class of CWnd class. This window must be created during system initialization, and its properties must be set with member functions to make it use the same communication format as the lower computer, otherwise correct serial communication cannot be established.3 conclusion
What Are the Advantages of LED Large Screen Display and How to Choose It
What Are the Advantages of LED Large Screen Display and How to Choose It
LED large screen display has the advantages of ultra-high brightness and seamless splicing. If the LED spacing is small, the picture will be clearer and more delicate. Moreover, among many material displays, LED display is also relatively environmentally friendly and energy-saving. If there is such a demand, how to choose Shenzhen LED large screen display manufacturers?If there is a demand for LED large screen display, we should know what characteristics these things have in advance. LED large screen display has the following advantages:1. Seamless splicing, large screens are spliced, but the splicing screen has many materials, and the advantage of LED display screen is seamless splicing. If it is LCD splicing screen, the splicing is very obvious, so seamless splicing is one of the advantages of LED display screen;2. Ultra high brightness, if the characteristics of LED display screen are different from other displays, this must be the ultra-high brightness of LED display screen. LED display screen can display normally under direct sunlight, and become the overlord of outdoor display, that is, high brightness; Outdoor displays are generally large screens, so there are certain requirements for brightness. LED display screen is very suitable;3. The size is customized and the shape is changeable. The LED display screen can be made in various sizes, and the shape of the display screen can be flexibly changed according to the different use environment, or the LED special-shaped screen can be customized to attract the requirements of pedestrians with strange appearance;4. Energy saving and environmental protection, the energy consumption of LED large screen display is about 30% lower than that of other displays in the same area; After a rough understanding of the advantages of LED large screen display, how to choose Shenzhen LED large screen display manufacturers?The selection of LED display manufacturers can start with the company scale and cases, which are equal in scale and strength, and the cases are icing on the cake. When there is a project in hand, connect with the manufacturer, conduct field investigation or take the landing site of the project in hand as the root to check the projects connected with the landing site of the LED display manufacturer.Do you understand the simple method of selecting Shenzhen LED large screen display manufacturers? This is a very direct and effective method.fqj
Kelistv 3D Cover Plate Takes the Lead in the Touch Screen Display Glass Industry
Kelistv 3D Cover Plate Takes the Lead in the Touch Screen Display Glass Industry
2018 Shenzhen International full touch and display exhibition will be grandly displayed in Shenzhen, China from November 22 to 24, 2018. Nearly 1000 well-known brands at home and abroad will have more opportunities to contact more than 36000 buyers from the global touch screen, display, home appliances, tablet computers, mobile phone scheme design and consumer electronics manufacturing industry, attracting computers, navigation Core customers in large-scale display industries such as education and business. Based on this, the front-line reporter of Shenzhen full touch exhibition interviewed Mr. Zhang kuankai, deputy general manager of the general marketing office of kelistv Material Technology Co., Ltd. (KMTC). He will analyze and display the development trend and views of the glass industry from the perspective of kelistv's own development and specialty.The following is the interview record:Deep contact reporter: can president Zhang introduce KMTC?President Zhang: kelistv is a subsidiary of Huaying Group, which accounts for about 91% of kelistv's shares. Huaying Group is a joint venture between Fujian SASAC and Taiwan Huaying, which is listed in both China and Taiwan. Kelisi is a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the production of glass motherboard and the processing of 3D cover plate and antibacterial glass based on the raw materials of glass motherboard.Reporter: please introduce the development of KMTC, such as production, sales, etc?President Zhang: the glass motherboard industry has been dominated by foreign enterprises for a long time, such as Corning, electric nitrate, Asahi nitrate and other American and Japanese enterprises. In order to achieve the purpose of long-term control in this field, foreign enterprises continue to set high thresholds and bind together in the technology and supply chain, trying to form barriers to other enterprises. Kelisi is not afraid of difficulties and began to enter this field in 2011, From the beginning, it was positioned to use the industry-leading overflow process to produce high aluminum glass. After six years and three times of improvement of equipment and process technology, it was officially mass produced in 2017. Since it was put on the market, customers have reported that the performance is stable and at the industry-leading level, and gradually formed a stable and large-scale shipment.Since 2015, kelistv has made full use of its full understanding of the properties of glass raw materials and technical advantages, combined with the needs of the market, and officially cut into the processing processes of 3D cover plate and antibacterial glass; Kelisi 3D cover plate processing adopts advanced equipment in the industry, which can provide one-stop service for customers in the whole process to meet customers' different needs for 3D front and rear covers. Up to now, the production capacity, shipment and customer base are at the forefront of the industry; Antibacterial glass also adopts self-developed industry advanced technology to provide customers with high-quality products every month.KMTC 3D glass coverShenzhen full touch reporter: how do you view the current situation and development trend of the domestic touch screen Market and its impact on kelistv?President Zhang: the touch screen industry has developed from the initial resistance screen and capacitance screen to the current in cell, on cell, OLED screen, and the future folding and bending trend. No matter how the trend develops, the cover plate has not left the glass. During this period, although customers have tried to switch other materials, the glass has high cost performance and appropriate performance, In the near future and three to five years, customers will always take glass as their best choice. In addition, customers' adoption and application fields of glass in back cover and other devices will continue to expand. In the future, the consumption of glass raw materials and antibacterial glass is bound to increase steadily, which will have a positive impact and pull effect on kelistv glass motherboard products. Kelistv is bound to take advantage of this opportunity, Expand production capacity and provide high-quality products to meet customer needs.With the advent of the 5g era, the original metal material will be replaced for the signal demand of the terminal. The glass material has become the first choice for the cover plate. The adoption of glass material, coupled with the gradual development of customers' product organization from 2D and 2.5D to the current 3D design trend, and under the guidance of industry-leading first-line brands such as Huawei, vivo, Xiaomi and oppo, With the continuous improvement of 3D product yield of cover plate factory, 3D products are bound to become the trend of the industry. As one of the earliest manufacturers in the industry, Keli is bound to become an indispensable choice for customers with its deep understanding of the performance of glass raw materials, years of technical precipitation, accumulation and sufficient production capacity.Deep full contact reporter: can you introduce the monthly production capacity of KMTC glass products? The sales volume of the production line and some important customers are also introduced.President Zhang: Kelisi glass motherboard has a monthly production capacity of 150000 square meters and is expected to reach 300000 square meters / month next year. We use the overflow process to produce high aluminum glass. At present, in addition to foreign enterprises, only KMTC and another company in China have adopted this production process technology. The monthly capacity of 3D cover plate is 2-2.5 million pieces (5.5 inches). The monthly production capacity of antibacterial glass is about 1 million pieces (5.5 inches). At present, the motherboard has been verified by some end customers and has formed a stable supply to the market; Customers who directly or indirectly supply 3D products include HTC, ASUS, Meizu, Nokia, sharp, Zhongnuo, Rouyu, vicino, etc. other front-line customers in the industry are also being introduced. It is expected that 6 10 new front-line customers, including terminals, ODM, screen factories, etc., will be introduced in 2019; Antibacterial products have been widely used in some medical devices in Europe and America and products with strict requirements for sterilization and antibacterial.Testing of antibacterial glass products by KMTCDeep full touch reporter: now we are more optimistic about the development trend of the flexible display industry, and it is also applied to some high-end intelligent terminals. How should KMTC deal with this trend in the future?President Zhang: the emergence of flexible screen, 5g and wireless charging is bound to detonate the use of 3D glass cover plate in the industry. The use of flexible screen either adopts comprehensive screen or 3D cover plate process. The larger the application area of flexible screen, the greater the demand for 3D cover plate products. Facing this situation, our company also continues to increase investment in R & D and production. I believe that in the near future, Our market share will be higher and higher.Deep touch reporter: please introduce KMTC's R & D team and technical strength?President Zhang: the development and production of raw materials of glass motherboard is a high-tech industry. In addition, the 3D cover plate and antibacterial glass processing to meet customer requirements are carried out on this basis, which is bound to have higher requirements for talents and conditions. KMTC currently has a world-class laboratory and is applying for National Laboratory certification.KMTC's technical personnel account for 20% - 30% of the company. At present, two doctors are specially responsible for material research. Kelistv focuses on the research and development of high-end glass materials technology. At present, it has successfully developed high-end glass materials used in consumer electronics industry, LCD screen, semiconductor chip and Internet of things, and achieved important achievements and a number of patents. Technological innovation is becoming the driving force for the development of KMTC.Reporter: what are the future development plans?President Zhang: in the next 3-5 years, KMTC will strive to be the top two in the industry in terms of shipment volume and quality in terms of high-end customers and products by continuously expanding the scale and improving the technical process of motherboard glass; By constantly improving the layout, expanding the scale and rapidly improving the technology and quality, 3D cover plate will truly provide customers with one-stop service and become a supporting supplier trusted by customers; Actively introduce and promote Kelisi antibacterial glass to customers, let customers fully understand the process and advantages of Kelisi antibacterial glass, assist and guide customers to develop the demand for antibacterial glass, and make the antibacterial products one of the three main products of Kelisi equivalent to motherboard and 3D cover plate in terms of sales scale and output value.In addition, in the direction of high-end new glass materials, the cross-strait advanced material R & D Cooperation Center also continues to develop new products, constantly strengthen the company's independent R & D capacity, and strive to occupy a place in the high-end glass industry as soon as possible.It is reported that kelistv has decided to participate in 2018 Shenzhen International full touch and display exhibition (November 22-24, 2018). As an international leading professional exhibition of touch and display, with its extensive influence in the touch and display industry for more than ten years, it attracts more than 36000 professional visitors of touch display terminal application enterprises in China and overseas every year. With the help of the resource advantages of the exhibition platform, kelistv will display a full range of cover plates and photoelectric glass products to the professional audience of intelligent mobile terminals, automobile, education, retail, smart home and other application enterprises with strict requirements on appearance, cost and weather resistance.It is reported that the 2018 exhibition will gather nearly 1000 well-known enterprises from global touch screen, display panel, manufacturing equipment, materials, measurement and testing, components and other related and surrounding industries. According to the organizer, there are many Chinese and foreign industry leaders in the whole touch and display industry chain of the exhibition.
Station B Discloses Patents Related to Folding Screen Display
Station B Discloses Patents Related to Folding Screen Display
With the continuous development of mobile terminal technology, in order to meet the needs of users for different screen sizes, mobile phone manufacturers have launched folding screen mobile phones in recent two years.In terms of hardware, the practicability of the folding screen mobile phone has been greatly improved, but its system basically remains in the operation logic of the conventional mobile phone.In this regard, station B has developed a new interactive mode specifically for folding screen display, and disclosed a patent information entitled "multi process display method, storage medium and computer equipment for folding screen". The application date is August 2019. The applicant is Shanghai BiliBili Technology Co., Ltd. with publication number of cn112395031a.The patent summary shows that the invention discloses a multi process display method for folding screen, relates to the technical field of human-computer interaction, realizes the simultaneous execution of multiple processes in the same application display interface, and improves the user experience.Specifically, it comprises the following steps: running an application and displaying the operation interface of the application; Monitor the selection operation in the operation interface, enter the selected first process display interface, and generate a process list associated with the content of the first process display interface according to the first process display interface.Then, after monitoring the selection operation in the process list, the display screen is divided into a first display area and a second display area for independent display, the selected second process display interface is displayed in the second display area, and the first process display interface is displayed in the first display area.According to the patent introduction, the folding screen display patent of station B is very similar to the "parallel horizon" previously launched by Huawei for tablet products, and further on its basis, it realizes that multiple processes can be processed simultaneously in the same screen, which will bring more efficient interactive logic. Editor ajx
DLP Large Screen Display System Solution
DLP Large Screen Display System Solution
DLP large screen display system is guided by the theories of system engineering, information engineering and automatic control. DLP display technology and equipment, projection wall splicing technology, multi screen image processing technology, multi-channel signal switching technology, network technology and centralized control technology are integrated into one, which can centrally display from computers, cameras DVD video, network and other signals from different signal sources to meet the needs of users to display all kinds of shared information and comprehensive information in a large area.DLP large screen display system is mainly composed of the following parts:(1) DLP display wall cells(2) Image processor(3) Large screen management software(4) Signal switching system (optional)(5) Control computer1. Full screen display, high-definition and high-resolution applications can use the large screen display wall as a unified logic screen to display high-definition and high-resolution images, so as to realize the superposition of full screen display and resolution, such as displaying large-scale and complete network images with ultra-high resolution.2. Multi channel video signal displayIt supports full-standard video input signals. Video monitoring information, high-definition video images, high-definition cameras, video recorders, large and small DVD players, color physical displays and other video signal sources can be connected to the graphics processor. After the multi-channel video signal is processed by the graphics processor, it can be enlarged, reduced, moved across the screen and displayed in full screen at any position on the display wall in the form of window.3. Display of network signalThe image processor can freely open multiple remote IP windows and dynamically display the remote computer screen on the large screen through the network. The remote IP window can roam, drag and drop, resize and overlay with other windows without restrictions.4. Mixed display of various signalsThe image processor has the functions of cross screen display and superimposed display of different types of signals for processing computer graphics signals, HD video signals and RGB signals spliced with ultra-high resolution. Any signal window can be arbitrarily reduced, enlarged, cross screen or full screen display.5. Real time display of multi-channel RGB and video signals supports real-time display of multi-channel RGB and video signals.
Introduction to 10 Items Using Raspberry Pie Touch Screen Display
Introduction to 10 Items Using Raspberry Pie Touch Screen Display
You may not have chosen to purchase a raspberry PI touch screen display instead of plugging the raspberry PI into the TV or connecting via SSH (or remote desktop connection via VNC or RDP).The touch screen display can be set directly, and there are many possibilities. However, if you accumulate dust in a drawer, you will not be able to experience the full benefits of this useful kit.Another way is to take it out of the drawer, hang the touch screen display on the raspberry PI, and then reformat the microSD card. It's time to start a new project - one of these ideas should interest you.Let's start with the most obvious option. The diagonal of the official raspberry PI touch screen display is 7 inches, which is the ideal size of the photo frame. For best results, you need a wireless connection (the Ethernet cable on the mantel doesn't look beautiful) and a raspberry PI compatible battery pack.You can use a variety of options to create raspberry PI photo frames, mostly in Python code. You can choose to write your own script to extract images from a pre populated directory. In addition, please refer to our guide to make your own photo frame with exquisite images and inspiring quotes. It extracts content from two reddit channels (/ R / earthporn images and / R / showerthoughts quotes) and mixes them together.The results are always impressive!Instead of waiting for the 24th century, why not bring the sophisticated user interface from Star Trek: the next generation into your raspberry Pi? Although you will not be able to use the warping driver driven by double lithium crystal, you can certainly control the smart home.In the above example, the Belkin wemo switch and nest thermostat are operated by raspberry. PI, touch screen display and incontrol HA system with wemo and nest plug-ins. ST: the magic of TNG comes from the implementation of Star Trek's library computer access and retrieval system (Lcars) in the 1980s / 1990s. Encoder Toby kurien has developed Lcars user interface for PI, which has been used outside home automation.For a long time, the construction of carputer has been the Holy Grail of DIYers technology, and raspberry PI makes it easier to implement than ever before. But to really shape a passenger, you need a display - is there anything better than a touch screen interface?The ideal entertainment place can monitor the performance of the car through the OBD-II interface. Even for reverse parking, the driver can greatly improve your driving experience.(the developer of this project has made the disk image available for download.)Setting up the raspberry PI carputer also requires a user interface, a suitable power supply, and an effective connection to any other hardware you use. (for example, it may include a mobile dongle and GPS for satellite navigation.)Now this is the unique use of PI and its touch screen display. This is a compact, workbench based tool for controlling the hardware on the workbench (or kitchen or desk), which is a multi-purpose building. It is designed to help you start home automation projects, but it also includes support for webcams to help you record progress.You can build a series of videos released by raspberry PI desktop computer tech explorations on YouTube by following five parts of videos. This is an introductory video:You can download the code from GitHub.5 Touch screen photo booth with Google cloud hard disk upload functionThe idea here is simple. Just use raspberry PI, webcam and touch screen display, plus thermal printer, you can build a multi-functional photo booth!Various such projects have sprung up. Although the version shown above uses a thermal printer to output low resolution images, you may prefer to use a standard color photo printer. The waiting time will be longer, but the result will be better!Projects along these routes can also benefit from better use of the touch screen. Maybe you can improve this and introduce some interesting photo effects that can be adjusted through the touch screen before printing?How about the smart mirror of raspberry PI touch screen display project? This is basically a mirror. It can show not only your reflection, but also useful information. For example, the latest news and weather updates.Naturally, a larger display will produce the best results, but if you want to start using the Smart Mirror project or develop your own products from scratch, combining raspberry PI with touch screen display is a good starting point.Many existing projects are in progress, and we took some time to summarize six of them into a list for you to read carefully. Take this as the inspiration, starting point or just use other people's code to build your own information service smart mirror.After all, there are better and time-saving ways than checking the news. Do you want to style your hair?Do you want to extract some "bang bang" sound from raspberry Pi? We have seen some internet broadcasting projects in the past, but adding touch screen display will greatly change things. First, it's much easier to find the station you want to listen to!This example uses raspberry Pi's smaller adafruit touch screen display. However, you can get the right results from any compatible touch screen.Alternatively, you may prefer the option of integrating raspberry PI with your home audio settings. The build outlined below uses runeaudio, a Bluetooth speaker and your preferred audio hat or mask.There are many ways to make your raspberry PI enjoy high quality audio!Protocentral healthypi hat (hat is the expansion board of raspberry PI) and ATMEL software for windows only are required. This project requires a portable device to measure your (or patient's) deviceBy connecting the probe and electrode, you can observe and record through the visualization software on PI. Whether this is a system that the medical community can adopt remains to be seen. We suspect that it may be very useful in developing countries or central areas of infectious disease outbreaks.At, we were impressed by this project, but please note that there are many alternatives. Typically, they rely on compact LCD displays rather than touch screen solutions.Many home automation systems have been developed or transplanted for raspberry pi to meet their needs. However, not all of these functions have a touch screen display.The following makezine project is one of them. The project connects raspberry PI running openhab. Openhab is an open source home automation system that can interact with hundreds of smart home products. Our own guide shows how to use it to control some intelligent lighting. Openhab comes with multiple user interfaces. However, if it is not what you want, you can use the Lcars UI theme.The result is obvious: a unified touch screen smart home solution supported by raspberry PI!Another excellent build we are completing is the raspberry PI driven tablet. The idea is simple: put the PI, touch screen display and rechargeable battery pack in a suitable box (possibly more than 3D printing). You may choose to change the operating system. Raspbian Jessie with pixel (and previous desktops) is not suitable for use as a touch friendly interface. Happily, there is an Android version for raspberry PI.This is one of those projects with simple electronic devices and UI. If you don't have a 3D printer, it does cause problems.Which one will you start first? Or do you know better raspberry PI touch screen display items? Tell us in the comments!
Design of Control System for LED Large Screen Display
Design of Control System for LED Large Screen Display
With the advantages of high brightness, low working voltage, low power consumption, miniaturization, long service life, impact resistance, stable performance and flexible configuration, LED large screen display has rapidly grown into the mainstream product of flat panel display and has been widely used in the field of information display.LED large screen display is mainly composed of dot matrix or pixel array, control system, transmission interface and corresponding application software. As shown in Figure 1, the control system is responsible for receiving, converting and processing various external signals and transmitting the signals to the display screen in a certain law and manner. As the core part of the display screen, the control system directly determines the display effect of the display screen and the performance of the display screen (see Figure 1).Figure 1 block diagram of control systemHardware design of control systemThere are many implementation schemes of the control system. This design adopts the scheme of single chip microcomputer CPLD (as shown in Figure 2).Fig. 2 hardware block diagram of control systemThe single chip microcomputer mainly realizes communication control. It can not only read out the data in the memory and send it to the PC, but also store the edited information in the memory after processing, so as to facilitate the next processing of the control system. The screen scanning logic uses CPLD as the core. The function of CPLD is to read data from the memory, transmit the data to the screen, and generate control signals at the same time (see Figure 2).The main CPU adopts AT89C51 single chip microcomputer and expands a 74ls573 to realize the separation of data and address bus for information communication with RAM, and the serial port is connected with PC host computer. MCU circuit is mainly responsible for the initialization of the whole system, the processing of display mode, and the communication with PC. The circuit schematic diagram of the main single chip microcomputer is shown in Figure 3.Fig. 3 principle circuit of single chip microcomputer1.2 complex programmable logic device CPLDCPLD complex programmable logic device is a programmable logic device with rich programmable pins. It can not only realize the functions of conventional logic devices, but also realize the complex and unique timing logic functions. Moreover, it has in system programmable function, which is convenient for system design and field modification, debugging and upgrading of the system. In this design, CPLD is used to realize the timing generation part of the control system, and assist in reading and writing two pieces of auxiliary ram. The structural diagram is shown in Figure 4.Fig. 4 communication diagram of CPLD2 design of screen scanning logic2.1 design idea of screen scanning logicThe driving circuit of LED display screen mainly adopts dynamic scanning display, which lights up the pixels on the LED display screen line by line in a relatively short time period. The dynamic scanning display mode adopts multiple rows (16 rows, i.e. 1 / 16 scanning mode), and the columns with the same name share a set of column drivers.The line scanning circuit is composed of a decoder and scans the signal line by line. Start from the first row and scan the rows in order. Once the row is gated, the corresponding pixels on the row can be lit by the column drive signal. When the scanning duration of one line ends, the next line is displayed in the same way. In the 1 / 16 scanning mode, after scanning all 16 lines, start the scanning of the next cycle from the first line.The screen refresh frequency is related to the screen display effect. From the perspective of data update, the higher the scanning clock frequency, the less time left for data update, which is not conducive to system refresh; The lower the scanning clock frequency, the longer the scanning time, which will cause the screen to flash. Generally speaking, the refresh rate cannot be lower than 50Hz (frame rate), otherwise, the screen will flicker.2.2 program flow of main control circuitThe main function of the main single chip microcomputer is to receive the display data downloaded by the upper computer and provide the display data and various control signals to the screen. The software consists of two parts: the main program and the interrupt service program. The main program is responsible for displaying, reading out the display data as required and generating the required control signals; The interrupt service program solves the problem of communication with the upper computer (see figures 5 and 6).Fig. 5 control program diagram of main single chip microcomputer2.3 program design block diagram of CPLDThe programming of CPLD adopts modular programming mode. The whole program consists of data generation module, address decoding module, shift clock generation module, row selection scanning module, column drive register module and so on. The program structure is shown in Figure 6.Figure 6 modular design block diagram of CPLD3 conclusion
Performance and Visual Experience Evaluation of HKC C299q Ribbon Fish Screen Display
Performance and Visual Experience Evaluation of HKC C299q Ribbon Fish Screen Display
We are no strangers to the hairtail screen display, but the price of 5000 or 6000 is difficult for players to accept. However, recently, the price of hairtail screen display has been tested downward again and again, and now it has finally reached the price of 1000 yuan. What I got in my hand was HKC c299q, a hairtail screen display with a price of more than 1100 yuan. Today, let's take a look at the performance of this monitor!HKC C299QE-commerce quotationThe front of HKC c299q is a 29 inch, 2560 * 1080 resolution VA panel screen. It should be said that this is a quasi 2K screen, a bit like an extended 1080p display. The contrast of VA panel is relatively high, and it will have better hierarchical performance in the game. If the thickness of the border is reduced a little, the positive visual effect should be better. However, such a screen size will not have any impact on the use.There is no too much cumbersome design on the whole front, leaving only a logo. The curvature of 1500r also makes the front visual immersion stronger. You should know that the curvature of the human eye is 1000r, so the closer the curvature of the curved display is to 1000r, the higher the feeling of wrapping and immersion when watching. Whether playing games, watching movies or daily office, the curvature of 1500r of HKC c299q can bring a better visual experience than the flat panel display.The design of the back of the display is quite simple. The whole is frosted. There is no so-called E-sports light band behind the display, only a blue decorative ring.The base adopts ergonomic "herringbone" design, which has very good stability. At the same time, a more rugged line configuration is added, the shape is simple but stable, and the reserved space in the middle of the base can facilitate players to route and improve the cleanliness of the desktop.HKC C299Q supports pitch adjustment, height adjustment and rotation adjustment. In a thousand level display, this bracket design is very awesome, which ensures that game player experience is good at all angles, and suitable for players of all positions.Both sides of the bottom of HKC c299q are cooling holes. The monitor is equipped with three interfaces. In addition to the conventional HDMI interface and DP interface, there is also a VGA interface, which can be easily connected to the old host. So many interfaces can be adapted to a variety of external devices to meet the needs of players for a variety of connections. Of course, it is also designed for the built-in multi window function of the display. The split screen function can be easily realized through the input of two interfaces.The OSD key of HKC c299q display is located at the lower right of the display. The OSD menu still adopts the operation mode of traditional keys. When the five entity keys are pressed, there will be clear feedback, which is better for users.After introducing the appearance part, let's take a look at the OSD menu options of the display.Previous nextAlthough the HKC c299q display is priced at 1000 yuan, it still has the freesync function of the mainstream E-sports display. As long as freesync is turned on in the display, the display can perfectly fit with the graphics card output according to different scenes without tearing. It is a very important function for game players.Many players worry that the 75Hz refresh rate will not be enough. In fact, for this size of display, the 75Hz refresh rate is more than enough to deal with daily games. A larger picture can reduce the moving frequency of your picture. After all, let's enter the game.After we open dota2 and enter the game, the advantage of vision is gradually reflected. We can find the trend in time in line and group warfare, and we don't have to worry about being caught anymore! Moreover, 75Hz MoBa games are just good, and the experience is relatively smooth.The ultra wide screen of HKC c299q display has amazing visual field help effect for some games. It not only has a comprehensive sense of immersion, but also has an advantage in practical confrontation. Let's enter the popular FPS game and experience it.In csgo, the field of vision has also been significantly improved, which is very helpful for finding enemies and searching points.However, the game csgo has high requirements for refresh rate, and the 75Hz screen can just reach a playable level. It can't be said how good the performance is. However, the gap in refresh rate is not experienced by players who use 60Hz display in Internet cafes all year round. If the game is changed to Jedi survival, the game experience will be much better. For a thousand yuan display, this performance is OK.Of course, for an ultra widescreen display, split screen function is essential. Through the built-in PIP / PBP function of the display, you can connect two hosts to display different pictures. Of course, if your graphics card has multiple interfaces, you can also use the expansion mode to realize the seamless connection between the display desktop and software, which is very convenient to use.Split screen functionNext is the screen test. We use Spyder x elite color calibrator to test the HKC c299q display. The test items include color gamut coverage, tone response, color uniformity and color accuracy. In order to test the accuracy, we first let the monitor warm up for 1 hour.In the test of color gamut coverage, the coverage of HKC c299q display to sRGB color gamut is 100%, the coverage of adobe RGB color gamut is 86%, and 92% P3. For a thousand yuan display, this performance is very good!In terms of tone response, the measured black curve should be consistent with the light blue "photometric 2.2" curve as far as possible. It can be seen that the measured black curve is relatively close to the "photometric 2.2" curve, and the performance is general.In terms of color temperature consistency, the white dot color temperature of HKC c299q display is between 6300k-7200k, and the overall color temperature varies greatly. However, the color temperature can be adjusted according to personal preferences through built-in color temperature adjustment.In the test of color uniformity, it can be seen that the upper left area of the display is closest to the standard of D65, and there is a certain gap between the color temperature of the middle and lower areas of the display and the standard color temperature, with a gap value of 4.7.Hand testColor calibration testIn terms of color accuracy, after color calibration, the average e value of 48 colors tested by the display is 0.82, the minimum value is 0.18, and the maximum value is 1.81. When e is "1", the human eye can hardly distinguish the color difference. The color restoration ability of HKC c299q display is good, and the color in the game is guaranteed.Evaluation summary:29 inch ultra wideband fish screen, 1500r curved surface and 1000 yuan price are very suitable for entry-level game display. Players with tight budget and want to experience fish screen are worth considering. HKC c299q display can bring you a new visual experience.A more than 1000 yuan E-sports display can also carry out split screen multitasking processing, which also provides great convenience for daily processing of documents and forms. Of course, due to cost considerations, the resolution and refresh rate of the display are somewhat flawed, but this also reduces the pressure for players with low hardware configuration. Heavy competitive FPS lovers will certainly choose E-sports displays above 144hz, So my positioning for HKC c299q display is game entertainment display.At the price of 1000 yuan, such a good color gamut color standard performance is very cost-effective. Coupled with ultra widescreen and curved surface design, it is very suitable for the entry-level fish screen display of game players!
Working Principle and Troubleshooting of Oz965
Working Principle and Troubleshooting of Oz965
An Omron human machine interface nt6z display failed to display.As the equipment has been discontinued, it is difficult to buy new equipment, and the second mobile phone purchased online has the same fault in a short time. Therefore, the author decided to maintain the display independently. In order to facilitate maintenance, the author draws the circuit diagram according to the real object, as shown in the attached figure. The display backlight adopts cold cathode fluorescent tube CCFL, and the high-voltage driving circuit is composed of a high-efficiency CCFL inverter control chip oz965, a driving chip 4532 and a high-voltage pulse transformer. The high-voltage driving circuit provides a high-frequency AC voltage of about 600V for lighting the CCFL backlight tube and controls the brightness of the tube.Oz965 is an integrated circuit with 5V power supply and 16 pins. It has two packaging forms: SOP and tssop. Working in a single fixed frequency PWM mode, it provides a driving signal with adjustable pulse width for external n-channel and p-channel FET, and the working frequency is between 30kHz and 200kHz. The chip contains multiple functional modules, mainly including: oscillation signal generation circuit, pulse width modulation control circuit, n-channel / p-channel FET drive signal generation circuit, reference voltage output circuit, soft start control circuit, over-voltage, under voltage, lamp open circuit, over-current and short circuit protection circuit. The functions of each pin are shown in the attached table.1. Inverter process5V voltage is added to 16 pin of u701 (oz965) through r711 (22 ) to supply power for it. After u701 receives power supply, its internal oscillator and external timing elements r710 and c712 generate an operating frequency of about 60KHZ, i.e. FOSC = 1.91 / (RT CT). The signal is processed by the pulse width control circuit to form a 60KHZ PWM drive signal, which is output from pin 11 and pin 10. The PWM signal is amplified by the n-channel FET and p-channel FET in the drive block T701 (4532) and added to the primary winding of the high-frequency transformer l701. After conversion, an AC voltage of about 600V is output from the secondary winding of l701 to illuminate the cold cathode fluorescent light-emitting tube CCFL (hereinafter referred to as the lamp tube) connected through the socket con702.The secondary winding of l701 and capacitor c717 form a resonant circuit. Due to the leakage inductance and secondary resonant circuit of l701, the secondary output voltage and current of l701 are roughly sinusoidal waveform, and the harmonic EMI radiation generated by this sinusoidal wave is small, so a high-efficiency high-voltage inverter is realized.2. Soft start processWhen a high-level (higher than 1.5V) control signal is applied to pin 12 of u701, the constant current source inside u701 charges c708 connected to pin 9. With the increase of voltage at both ends of c708, the duty cycle of pulse signals output by pins 10 and 11 of u701 gradually increases from small to large, and the current flowing through the lamp tube gradually increases until it enters the normal working state to ensure that the lamp tube obtains sufficient ignition time, The service life of the lamp tube is prolonged. During soft start (i.e. when the lamp current sampling voltage is less than 0.6V), the maximum duty cycle of output pulse of pin 10 and 11 is determined by the voltage of pin 3; When the lamp current sampling voltage is greater than 0.6V, that is, the lamp current reaches 0.6 / 0.445 = 1.25ma, the soft start ends, and the maximum duty cycle of output pulse of pin 10 and 11 is determined by the voltage of pin 2.3. Lamp current stabilizing circuitThe circuit detects the sampling voltage of the current flowing through the lamp tube and adjusts the duty cycle of the output pulse signal of pins 10 and 11 to maintain the stability of the current flowing through the lamp tube, so as to maintain the stability of the brightness of the lamp tube. The specific process is: after the 2.5V reference voltage output by oz9651 pin is divided by r703 and r704, provide 1.25V brightness control reference voltage VC for pin 5, and preset the duty cycle of output pulses of pins 10 and 11, that is, the working current of the lamp. The current flowing through the lamp is rectified by double diode d701, sampled by r714 / / r715 and filtered by C718. A lamp current sampling voltage Va is obtained at point a in the attached figure. The voltage is added to pin 13 through r712 to select the maximum duty cycle of pin 10 and 11 output pulses; The other circuit is connected to pin 6 through r716 and acts together with the brightness control voltage VL and resistor r702 to provide a voltage VB for pin 6. After the voltage VC of pin 5 and the voltage VB of pin 6 are amplified by the differential amplifier inside the chip, an error voltage V is generated. The error voltage is compared by a slope comparator to adjust the duty cycle of output pulses of pins 10 and 11. When the current flowing through the lamp decreases, VA decreases, the potential VB of pin 6 decreases, the duty cycle of output pulses of pins 10 and 11 increases, and the conduction time of n-channel and p-channel FET increases. The current flowing through the lamp increases through the inverter transformer l701. On the contrary, when the current flowing through the lamp increases, VA increases and VB increases successively, and the duty cycle of output pulses of pins 10 and 11 decreases, so that the current flowing through the lamp decreases. In this way, it is continuously adjusted in real time to keep the lamp current constant. By increasing or decreasing the brightness control voltage VL, the duty cycle of pin 10 and 11 output pulses can be adjusted to realize the brightness adjustment of the lamp tube, but the maximum duty cycle of pin 10 and 11 output signals will not exceed the value set by pin 2 voltage. C707 is the compensation capacitance of the differential amplifier in u701.4. Protection functionWhen the power supply voltage rises to 3.9v, the circuit starts to work. When the power supply voltage drops to 3.4V, the circuit enters the protection state. When the lamp tube is open or fails, the current sampling voltage Va is very small, the voltage VB of pin 6 also becomes very low, and the output voltage of pin 7 of u701 internal differential amplifier becomes large. Once the voltage is greater than 2.78v, the internal circuit of the chip triggers the lamp tube open circuit protection mechanism, and the chip stops working and enters the protection state. When the voltage of pin 4 is greater than 0.6V, the circuit enters the short-circuit protection state. Pin 4 of this circuit is grounded, so there is no short-circuit protection function. After the chip enters the protection state, pin 1 has no 2.5V reference voltage output.5. Reference voltage output circuitThe chip contains a 2.5V reference voltage circuit, which can provide 1mA current.Fault phenomenon: after power on, the display screen flashes and gives out high-frequency squeaking sound. In less than 1 second, the screen goes out and the squeaking sound disappears.
Meguiar Released the World's Fastest Graphics Card Memory Gddr6x, Which Has Been Applied to NVIDIA's
Meguiar Released the World's Fastest Graphics Card Memory Gddr6x, Which Has Been Applied to NVIDIA's
1. Meguiar released the world's fastest graphics card memory gddr6x, which has been applied to NVIDIA's latest GPUIt is reported that Meguiar gddr6x has cooperated with NVIDIA to carry gddr6x in the new NVIDIA geforcertx3090 and geforcertx3080gpu.2. BOE flexible OLED full screen display screen won IFA 2020 screen technology innovation Gold AwardThere are 19 gold awards for product technology innovation announced at the special international consumer electronics exhibition in Berlin, and BOE, a domestic screen manufacturer, won one of them. According to the information released on the official website of the special international consumer electronics exhibition in Berlin, BOE's award-winning product is the flexible OLED full screen display screen and won the Gold Award for screen technology innovation.According to the information display on BOE's official website, flexible display refers to the display technology that uses flexible substrates to prepare ultra-thin, ultra light and flexible products. Based on flexible display technology, mobile phones can be worn on the wrist, tablet computers can be folded into small books and put into pockets, and televisions can be freely rolled like picture scrolls.3. Broadcom released the third quarter financial report, with a revenue of US $5.821 billion, a year-on-year increase of 6%On September 4, according to foreign media reports, Broadcom, a semiconductor product supplier and infrastructure software solution supplier, has released the financial report for the third quarter of fiscal year 2020. The revenue in the fiscal quarter increased year-on-year, but the net profit under U.S. GAAP declined.Broadcom's financial report was released on Thursday local time. The financial report showed that in the third quarter of fiscal year 2020 as of August 2, Broadcom's revenue was US $5.821 billion, an increase of US $306 million, or 6% year-on-year, compared with us $5.515 billion in the same period of the previous fiscal year.4. Huawei European executives did not mention Kirin 9000 chip when attending IFA 2020 activitiesOn September 4, according to foreign media reports, Walter Ji, President of Huawei consumer business group Europe, gave a keynote speech at IFA 2020 (Berlin consumer electronics show) on Thursday, but did not mention the highly concerned Kirin 9000 chip. Earlier, it was reported that Huawei would release the next generation chip Kirin 9000 on IFA 2020. Huawei mate 40 series will first carry this chip. Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei's consumer business, said last month that Huawei would launch mate40 series products in September this year, still equipped with Kirin chips. He said that the Kirin chip on mate40 may be the last generation produced by Huawei.5. Gree has reached strategic cooperation with Xiaomi and CITIC to deeply connect and introduce Xiaomi ecological chain enterprisesOn September 4, according to the official news of Gree Group, yesterday Gree Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Xiaomi group and China CITIC Bank, and the three parties agreed to cooperate in industrial funds, financial services, industrial investment, project cooperation and resource sharing.In this cooperation, Gree Group will invest 3.545 billion yuan to participate in the investment and management of Xiaomi industry fund initiated by Xiaomi group, and deeply connect and introduce Xiaomi ecological chain enterprises. Wang Xiang, President of Xiaomi group, said that Gree Group, as a leading state-owned enterprise in Zhuhai, is an important strategic partner of Xiaomi group. The two sides have the same demands and development goals in industrial investment and industrial cultivation, and have the natural advantages of synergy, complementarity and win-win cooperation.6. TCL shows the concept that smart glasses are as light as sunglassesOn September 4, according to foreign media reports, TCL showed the new progress of concept smart glasses at IFA 2020 (Berlin consumer electronics exhibition). The glasses look as light as sunglasses.This concept smart glasses belongs to TCL's project archery project. Two OLED panels are hidden behind the lens. This design can achieve cinema level viewing effect. The new version of TCL is lighter than before. It looks like sunglasses and will not attract special attention.7. Lenovo Holdings has invested nearly 1 billion yuan in the field of overweight chipsRecently, Lenovo holdings made another investment in the semiconductor field. This time, it aimed at fuhanwei, a security video monitoring chip enterprise.Transfer 9.90% equity of Fuhan micro. On September 3, fuhanwei announced that JIEZHI Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jiezhi holding") who acted in concert with more than 5% of the company's shareholder and controlling shareholder Mr. Yang Xiaoqi signed the share transfer agreement with Tibet Dongfang Qihui Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dongfang Qihui"), and Jiezhi holding plans to sell 7.9201 million tradable shares of the company (accounting for 9.90% of the total share capital of the company) was transferred to Dongfang Qihui by agreement, the transfer price was 124.87 yuan / share, and the total share transfer price was 989 million yuan.8. DRAM prices continued to decline, and the revenue of South Asia branch declined by 6.73% in AugustOn the 3rd, South Asia branch, a large memory manufacturer, announced its consolidated revenue in August, amounting to 4.87 billion yuan (New Taiwan dollars, the same below) , a slight decline of 0.75% compared with July and a decline of 6.73% compared with the same period in 2019. In total, the consolidated revenue in the first eight months of 2020 reached 40.685 billion yuan, an increase of 21.05% compared with the same period in 2019. In fact, the current market has an oversupply of memory and customers' doubts that they are digesting inventory have not been removed, resulting in the current decline in memory prices.9. Tencent AI Lab & University of Wisconsin Madison explores natural language description generation based on scene graph decompositionComprehensive image captioning via scene graph disposition Led by Tencent AI Lab and completed in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin Madison, a natural language description generation method based on scene graph decomposition is proposed. Using natural language to describe images is a challenging task. By reviewing the expression of image scene graph, this paper proposes an image natural language description generation method based on scene graph decomposition The core of the method is to decompose the scene graph corresponding to a picture into multiple subgraphs, in which each subgraph corresponds to a part of the content or a part of the area of the image. An important subgraph is selected by neural network to generate a complete sentence describing the image. This method can generate accurate, diversified and controllable natural language descriptions. Researchers have also carried out extensive experiments The results show the advantages of this new model.10. GM and Honda plan to jointly develop future models and drive systems to save costsOn September 4, according to foreign media reports, general motors and Honda announced on Thursday that they plan to establish an automobile business alliance in North America to jointly develop and save costs. According to the alliance plan, general motors and Honda will carry out multi field cooperation in North America, with the goal of sharing the whole vehicle platform and the electric drive system and internal combustion engine drive system matched with the platform The two sides plan to develop models for their respective brands in the form of alliances and cooperate in the fields of procurement, R & D and vehicle networking services. GM and Honda plan to share R & D and engineering costs and jointly develop future models and drive systems. This will significantly improve efficiency and release capital, and support their respective investment in future travel and the development of their brands.This article is a comprehensive report by electronic enthusiasts. The content refers to Lenovo, micron technology, BOE, Broadcom, TCL, etc. Please indicate the above sources for reprint.
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