Blackberry Curve 8310: How Do You Set Background Image Full Screen Instead of the Little Strip in the Middle?

When you click on the picture you want to use as your background. Click the blackberry key and select "Fill Screen" then click save as homepage picture

Blackberry Curve 8310: How Do You Set Background Image Full Screen Instead of the Little Strip in the Middle? 1

1. What would be the equivalent size of a full screen 32" flat tube TV if upgrading to an LCD widescreen?

Your present 32" conventional flat TV is more or less equivalent to 37" wide screen. Which means that buying an LCD TV with a size of 37" will somewhat give you the same viewing size as your present TV, except that it is wide screen, but still you will not enjoy. I recommend a 42" LCD TV which is a wiser upgrade for better viewing pleasure. At 5 to 6 ft away from the TV, any screen larger than 42' will certainly cause eye strain.

2. How can I make full-screen desktop applications only cover the snapped desktop?

The free WinMaxinumize application is supposed to address this problem, using a hotkey to expand the active window over all unused desktop space.A descriptive write-up is provided in this ghacks article.(Not having Windows 8, I cannot test.)

Blackberry Curve 8310: How Do You Set Background Image Full Screen Instead of the Little Strip in the Middle? 2

3. If I play a Full-Screen DVD on an HDTV that is widescreen, will I have black bars on the left and right sides?

full-screen dvd on widescreen tv = black bars on left and right (this can be corrected if you change the ratio on your dvd player or tv) 16:9 dvd on widescreen tv = no black bars on top or botton as picture will fill the entire screen "letterbox" widescreen dvd on widescreen tv = black bars on top and bottom (this can be corrected if you change the ratio on dvd player or tv)

4. How to split the screen into 2 if one of the application is full-screen only, on Windows 10?

This link ( discusses possibilites of how to make a window appear always on top of all other windows on Windows 10, regardless of whether it is focused or not.If your environment allows installing such programs, this might enable you to keep Notepad on top of that other full-screen application

5. PC game, How do i get rid of Task bars and get Full Screen?

Change the resolution of the game so it will run in full screen, then make sure the settings are in full screen. If that doesnt work, right click the icon, then select properties. Below, look for the option to run the game in maximized mode and not minimized. also, update the drivers.

6. OK my computer is really lagging real bad when I watch shows full screen on abc or if I download games.?

That's not lag, it's the definitive test to show that you have a graphics card that's inadequate to display videos at full screen. It's not the transfer rate, it's the processing power. (The transfer rate is the same, whether you watch in a tiny window or full screen. ).

7. Windows program for taking USB 2.0 video input and displaying it full screen?

once you are in internet explorer seem on the perfect authentic corner the place the X is than next to it on the left there are 2 sqaures interior the littler container push the mouse on that..... duh

8. How do I keep a window full screen on a separate monitor?

windows media player,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,if you use the square to make it full screen rather than alt enter you will be able to view almost full screen and still be able to work on the other monitor another way is to make the widows bigger by dragging the corner to fill the screen

9. Why does my laptop cut off when my charger is plugged in during a Full Screen game?

It could be many problems, but to me it sounds like an overheat problem, try cleaning out it's air vents with compressed air. also, does the battery still have a charge after it shuts off?(Can you turn it on without it plug in?)

10. Window Frames - Win32 apps

Most programs should use standard window frames. Immersive applications can have a full screen mode that hides the window frame. Consider using glass strategically for a simpler, lighter, more cohesive look. With a window frame, users can manipulate a window and view the title and icon to identify its contents. Note: Guidelines related to window management and branding are presented in separate articles.

The glass window frames are a striking new aspect of the Microsoft Windows aesthetic, aiming to be both attractive and lightweight. These translucent frames give windows an open, less intrusive appearance, helping users focus on content and functionality rather than the interface surrounding it. You can use glass strategically in small regions within a window that touch the window frame. Such regions appear to be part of the window frame, even though technically they are part of the window's client area. In this example, glass is used in the client area to make it look like part of the frame.

Sometimes the best window frame is no frame at all. This is often the case for the primary window of immersive full screen applications that are not used in conjunction with other programs, such as media players, games, and kiosk applications. Content viewers often benefit from having the option to show content full screen. Examples include Windows Internet Explorer , Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Movie Maker HD, Microsoft PowerPoint , and Microsoft Word. In this example, Windows Media Player can display its content full screen.

Most Windows applications should use the standard window frames. However, for immersive, full screen, stand-alone applications like games and kiosk applications, it may be appropriate to use custom frames for any windows that are not shown full screen. The motivation to use custom frames should be to give the overall experience a unique feel, not just for branding. Custom frames are appropriate for immersive, full screen, stand-alone applications such as games. Exception: To give immersive full screen, stand-alone applications a unique feel: None Consider hiding the window frame of the primary window.

None Consider using custom frames for secondary window. None If a custom frame is appropriate, choose a design that is lightweight and does not draw too much attention to itself. In this example, the custom frame draws too much attention to itself. None Do not add controls to a window frame. Put the controls within the window instead.

In the correct example, the control is within the client area instead of the window frame. None For programs that have an optional full screen mode, to enable full screen mode: None Have a modal full screen command in the menu bar or toolbar. When the user clicks the command, show the command in its selected state. This example shows the full screen command along with its standard shortcut key. None Use F11 for the full screen shortcut key.

None If there is a toolbar and full screen mode is commonly used, also have a graphic toolbar button with a Full screen tooltip. Have a modal full screen command in the menu bar or toolbar. When the user clicks the command, show the command in its cleared state. Use F11 for the full screen shortcut key. If not already assigned, Esc can also be used for this purpose.

Standard window frames use glass automatically in Windows, but you can also use glass in regions that touch the window frame. Consider using glass strategically in small regions touching the window frame without text. Doing so can give a program a simpler, lighter, more cohesive look by making the region appear to be part of the frame. In this example, glass focuses the user's attention on the content instead of the controls. Do not use glass in situations where a plain window background would be more attractive or easier to use.

In this example, glass is used to give the AltTab window a lightweight appearance. Glass works for this window because it consists of graphics and a single, strong text label. In this incorrect example, the use of glass is distracting. A plain window background would be a better choice.

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The Wide Application of Full Screen TV Will Bring More Advanced Display Mode, More Scientific and Technological Imagination and Closer to the Future Scene
The Wide Application of Full Screen TV Will Bring More Advanced Display Mode, More Scientific and Technological Imagination and Closer to the Future Scene
In the U.S. electrical retail stores, which are considered to be the benchmark market of the global trend, the curved TV is not as beautiful as it was two years ago. In addition to Samsung's sporadic prototype display, almost no other brands display curved flat-panel TVs. The sense of alienation between curved TV and Western consumers is becoming stronger and stronger."Better definition, easier operation and larger size" are the three preferred conditions for selecting smart flat-panel TV listed in random interviews with American consumers. In the popular evaluation of "full screen" TV, most people think that "edge to edge TV" is better than "curved TV" More amazing, but American consumers don't think the TV form itself is one of the most important options.Ultra narrow frame TV full screen TVContrary to the dullness of American consumers, since 2018, there has been a trend debate on whether to choose "full screen" TV or "curved screen" TV in the Eastern market.According to the home appliance network, the market penetration rate of curved TV in the first quarter of 2018 was 3.2%, and the market acceptance was lower than expected, which was the first decline in the history of curved TV promotion. People in the TV industry told hea that 2018 may be the turning point for curved TV to fall from the peak, and the successor of high-end market will be full screen TV.Correspondingly, the full screen TV has entered the high-end market competition with a very high growth rate. The consumer believes that the full screen TV brings a stronger sense of satisfaction and a sharp rise in market favor, which makes the curved surface TV suspected of selling more lonely in the market.In fact, full screen TV is not a new product in 2018. With the popularity of the concept of smart phone full screen in recent two years, the screen with higher screen proportion has also entered the consumer level field on TV. As early as may last year, Skyworth, a Chinese TV brand, launched three full screen TVs in H7 series. More TV brands joined in CES 2018 SKYWORTH launched an upgraded version of H7 and H9 full screen TV series.According to the home appliance network, the mainstream full screen TV uses GOP technology to remove the driving circuits on both sides at the LCD panel level to achieve almost zero borders on the top and left and right sides. Skyworth, Changhong, Konka and other domestic brands and Japanese and Korean TV brands launched full screen TV this year, which has become the flat-panel TV product with the highest proportion of screens and the highest attention."Strictly speaking, full screen TV and borderless TV are not products of the same era," a person in the panel industry introduced to the home appliance network, "In the early days, because the LCD module could not achieve the ultra narrow frame, the so-called TV borderless was just the extreme of the packaging process. Today's full screen TV achieved borderless at the panel level. Coupled with the ultra narrow frame packaging, the TV high screen proportion in the strict sense was realized.".Comprehensive screen brings new desire and future scientific and technological imagination"In fact, curved TV and full screen TV are not the subject of horizontal comparison, because from a technical point of view, they are not on the same channel at all," the aforementioned panel expert told home appliance network, "The full screen TV can make the vision wider, while the curved screen TV only meets the audience's immersion in stages, but in fact, the application scope has become narrower. It is only a temporary product of the old era of flat panel TV".In addition to satisfying the market's desire for new TV forms, the full screen display can also bring more scientific and technological imagination. In the surface hub 2 Demo just released by Microsoft, it shows the scene of the future home and office splicing wall, which is not only a full feeling of the future, but also a new footnote for the application scene of the full screen display.Another technology application scenario of full screen TV is also imminent. At present, all flat-panel TVs are in the specification of 16:9. 21:9 will gradually become the mainstream in the form of the next generation of smart TV. The "rich information" screen will carry all information streams including video playback. At the same time, it also means that it is no longer just a dream for ultra wide proportion TV to enter the home 100 inches.Even if there is no 16:9 special-shaped ratio TV on sale, because the left and right frames of the full screen TV are almost zero, users may connect the two full screen TVs in parallel through "splicing", realize the home data wall through peripheral modulation, and realize multi video playback on the same screen or the scientific and technological life scene of one video stream and one data stream at the same time..
Vivo X23 Will Use a Beauty Pointed Full Screen with Extremely Narrow Borders
Vivo X23 Will Use a Beauty Pointed Full Screen with Extremely Narrow Borders
Vivo will release the x23 mobile phone in the near future. At present, this mobile phone also opens the official preheating mode. It is reported that vivo x23 will focus on AI ultra wide-angle photography. The advantage of ultra wide-angle photography is that the viewfinder range is very large, so you don't have to worry that the angle of view is too small to make some people unable to enter the lens.In addition, vivo x23 will adopt a beauty pointed comprehensive screen with a very narrow border around it.Today, vivo officially launched the first batch of preheating information of x23. In addition to the neutral blue purple (blue black) color matching poster, it also indicates that there will be red and purple exposure loved by female users. It seems that x23 will start with the popular "gradient color" this year.In terms of material selection, glass is the mainstream application this year. Whether pure texture or transparent luster, glass is more flexible than metal. Therefore, the glass material of x23 can undoubtedly give designers more room to play.On vivo's official website, the official has officially opened the pre-sale of x23, and the appearance has been officially disclosed. Vivo calls the screen on x23 "water drop screen", accounting for more than 91.2%. In addition, the aircraft also focuses on super large wide-angle photography.In addition, x23 is equipped with screen fingerprint function as standard, and is the fourth generation of photoelectric screen fingerprint, which will further improve the unlocking and recognition speed.The detailed configuration of vivo will be officially announced tomorrow. According to previous reports, vivo x23 will be equipped with Xiaolong 670 / 710 processor, new screen fingerprint system, rear 3x telephoto lens, 8GB memory and independent audio DAC chip.Oppo will hold a new product launch in building 7 of Shanghai shangsheng new Institute on August 23. At that time, oppo R17 will officially meet with you. Now, oppo has announced the selling price of one version.This morning, oppo announced through its microblog that the R17 mobile phone muka is in the process of making an appointment and will be officially launched on August 30. The attached figure shows that the selling price of oppo R17 8GB 128GB version is 3499 yuan.According to the information disclosed at present, oppo R17 will launch Xiaolong 670 processor, equipped with a 6.4-inch water drop comprehensive screen, accounting for 91.5%. Meanwhile, oppo R17 also supports light sensitive fingerprint screen and 25 million AI intelligent beauty.At present, the mobile phone has opened an appointment, and interested partners can make an appointment first.Although oppo R17 has not been officially released, some users have already got oppo R17 phones. It has been exposed that coloros 5.2 has added a function called "inspiration shorthand", but this function has been removed in this update.According to the introduction of @ machine time, the latest updated coloros of oppo R17 removes the inspiration shorthand function and the voice call function, and optimizes the stability and performance of the camera.Previously, it was reported that coloros 5.2 added an intelligent sidebar, which can freely switch apps and functions; The "free collection" function is added to support cross platform collection.
Samsung Re Explosion Black Technology_ Full Screen New Patent Exposure_ There Is also a Screen on the Back of the Phone
Samsung Re Explosion Black Technology_ Full Screen New Patent Exposure_ There Is also a Screen on the Back of the Phone
Through the concentrated efforts of various manufacturers in the first half of 2018, the comprehensive screen has become the mainstream product in the mobile phone industry. For example, vivo and oppo have made a more profound exploration on the mobile phone form of the comprehensive screen, and released vivo nex and oppo find x, two mobile phones that are closest to the complete "comprehensive screen" design at present. As the upstream supply chain manufacturer of the screen, Samsung, Recently, foreign media exposed its comprehensive screen patent, which seems to open up a new road for the comprehensive screen of mobile phones. picture from mobielkopenWe can see from the figure that compared with Samsung's current flagship mobile phone Galaxy S9 series, the lower frame of Samsung's patent is narrower. It should adopt Samsung's own cop packaging process, so that the lower frame of the screen has a similar effect to that of iPhone X. However, Samsung is not similar to oppo and vivo. It hides the camera through the mechanical structure. Instead, it retains the front camera and earpiece on the screen frame and makes them as narrow as possible. What is more special than them is that Samsung also installs a screen on the back of the mobile phone.We know that Meizu's Pro 7 series mobile phone had a similar design, and the experience effect of "picture screen" was really amazing at that time. However, this back screen of Samsung is larger than Meizu's Pro 7 series, accounting for almost 1 / 3 of the back area of the mobile phone, and is in the middle. It is believed that this screen will show users more information, but it is not clear whether its implementation principle is to realize interaction through physical connection or to drive dual screens through internal distribution of the system. These problems in linkage mode are still unknown. However, we believe that in terms of Samsung's current strength, the difficulty of realizing this patent is not high. It depends on when Samsung can implement mass production. We believe it will have a positive significance in promoting the current mobile phone market and bring consumers a new "comprehensive screen" experience.
Lifting Full Screen, These 5g Mobile Phones Are Worth Starting
Lifting Full Screen, These 5g Mobile Phones Are Worth Starting
In 2020, the hole digging screen will become the mainstream design scheme of 5g mobile phones, and 5g mobile phones with lifting structure are very rare. The complex lifting structure will occupy more fuselage space and improve the design difficulty, especially in the 5g era. The mobile phone with lifting structure design can bring more complete and wide vision and different visual experience. Here are some 5g mobile phones with lifting full screen, which are particularly rare in the 5g era. Let's see which one is suitable for you.The price of nex 3S starts from 4998 yuanNEX 3S is equipped with unbounded waterfall screen, and the addition of lifting structure makes the screen without any openings. At the same time, the waterfall screen design is also adopted. The curvature of the left and right sides of the screen is close to 90 , which brings the visual effect of almost no border on the left and right. The screen accounts for 99.6%, and the visual effect is very good.The screen is 6.89 inches with a resolution of 2256 1080, supports 100% P3 wide color gamut, passes HDR 10 certification, and the maximum local excitation brightness of the screen is up to 800nit, which can provide excellent display effect. In addition, nex 3S supports screen fingerprint identification, and there is no physical key design on the left and right. The volume adjustment and power key functions are realized through hidden pressure sensing keys.NEX 3S is equipped with Xiaolong 865 platform, realizes SA / NSA dual-mode 5g through x55, is also equipped with lpddr5 high-speed memory and UFS 3.1 high-speed flash memory, supports the latest WiFi 6, and has flagship performance and 5g network support.The rear of nex 3S is a combination of 64 million pixel main camera 13 million pixel ultra wide angle 13 million pixel telephoto, which can realize 2.5cm macro, ultra wide angle and 2x optical zoom shooting, providing rich shooting methods. Built in 4500mAh high-capacity battery, 44w ultra fast flash charging, and full-function NFC and ak4377a independent decoding chip to improve the user experience in terms of details.Glory X10 from 1899 yuanGlory X10 also adopts the lifting comprehensive screen design, accounting for 92%. This screen also supports 90hz refresh rate and 180hz touch sampling rate. While enjoying a wide field of vision, it can also experience a smoother visual effect. When matched with 180hz touch sampling rate, the operation is also very smooth.Glory X10 is available in four colors: Racing blue, speed black, speed silver and power orange. It is a 3D magic glass body. The light and shadow effect is fashionable and cool. The fingerprint unlocking is integrated into the side power button. Although the lifting structure and built-in large battery are adopted, the weight of glory X10 is kept at about 203G, which is relatively good.Glory X10 is equipped with Kirin 820 5g SOC. Its strong performance can well meet the needs of daily applications and mainstream games. The network part supports SA / NSA dual-mode 5g, and also supports up to 9 5g bands, which can better meet the network needs of domestic operators and overseas roaming. In addition, there are surround independent side antenna, super download and super uplink to improve the network experience. Glory X10 has built-in 4300mah high-capacity battery, supports 22.5w super fast charging, and the endurance under 5g network is also guaranteed.In photography, the rear of glory X10 is a combination of 40 million ryy B-ultrasound photosensitive main camera 8 million ultra wide angle 2 million macro camera, and the front lifting camera is 16 million pixels. The 40 million ryy B-ultrasound photosensitive main camera is the flagship of the same model, which increases the light input by 40% compared with ordinary sensors, and greatly improves the imaging quality in dark light.The price of red rice K30 Pro starts from 2699 yuanHongmi K30 Pro adopts a 6.67-inch lifting full screen. This Samsung AMOLED screen covers 100% of the dci-p3 color gamut, the local maximum brightness is 1200nit, supports HDR 10 , passes the German Rhine t V global eye protection certification, and supports screen fingerprint identification.In terms of performance, Hongmi K30 Pro is equipped with Qualcomm Xiaolong 865 flagship platform, supports SA / NSA dual-mode 5g, with a minimum of 6GB 128GB version, and adopts lpddr4x memory UFS 3.0 flash memory combination. Friends with high performance requirements can choose a higher lpddr5 UFS 3.1 configuration combination.The rear of Hongmi K30 Pro is a combination of 64 million main camera 13 million ultra wide angle 5 million telephoto macro 2 million scene depth, with rich photographing functions. In addition, Hongmi K30 Pro zoom version is also available. It has been upgraded in zoom, which can achieve 3x optical zoom and up to 30x digital zoom.Hongmi K30 Pro has a built-in 4700mah battery, supports 33W flash charging, is also equipped with a linear motor, retains a 3.5mm headphone interface, supports multi-functional NFC, etc. At present, you can also enjoy a reduction of 300 yuan for the red rice K30 Pro 6GB 128GB version, and the hand price is 2699 yuan.The above three recommended 5g mobile phones with lifting full screen can bring you a complete and open screen experience. In the 5g era, there are not many mobile phones with this design. If you don't want to use a special-shaped screen, you can consider the above models.
Overwatch Consistenly Sets DPI Scaling to 150% When Using Multiple Displays
Overwatch Consistenly Sets DPI Scaling to 150% When Using Multiple Displays
Some people run games in borderless windowed mode. This allows your game to run in a window rather than full screen and borderless removes the borders from the window.For example if you open up Windows Explorer you can see the title of the window at the top and a border surrounding it. The downside to this is that it may slow down the gameplay by a few frames. Other than that it should work fineI am not sure if this is the solution you are looking for but it might do1. Using Xilisoft dvd ripper for Mac....what profile should I choose to play ripped movie full screen on macbook?There is a difference between burning a video as data (which is what you are doing) and burning the video as Video DVD. A Video DVD requires a very specific video format, have several metadatas file, and a specific folder structure. The easiest way to burn your video as Video DVD is use "burn as video DVD" (or something like that) in many burning programs. They will add the necessary metadatas and convert the video format. Without all the metadata and the folder structure, it wo not be playable on regular DVD player. To check whether your burning program burned it properly, open the DVD in my computer (right click > Explore) and see if, instead of the video file, you see a folder called VIDEO_TS, AUDIO_TS, etc.2. Bars do not disappear watching videos full screenDouble clicking on the title bar maximizes the window. That is not the same as full screen mode. To enter full screen mode you need to click on the button that says full screen mode, or right click in the display area and choose the full screen option from the menu.3. If I play a Full-Screen DVD on an HDTV that is widescreen, will I have black bars on the left and right sides?It all depends on the tv and the dvd player. A lot of modern tv's will automatically adjust it to the 16:9 ratio instead of the normal 4:3. I would assume a hdtv would do that, if not just change the ratio on your tv, easy thing to do.4. My plasma constantly switches between Full screen & wide. How to stop this? is it cable box, wires, actual tv?theres nothing wrong with your telly-nip in to the picture menu select picture mode (or size) then select 16.9 then press "ok" or store-this ought to sort it5. How can I play The Sims 3 in a window mode and not full screen?i had the same problem boy was i pissed but i followed the person above me's advice 'On the first screen to pop up in the game, look for a circle with three dots on it. (This is the options menu) Click options, and than you will see a check mark that says "Enable Fullscreen mode" Uncheck this save settings, there you go.' that totally worked:)6. My computer runs laggy/slow when i play full screen games for more than an hour or so.?Sounds like some portion of the computer is heating up. I would open up the case and use compressed air to clean all ventilation areas and fans. Do not forget to clean out the chipset fan, CPU fan and video card fan. ALSO**** DO NOT LET THE FANS SPIN WHEN YOU USE THE COMPRESSED AIR>>>HOLD THEM WHILE YOU SPRAY!!!!!7. I want to display my PC output on 43" plasma. Would I able to see a full screen with maximum resolution?i think it would be fine. buy a vga cable - u can get them really cheaply off amazon etc and see what its like then if its arite then u cud get a better quality cable for best image hope this helps8. Disable zoom animation in Chrome when going to full screen videoYes, you can use Safari, there are no annoying effects while switching)9. Strange artifacts/overlays with full-screen windows using "nouveau video driverI also had artifacts for years, but inside the GoogleEarth window. Plain areas, e.g. the sea, where kind of checkered. Obviously GoogleEarth cannot handle compressed bitmaps under some circumstances. Just found out that I can remove these artifacts by choosing Menu->Tools->Options->Texture ColorsRemove the checkmark on "compress". Maybe this could help you, too.It's amazing how Google ignores errors on Linux platforms over years. Maybe GoogleEarth (or Linux?) just does not have enough spy potential to make it worth working on.
SKYWORTH 50h7 50 Inch Ultra Thin Full Screen 4K Ultra HD Intelligent Network TV
SKYWORTH 50h7 50 Inch Ultra Thin Full Screen 4K Ultra HD Intelligent Network TV
Nowadays, with the improvement of our economic living standards, every family has a variety of electrical appliances, and TV is an essential household appliance for every family. TV can relax our body and mind to a certain extent, and help us understand relevant news and information.The screen size should be determined according to the viewing distance. There is no problem watching TV more than 50 inches from a distance of about three meters. If you are in a bedroom or a smaller living room, a 42 inch or smaller TV is a better choice.SKYWORTH has rich experience in developing comprehensive screen. Long before the popularity of the concept of comprehensive screen, Skyworth has taken the lead in selling multi series comprehensive screen TVs, and its H5 and H7 series comprehensive screen TVs are industry benchmarks. SKYWORTH H5 series TV includes 43, 49 and 55 dimensions, Skyworth H7 includes 50, 58 and 65 dimensions, with wide coverage. Consumers can feel the shock of a comprehensive screen no matter where they are in the living room or bedroom.Xiaobian here introduces this Skyworth 50h7 50 inch ultra-thin full screen HDR artificial intelligence 4K Ultra HD intelligent network LCD TVSKYWORTH 50h7 machine adopts all metal body without frame design, the body thickness is as thin as 12mm, and OD module is adopted. In terms of interface, it is equipped with AV interface, USB interface, HDMI interface, network interface, etc., which can fully meet the regular use needs of users.SKYWORTH 50h7 adopts a 64 bit cortex-a73 architecture processor, two core cortex-a73 CPU, six core mali450 GPU, five core Vpu, 2GB memory 8GB flash memory storage scheme, which brings ultra fast operation experience such as fast startup, fast platform change and fast loading.SKYWORTH 50h7 supports 4K image quality, HDR technology, wide color gamut technology and motion picture compensation technology to realize fine color and fine image quality and immersive viewing experience. In terms of sound quality, it supports Dolby decoding DTS decoding scheme and independent four tone cavity to realize three-dimensional surround sound effect.SKYWORTH 50h7 adopts Kukai 5.8 operating system and works with iqiyi film and television to bring massive film and television drama resources, intelligent human-computer interaction and enjoy the fun of leisure applications. It is also equipped with children's mode. Parents can preset children's viewing time and set children's exclusive applications.Overall, Skyworth TV 50h7 is not only mainstream in size, but also meets the daily audio-visual entertainment needs of mass consumers in terms of image quality and function.
Full Screen Bonding Technology, AMOLED Bonding Technology, Full Analysis
Full Screen Bonding Technology, AMOLED Bonding Technology, Full Analysis
Recently, various brands and new types of mobile phones have been pushed one by one. What I want to talk to you today is about the full fit technology of the screen.From the perspective of the structure of the mobile phone screen, it can be roughly divided into three parts: protective glass, touch screen and display screen from top to bottom. These three parts need to be fitted. According to the fitting method, they can be divided into full fitting and frame fitting.Frame paste is also called mouth adhesive bonding, that is, simply fix the four sides of the touch screen and the display screen with double-sided adhesive; There is an air layer between the display screen and the touch screen.Full bonding technology is to completely paste the display screen and touch screen with water glue or optical glue.Advantages of full bonding processThe screen can isolate dust and moisture. The air layer of ordinary bonding mode is easy to be polluted by environmental dust and water vapor, which affects the use of the machine; The full bonding OCA glue fills the gap, the display panel is closely bonded with the touch screen, and there is nowhere for dust and water vapor to enter, maintaining the cleanliness of the screen.Better display effect. The full fit technology eliminates the air between the screens, and can greatly reduce the reflection of light and the loss of transmitted light, so as to improve the brightness and enhance the display effect of the screen.Reduce noise interference. The close combination of touch screen and display panel can not only improve the strength, but also fully fit, which can effectively reduce the interference of noise on touch signal and improve the smoothness of touch operation.Make the fuselage thinner. The full fit screen has a thinner body. The touch screen and the display screen are bonded with optical glue, with an increase of only 25 m50 M thickness; It is 0.1mm-0.7mm thinner than the ordinary fitting method.Disadvantages of full bonding processThe process is complex, the production yield is low, the rework is difficult, the equipment investment cost is high, and the requirements for the workshop environment are higher.Full fit technology directionIn cell technologyIt refers to the technology of embedding the functions of the touch panel into the LCD pixels, that is, the touch sensor function is embedded in the display screen. Therefore, the original three-layer protective glass touch screen display screen has become two-layer protective glass display screen with touch function, which can make the screen lighter and thinner. This technology is mainly developed by panel manufacturers, and the threshold is relatively high.In cell technology screen layers: the in cell screen consists of a surface glass bonded LCD layer (the touch screen is on the LCD layer), with a total of 2 layers.On cell technologyOn cell refers to the method of embedding the touch screen between the color filter substrate and the polarizer of the display screen, that is, the touch sensor is equipped on the liquid crystal panel, which is much less difficult than the n-cell technology.On cell is mostly used in Samsung AMOLED panel products, but it has not been able to overcome the color inequality caused by thinness and touch.On cell technology screen layers: touch screen and LCD layer bonded by surface glass, 3 layers in total.OGS / tol TechnologyOGS technology is to integrate the touch screen with the protective glass, coat the conductive layer on the inner side of the protective glass, and directly conduct coating and lithography on the protective glass. Because a piece of glass and one-time bonding are saved, the touch screen can be made thinner and lower cost.TOL refers to the small chip manufacturing process of OGS, that is, the frame BM and functional electrode are made after the white glass is tempered. The strength of its products is higher than that of OGS in large-scale process, but the cost is also high due to low process efficiency. Many domestic mobile phone brands have adopted OGS technology. However, OGS still faces the problems of strength and processing cost, which need to increase the strength through secondary strengthening.OGS technology screen layers: LCD layer bonded by OGS layer, 2 layers in total.Other traditional full paste technologiesGG, PG, GF, g1f, GF2, GFF, etc. need to be bonded twice. The thickness is relatively thick and the yield is not high.Screen permeability: OGS is the best, in cell and on cell are the second, and GFF is the worst.Lightness: in cell is the lightest and thinnest, which is one of the reasons why mobile phones such as I phone and P7 can be made thinner. OGS and on cell are the second, and GFF is the worst.Screen strength: GFF > on cell > OGS > in cell.Touch effect: strictly speaking, the touch sensitivity of OGS is better than that of on cell / in cell, but touch is also related to the underlying optimization of mobile phone system. For example, the touch experience of I phone with in cell is much better than that of many Android phones.Cost and technical difficulty: in cell / on cell is more difficult and the cost is higher, followed by OGS / tol. GFF has the lowest cost and technical difficulty, so it is mostly used on thousand yuan machines.Lamination process classificationAt present, full bonding is mainly divided into two processes:·Loca (water glue) bondingOCA fitOCA (optically clear adhesive) is a special adhesive used to bond transparent optical elements (such as lenses). It is required to be colorless and transparent, the light transmittance is more than 90%, the bonding strength is good, it can be cured at room or medium temperature, and it has the characteristics of small curing shrinkage.It is mainly applicable to the fitting of small-size products, and each product needs mold opening, which is expensive and the fitting cost is high; There are no special requirements for the material of the bonding product, and the thickness is generally 100um, 125um, 150um, 175um, 200um, etc.advantage:High production efficiency, uniform thickness, no glue overflow problem, controllable bonding area, no corrosion problem and no yellowing.technological processThe full lamination process of OCA is more complex than that of water glue, because it needs the intervention of die-cutting factory.At present, many large full lamination plants (including TP plant and module plant) do not have their own corresponding die-cutting stations, so the first supplier of full lamination OCA is large and medium-sized die-cutting plants, so there are many problems in cooperation.The die-cutting factory will take the die-cutting performance of OCA and the appearance of products as the main acceptance criteria and test basis.The full lamination factory mainly takes the filling (i.e. bubble discharge), rework and reliability of OCA as the main acceptance criteria and test basis.To sum up, the process flow of OCA is actually divided into two parts:·Die cutting process flow of OCA·Die cutting process flow of full lamination OCALamination process flow of full lamination OCATraditional OCA full bonding process (OGS / GFF / GG /...)Loca bonding, liquid optical clear adhesive, English Name: liquid optical clear adhesive, is a special adhesive mainly used for bonding transparent optical elements.Colorless and transparent, light transmittance of more than 98%, good bonding strength, and can be cured under normal or medium temperature conditions. At the same time, it has the characteristics of small curing shrinkage and yellowing resistance.It is mainly suitable for large-size lamination, curved surface or complex structure lamination, high ink thickness or uneven surface lamination.Advantages: it can adhere curved surface or uneven surface materials, is not sensitive to ink thickness, is easy to rework, and the cost is lower than that of OCA.Loca operation mode:The loca shall be defoaming after sub packaging and before use, and the sub packager with reasonable design shall be selected. After transportation, it can be used after standing for 24 hours before initial use.Loca full bonding process flowFull fit key equipmentCommon defects of full fit:Paraticle (foreign body)FiberDirtyBubbleMisalignmentFunctio test failForeign matters and debrisWe need to distinguish the sources and treat them differently. If the appearance cannot be determined, the foreign matter composition can be analyzed and compared with the material warehouse.DirtIt is necessary to distinguish whether it is caused by machine, man-made or the material itself.Bad bubbleIt is mainly divided into three forms:Open bubbles are caused by the matching of ink thickness with OCA and machine parameters.Nucleated bubbles: caused by foreign matters.Pure bubbles: air remains in the bonding layer to form real pure bubbles.DysfunctionPoor TP: poor open circuit, IC crush, ESD injury, etc.Poor module display: abnormal display, mura, black screen, etc.
Before 5g Came, It Opened the "post Full Screen Era"
Before 5g Came, It Opened the "post Full Screen Era"
It is reported that on the second day of MWC, if you pay attention to this industry or this conference, you naturally know that Samsung has updated its flagship series S9, Sony has launched a "full screen" mobile phone, Huawei has launched a full screen touch notebook and Nokia's "big banana" mobile phone. This is an aspect of MWC that attracts people's attention, opening the whole of mobile phone flagship in the first half of each year. Let's take a look at the relevant content.Of course, like CES, it has another meaning: revealing the trend in the future. For this year - before 5g came, it opened the "post full screen era".Post screen Era1 5g seems to be coming in advanceOf course, the beginning of the story should be left to 5g, which naturally can't get around Qualcomm. In the past two days, Qualcomm first announced the launch of "Xiaolong 5g module solution", and then launched 700 series medium and high-end positioning chips. As the name suggests, 5g module solution is a 5g module solution covering digital, RF, connection and front-end functional components. The benefits are also obvious: it can help OEM manufacturers quickly integrate and commercial 5g technology.At the same time, Qualcomm is not alone. On the eve of the opening of MWC 2018, Intel demonstrated a new 5g commercial application: the world's largest 5g technology was successfully demonstrated at the 2018 Pingchang Winter Olympic Games. Huawei announced the launch of end-to-end 5g commercial products in 2018 and Kirin chips and smartphones in 2019.In addition to the above three, well-known manufacturers with 5g first off Technology Exhibition on MWC include but are not limited to Samsung, MediaTek, Spreadtrum and ZTE. If you include famous operators everywhere, the list can be more than doubled. It seems that this is a visible air outlet.Awkward 5gThe significance of 5g lies in faster network speed, lower delay and more available frequency bands; If you bring the above features into mobile devices and real-world experience, it can be understood as: you can watch 4K film sources in members and even 8K virtual reality devices at home; With low power consumption, multi band and low delay, all devices in the home can be connected to the Internet of things and controlled in linkage with each other; Because of low time delay, automatic control of high-speed equipment is possible.If the above scenario cannot be realized because the mobile phone is not upgraded to 5g, you will naturally choose to change the mobile phone. This is the main reason why we define 5g as steel demand. Unlike the comprehensive screen, it can only provide visual change. Without it, your life is separated from "intelligence".However, "visible" and "touchable" are destined to have a long way to go. Some organizations predict that there will be 5.8 million 5g equipment in 2019; In 2020, the shipment volume of 5g intelligent machines will reach 9 million. Obviously, even by 2020, 5g market share still can not reach the market share matching the current manufacturers' enthusiasm. Among them, 5g's own R & D is difficult, the time from network environment to hardware upgrade is a problem, and the upgrading of IOT families also needs to give users time to upgrade their products.3 Doomed to some embarrassing "post full screen" eraTherefore, looking at the development of mobile terminals in this context is destined to be "embarrassing". I know that the next equipment replacement climax is destined to take place in the 5g era in the next 2-3 years, but while accumulating strength secretly, I have to provide new stories for consumers in the past two years.Such a classic case happened once last year: mobile phone manufacturers conspired to a full screen story. When there is no hard demand for mobile phone replacement, tell the user "this can improve the positive appearance of the mobile phone a lot". As a result, thousands of trees and thousands of pear blossoms opened - a comprehensive screen. From the wide launch of Samsung S8 at the beginning of last year, to the mass production of Xiaomi mix 2 and the pricing of iPhone x 10000 yuan, all price segments were "conceptual" popularized by the end of the year, although some were not very comprehensive.This story will continue this year. For example, Sony changed its products and finally became a member of the full screen family; Although vivo failed to officially launch a mass production flagship on MWC, vivo apex, a concept mobile phone with a screen accounting for 98%, still attracted a lot of attention. Even Nokia, which had been slow to catch up with the market, has launched a new full screen machine.After the popularity of full-scale screen, it seems to be the first task of the post full-scale screen era to choose a closer "true. Full-scale product" or "true. Overseas screen". However, there are also disadvantages of this situation - the promotion of screen technology fingerprint technology does not have a high threshold for the OEM era. With the technological breakthrough, the popularity of this scheme will be quickly followed up - you and I, and eventually become passers-by a, B, C and D.Of course, this road is destined to go on. If we have to classify it, we will call it the "post comprehensive screen era" for the time being.4 Take pictures? Game phone? Mining requirements in subdivided areasNubian game concept mobile phoneHowever, there are still many manufacturers who are not willing to simply press the proportion of treasure screen. Since the second half of last year, "mobile phones are comparable to entry-level SLRs" seems to be no longer a false proposition. Dual lens, AI scene recognition, big data beauty and backlight are also clear. Photography and the artistic interest hidden in it have been further excavated.So this year, you can see that the upgraded Samsung S8 and Samsung S9 bet their biggest selling points on night shooting and high frame rate shooting; Sony technology house not only has 960 frames per second high frame rate shooting, but also 4K HDR video recording. Of course, in the second half of last year, various manufacturers also paid a lot of attention to the advertising language on photography.In addition to the mainstream voice, we can see other attempts. Nubia exposed a mobile phone with four fans on this MWC - you can see it as an upgraded version of many "King glory customized mobile phones" and "chicken eating artifact mobile phones" in the second half of the year. Behind this, mobile phone manufacturers' small prediction and caution about "the popularity of mobile games".Written at the end: hesitation in the post screen EraAccording to the latest report released by International Data Corporation (IDC), the global smartphone shipment in 2017 was 1.46 billion, down 0.5%, the first year-on-year decline since the launch of smartphones. This is not only the necessity of development, but also the early warning of new air outlets. As for the time and answer, naturally 5g.Before that, mobile phone manufacturers were willing to chase and explore new needs and concepts. However, in the face of a saturated market, the premise of innovation and water testing must be steady. Among them, "true. Full screen" and "kill entry-level SLR" are undoubtedly the themes of this year. It is particularly cautious to test the new field of water in a small range.
Meguiar Released the World's Fastest Graphics Card Memory Gddr6x, Which Has Been Applied to NVIDIA's
Meguiar Released the World's Fastest Graphics Card Memory Gddr6x, Which Has Been Applied to NVIDIA's
1. Meguiar released the world's fastest graphics card memory gddr6x, which has been applied to NVIDIA's latest GPUIt is reported that Meguiar gddr6x has cooperated with NVIDIA to carry gddr6x in the new NVIDIA geforcertx3090 and geforcertx3080gpu.2. BOE flexible OLED full screen display screen won IFA 2020 screen technology innovation Gold AwardThere are 19 gold awards for product technology innovation announced at the special international consumer electronics exhibition in Berlin, and BOE, a domestic screen manufacturer, won one of them. According to the information released on the official website of the special international consumer electronics exhibition in Berlin, BOE's award-winning product is the flexible OLED full screen display screen and won the Gold Award for screen technology innovation.According to the information display on BOE's official website, flexible display refers to the display technology that uses flexible substrates to prepare ultra-thin, ultra light and flexible products. Based on flexible display technology, mobile phones can be worn on the wrist, tablet computers can be folded into small books and put into pockets, and televisions can be freely rolled like picture scrolls.3. Broadcom released the third quarter financial report, with a revenue of US $5.821 billion, a year-on-year increase of 6%On September 4, according to foreign media reports, Broadcom, a semiconductor product supplier and infrastructure software solution supplier, has released the financial report for the third quarter of fiscal year 2020. The revenue in the fiscal quarter increased year-on-year, but the net profit under U.S. GAAP declined.Broadcom's financial report was released on Thursday local time. The financial report showed that in the third quarter of fiscal year 2020 as of August 2, Broadcom's revenue was US $5.821 billion, an increase of US $306 million, or 6% year-on-year, compared with us $5.515 billion in the same period of the previous fiscal year.4. Huawei European executives did not mention Kirin 9000 chip when attending IFA 2020 activitiesOn September 4, according to foreign media reports, Walter Ji, President of Huawei consumer business group Europe, gave a keynote speech at IFA 2020 (Berlin consumer electronics show) on Thursday, but did not mention the highly concerned Kirin 9000 chip. Earlier, it was reported that Huawei would release the next generation chip Kirin 9000 on IFA 2020. Huawei mate 40 series will first carry this chip. Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei's consumer business, said last month that Huawei would launch mate40 series products in September this year, still equipped with Kirin chips. He said that the Kirin chip on mate40 may be the last generation produced by Huawei.5. Gree has reached strategic cooperation with Xiaomi and CITIC to deeply connect and introduce Xiaomi ecological chain enterprisesOn September 4, according to the official news of Gree Group, yesterday Gree Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Xiaomi group and China CITIC Bank, and the three parties agreed to cooperate in industrial funds, financial services, industrial investment, project cooperation and resource sharing.In this cooperation, Gree Group will invest 3.545 billion yuan to participate in the investment and management of Xiaomi industry fund initiated by Xiaomi group, and deeply connect and introduce Xiaomi ecological chain enterprises. Wang Xiang, President of Xiaomi group, said that Gree Group, as a leading state-owned enterprise in Zhuhai, is an important strategic partner of Xiaomi group. The two sides have the same demands and development goals in industrial investment and industrial cultivation, and have the natural advantages of synergy, complementarity and win-win cooperation.6. TCL shows the concept that smart glasses are as light as sunglassesOn September 4, according to foreign media reports, TCL showed the new progress of concept smart glasses at IFA 2020 (Berlin consumer electronics exhibition). The glasses look as light as sunglasses.This concept smart glasses belongs to TCL's project archery project. Two OLED panels are hidden behind the lens. This design can achieve cinema level viewing effect. The new version of TCL is lighter than before. It looks like sunglasses and will not attract special attention.7. Lenovo Holdings has invested nearly 1 billion yuan in the field of overweight chipsRecently, Lenovo holdings made another investment in the semiconductor field. This time, it aimed at fuhanwei, a security video monitoring chip enterprise.Transfer 9.90% equity of Fuhan micro. On September 3, fuhanwei announced that JIEZHI Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jiezhi holding") who acted in concert with more than 5% of the company's shareholder and controlling shareholder Mr. Yang Xiaoqi signed the share transfer agreement with Tibet Dongfang Qihui Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dongfang Qihui"), and Jiezhi holding plans to sell 7.9201 million tradable shares of the company (accounting for 9.90% of the total share capital of the company) was transferred to Dongfang Qihui by agreement, the transfer price was 124.87 yuan / share, and the total share transfer price was 989 million yuan.8. DRAM prices continued to decline, and the revenue of South Asia branch declined by 6.73% in AugustOn the 3rd, South Asia branch, a large memory manufacturer, announced its consolidated revenue in August, amounting to 4.87 billion yuan (New Taiwan dollars, the same below) , a slight decline of 0.75% compared with July and a decline of 6.73% compared with the same period in 2019. In total, the consolidated revenue in the first eight months of 2020 reached 40.685 billion yuan, an increase of 21.05% compared with the same period in 2019. In fact, the current market has an oversupply of memory and customers' doubts that they are digesting inventory have not been removed, resulting in the current decline in memory prices.9. Tencent AI Lab & University of Wisconsin Madison explores natural language description generation based on scene graph decompositionComprehensive image captioning via scene graph disposition Led by Tencent AI Lab and completed in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin Madison, a natural language description generation method based on scene graph decomposition is proposed. Using natural language to describe images is a challenging task. By reviewing the expression of image scene graph, this paper proposes an image natural language description generation method based on scene graph decomposition The core of the method is to decompose the scene graph corresponding to a picture into multiple subgraphs, in which each subgraph corresponds to a part of the content or a part of the area of the image. An important subgraph is selected by neural network to generate a complete sentence describing the image. This method can generate accurate, diversified and controllable natural language descriptions. Researchers have also carried out extensive experiments The results show the advantages of this new model.10. GM and Honda plan to jointly develop future models and drive systems to save costsOn September 4, according to foreign media reports, general motors and Honda announced on Thursday that they plan to establish an automobile business alliance in North America to jointly develop and save costs. According to the alliance plan, general motors and Honda will carry out multi field cooperation in North America, with the goal of sharing the whole vehicle platform and the electric drive system and internal combustion engine drive system matched with the platform The two sides plan to develop models for their respective brands in the form of alliances and cooperate in the fields of procurement, R & D and vehicle networking services. GM and Honda plan to share R & D and engineering costs and jointly develop future models and drive systems. This will significantly improve efficiency and release capital, and support their respective investment in future travel and the development of their brands.This article is a comprehensive report by electronic enthusiasts. The content refers to Lenovo, micron technology, BOE, Broadcom, TCL, etc. Please indicate the above sources for reprint.
Apple still Uses Cheaper LCD Screens and Decides to Produce Them by Itself, Endangering the Interests of Many Screen Suppliers
Apple still Uses Cheaper LCD Screens and Decides to Produce Them by Itself, Endangering the Interests of Many Screen Suppliers
It is reported that Apple plans to use cheaper LCD screens on most iPhone models next year, while delaying the full conversion to high-tech organic light emitting diode (OLED) screens, which also reflects consumers' price sensitivity.According to the Wall Street Journal, apple is expected to launch an LCD model and two OLED models this fall, and the LCD model is expected to account for most of its iPhone sales. It is expected that Apple will continue to use LCD next year, which is completely inconsistent with the previous report of a complete transition to OLED.Apple announced in March that it was testing its internal microled screen.Apple's decision to insist on using cheaper LCD screens has brought more uncertainty to its screen suppliers; In addition, Apple's decision to produce its own screen endangers the interests of many suppliers.Since apple is not expected to use these products in its OLED screen, the shares of Apple's three LCD suppliers, including sharp, LG display and Japan display, have fallen sharply in the past year. Subsequently, when it was revealed in March that Apple was already testing its microled screen, the shares of many display suppliers, including Samsung, sharp and LG display, fell again. This also damages the interests of general display and Synaptics. After reports showed that Apple would use more LCD screens than expected, the share price of general display company, which provides OLED display materials, began to fall.The Wall Street Journal pointed out that Apple's decision to postpone the implementation of OLED screens does not necessarily bring opportunities for LCD suppliers. For example, LG display has planned to invest in OLED screens.Apple has been facing the problem of supply shortage in the past. If suppliers have to change their production plans, Apple may face supply shortage again. It is reported that Japan display raised $320 million in April to meet the expected demand for its advanced LCD.According to recent reports, Apple has communicated its transformation plan to its suppliers, including plans to reduce parts procurement from suppliers by nearly 20% this year. At the same time, the uncertainty of the continuous expansion of Apple's supply chain will also make the new iPhone more expensive than ever.
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