Design and Implementation of LED Multifunctional Remote Control Display Screen

The LED multi-function display system adopts the method of dynamic scanning, takes STC89C58RD single chip microcomputer as the main control chip, and uses the self-made infrared remote controller to wirelessly download information to the host for display. The display screen is 16 & times composed of 1024 bright red photodiodes; The row scanning circuit is driven by 74hc154 decoder chip, the column scanning circuit is driven by 8 74HC595, and the infrared remote control transmitter adopts integrated infrared transceiver. The system realizes digital. letter. The dynamic and static display of Chinese characters and other information can update the display information through serial communication with PC. the system can also remotely move the information up, down, left and right and update the display content through the remote control keyboard.

Design and Implementation of LED Multifunctional Remote Control Display Screen 1

With the development of computer and related microelectronics. With the rapid development of optoelectronic technology, LED display has high reliability. Long service life. Strong adaptability to the environment. With the characteristics of high cost performance, it has rapidly grown into the mainstream product of flat panel display.At present, most LED dot matrix display systems have their own font library, and the realization of display and dynamic effect (mainly the rolling of display content) depends on hardware scanning drive. Although this method is more convenient, the display content is not easy to update in time, and when the LED display is installed outdoors, it can not be effectively controlled. The indoor display screen is controlled through the data line, which is very inconvenient.The design is carried out around the multi-functional LED display screen. The display mode moves up, down, left and right. The display content is controlled and updated in real time by PC. The system uses infrared emission. The remote control receiver completes the whole infrared remote control transmission by receiving and identifying the infrared light and judging the control operation. The receiving process can easily update the display content and change the display mode, making the design more practical and convenient for operation control.

1. Overall design schemeMost LED displays adopt dynamic scanning display mode. The principle of scanning display is based on the visual persistence of human eyes. Each display row (column) is displayed in turn. As long as the refresh rate is not less than 24 f / s, human eyes will feel a complete and continuous image.

Infrared remote control uses infrared as the carrier to transmit control information. The infrared emitter adopts infrared light-emitting diode, so the remote control transmitter is easy to miniaturize and cheap. Using digital signal coding and secondary modulation can not only realize the control of multi-channel information, increase the remote control function, improve the anti-interference of signal transmission and reduce misoperation, but also have low power consumption, no signal crosstalk, fast response speed, high transmission efficiency, stable and reliable operation, etc. The single chip microcomputer adopts STC89C58RD , the amount of data stored is larger than STC89C52, and the crystal oscillator uses 22.1148 MHz to improve the refresh frequency and make the display more stable. After the output line signal of port P0 is decoded by 74hc154, the line strobe signal is generated and sent to the line of the display screen for display in turn. The P2 port of the single chip microcomputer is connected with the 8-bit shift register 74HC595. The overall structure of the system is shown in Figure 1.

2 hardware circuit design2.1 16&TImes; 64 LED dot matrix screen

Design and Implementation of LED Multifunctional Remote Control Display Screen 2

The system display screen is made of 16 rows and 64 columns of bright white 5 mm LED red photodiodes. The anodes of 64 LEDs in each row are connected into row lines and led out, and 16 interfaces in 16 rows are used as the interface end of common row lines, which is convenient to connect with the row drive module to realize row positioning and scanning; The cathodes of 16 LEDs in each column are connected and led out, and each 8 column lines form an interface, which is convenient to connect with the column drive module to realize the storage and scanning of register data, so as to build the display screen system. Some dot matrix screen circuits are shown in Figure 2.

2.2 main control and scanning driving circuitThe main control circuit takes STC89C58RD chip as the core and external reset circuit. Clock circuit and serial port download line interface circuit (RS 232 communication interface) are used for the communication between LED display system and computer. The communication mode is 10 bit asynchronous communication. Online download is convenient for program update and system maintenance.The scanning driving circuit is composed of row and column drivers. There are 16 rows of LED display screen. A piece of 74hc154 is used to decode and select the 16 rows of LED, which is amplified by TIP127 and converted to high level, so as to select the traffic line.

The column scanning drive adopts the scheme of parallel data serial transmission. The data latch is 74hc595.64 and the column is driven by 8 74HC595 chips. The 8 74HC595 are connected end to end. The shift output of the previous 74HC595 is connected to the input of the next 74HC595. The serial data input end of the first 74HC595 is connected to the data output end of the single chip microcomputer. The first 2 74HC595 are connected as shown in Figure 3.2.3 infrared transceiver remote control circuit

The principle of infrared transmitting and receiving is: the input signal at the transmitting end is amplified and sent to the infrared transmitting tube for transmission. At the receiving end, after the receiving tube receives the infrared signal, it is amplified by the amplifier and restored to the control signal. Press a key, the single chip microcomputer recognizes the key, and the single chip microcomputer sends a pulse of a certain frequency to the port connected with the infrared transmitting tube. The pulse is modulated with a carrier pulse of about 38 kHz, and then the modulated pulse is buffered and amplified to excite the infrared led to convert electric energy into light energy, so that the infrared LED emits infrared of a certain frequency. When the receiving control system receives the infrared light, the frequency of the infrared light is obtained by the timing / counter in the single chip microcomputer, and then the frequency is sent to the CPU. The CPU decodes the signal and identifies the control signal, so as to implement the control function of the control circuit and complete the whole remote control function.

The system adopts the integrated infrared receiver HS0038, as shown in Figure 4. Pin 1 GND is connected to the power ground, pin 2 VCC is connected to 5V, and pin 3 out is the data output terminal (TTL level, inverse output), which can be directly connected with the single chip microcomputer.Se303 is an infrared emitting diode. When p2.0 = 1, triode 9013 is turned on, and se303 is powered on to emit infrared. In fact, it emits a pulse train with a frequency of 38 kHz. The circuit connection is shown in Figure 4.

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