Cause Analysis of Abnormal Phenomenon of LED Display Screen

Flower screen is usually because the display does not support the display mode sent by the host, which is often higher than the display mode of the display, causing confusion in the image of the screen and unable to see the image and text on the screen clearly. If it is a display with automatic pattern recognition, it may be in a black screen state, but the indicator under the panel is green. At this time, you can restart and enter the safe mode. After changing the display mode to 640 * 480, you can restart and recover.If this method does not work, you can delete the graphics card driver in safe mode, and then reinstall the graphics card driver in normal mode. In addition, when the video memory of the graphics card fails, there will be confusion in the display of fixed positions on the screen, but the display in other places is normal. There are also individual graphics card damage caused by the flower screen, but the probability of this is very small.Color displays are switching power supplies, which will produce great impulse voltage and current when switching, which has a great impact on the service life of picture tubes. Some people always think that color displays consume too much power and turn them off when they are not in use to save power. However, today's large screen color displays have applied good energy-saving technology, which can save up to 95% of power consumption in the state of power saving. Therefore, the method of turning off the power supply of color displays to save power is not worth the loss.

Cause Analysis of Abnormal Phenomenon of LED Display Screen 1

The color display position should not be moved frequentlyAfter the color display is put into normal use, its position, especially its direction, should not change frequently. Because the earth's magnetic field has a great impact on the color display, although the current color display has an automatic degaussing circuit, if its direction and position are changed frequently, it will also have a great impact on the picture tube, and in serious cases, it will cause problems such as poor purity.fqj

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