DIY Laptop Repair: Do It Yourself and Save

DIY Laptop Repair- Do It Yourself!

Laptop computers are great- they are easy to move and store and they contain all of the required components in one unit. Laptops have the keyboard, trackpad, screen, and computer all in one item. However, this means that there are more pieces that can break and need repair. The portability of a laptop also exposes it to more opportunities to get dropped or damaged.

When a laptop stops working, you need to consider how much money it is worth spending to repair it. Sometimes the best option is to do an inexpensive repair yourself. Over the years,, I have made many repairs and adjustments to keep old laptops running.

This article will describe some cheap laptop repairs and work-arounds so you can keep using your laptop and avoid buying a new one. Learn cheap ways to handle:

Bad laptop hard drive Broken laptop display or laptop screen Broken laptop keyboard Broken laptop trackpad Bad laptop power supply Bad laptop battery Bad Laptop Hard Drive Disaster struck last week. My son called me at work to describe a problem he was having with his laptop computer. He dropped it, and now it was not finding a boot disk. When he turned on the laptop, all he got was a black screen indicating that there was no boot disk. Not good.

When I got home, I checked it out. I tried removing the hard drive and plugging it back in. My hope was that the hard drive connector simply came loose. No such luck.

I tried running some bootable disk repair tools, but none of the tools could even find the hard drive. You can find bootable disk repair tools for free and make your own bootable disks by burning CD's. You'll need to go into the BIOS settings on the computer that you are repairing and set it to boot from CD by changing the boot options. You can move the CD drive to the top of the boot order in the BIOS menu. Most computers allow you to reach the BIOS menu by pressing F12 during bootup.

The fact the bootable disk tools could not even find the hard drive was bad news- the hard drive was toast. I looked around on eBay and amazon and found a used 500GB 2.5 inch SATA hard drive for $40. I decided that it was worth spending $40 to get a 3 year old laptop going again.

The good news is that I had backed up the laptop using Windows Backup, so I had an image to load onto the blank replacement hard drive. If you don't have a backup, you'll need to find the Windows installation disks. If you didn't get Windows installation disks, you can contact your computer manufacturer to request them- you may need to pay shipping and handling to get them.

When the new hard drive came in the mail yesterday, I used a small phillips screwdriver to remove the broken hard drive. The original hard drive had a metal carrier to hold it in place in the laptop. I unscrewed this from the original hard drive and attached it to the replacement hard drive. Since it was a 2.5 inch SATA drive, it fit right into the space and the connector worked fine. I put the screws in place and now had a blank hard drive ready to format and load with Windows 7 and my son's files from Windows Recovery.

I went into the BIOS menu by holding down F12 during boot-up. I set the computer to boot from CD and used a Windows 7 Recovery boot disk. I plugged my external back-up hard drive into the USB port. Using the Windows recovery tools, I found the recovery files for my son's laptop and selected these files to be installed on the blank hard drive. The Windows Recovery Tool formatted the drive in NTFS format and installed Windows 7 and all of the archived files. This process took a couple hours.

I was relived to see the computer boot up again in Windows 7! This was well worth $40!

Broken Laptop Trackpad or Trackpad Buttons Laptops typically have a built-in trackpad that serves as a mouse to position the cursor on the screen. The trackpad and its buttons get a lot of use and a lot of wear and tear. I had a laptop that I let my kids use for playing games. They actually wore out the left button- it broke off!

There are three ways to repair a broken trackpad:

1. Replace it. You can order a replacement part and replace it, or have a computer repair shop replace it. This would cost $50 or more at a repair shop. You could do it yourself if you are willing to order the part and disassemble your computer. I decided not to go this route.

2. Work around it. This is the option I selected. I used a pair of pliers and wiggled the left button back into place. I then used the Windows control panel to switch the mouse buttons to a "left handed" configuration which uses the left button much less. I was lucky that the left button still works. I was able to work around the issue for free.

3. Plug in a mouse or trackpad. You can get a computer mouse or trackpad for about $10 or $15 and plug it into the USB port of your laptop. There are wireless options and products that have a cord. This is not as convenient as using a built-in trackpad, but it is easy to do and doesn't cost much. This can be a good way to keep your laptop going without spending a lot of money to repair the trackpad.

Broken Laptop Keyboard The thing about a keyboard is that you really need all of the keys to work to be able to type effectively. I suppose there are some rarely-used keys you can do without, but unfortunately it seems that the commonly-used keys are the ones that break. The space bar gets a lot of use and can wear out. With age, the plastic that laptop keys are made of can get brittle. I once had a space bar crack.

Some keyboard issues can be addressed by gluing broken pieces back together, or by snapping pieces that came off back in place.

The other class of keyboard issue is if the keyboard is really no longer effective. For example, if you spill something on your keyboard, it can make the keyboard sticky and less responsive. You may want to replace the keyboard in your laptop. Keyboards are usually pretty easy to replace- you can do it yourself for around $50, or have it done for about $100 at a repair shop.

As with trackpads, you can also work around a bad laptop keyboard by simply plugging in a USB computer keyboard. You can buy a keyboard for about $15. It is not as convenient as using the built-in laptop keyboard, but if you can work around it easily without spending much money, it may be worth the hassle.

Bad Laptop Power Supply There are a couple things that can go wrong with a laptop power supply. One is that the power supply itself can go bad. It no longer produces power and must be replaced. If your battery no longer charges when your laptop is plugged in, first verify that the outlet is working. Plug a light into the same outlet and make sure it turns on. Next, plug the power supply back in and make sure the plug is firmly plugged into your computer. Check that the A/C cord is firmly plugged into the power adapter. If your laptop battery is still not charging, it is probably time for a new laptop power supply.

Fortunately laptop power supplies are not very expensive and can be easily replaced. You can get a replacement power supply for about $20.

When ordering a replacement laptop power supply, make sure to get adequate power capacity and make sure the plug matches what is used on your laptop. You can look at the label on your power supply to find this information. For example, my Toshiba Satellite takes a 19V supply at 3.95A. The diagram shows that the center pin is positive and outer connector is negative.

If you get a replacement power supply that does not have enough capacity or has the wrong pin configuration, it can damage your laptop.

Another issue I have encountered with power supplies is that the power connector in the laptop can break off. This can happen due to stress and strain from stretching the power cord while it is plugged into the laptop. One repair shop wanted to replace the motherboard to get a new power connector- very expensive! I ended up taking the laptop to a different repair shop and having them glue the broken piece together. It has held together for 5 years now with no problems.

Bad Laptop Battery After a few thousand charge and discharge cycles, a laptop battery will lose most of its capacity. If your laptop can only run for 10 minutes of so without being plugged in, then your battery is nearing the end of its life.

I had a battery like this, but decided to keep my laptop plugged in all the time so I wouldn't have to replace the battery. Eventually the laptop would not turn on at all. I was able to order a replacement laptop battery for about $40. Laptop batteries are easy to replace.

Broken Laptop Screen Broken laptop screens are bad news. Laptop screens usually cost a couple hundred dollars to repair. If you have an older laptop with a broken screen, it may not be worth replacing.

You can work around a broken laptop screen by using an external monitor if you have one available. This can be handy for saving your files from a laptop with a broken screen to a memory stick. You can also use a laptop with an external monitor. This can be a workable situation if you use your laptop at home, however you probably would not want to haul an external monitor with you to a coffee shop...

Should I Repair My Laptop or Replace It?

It is always worth considering the value you get from spending money to repair an older computer. Looking at laptops for sale on eBay, I would estimate that my son's laptop is worth about $200 when it is in good working order. Buying a new laptop would cost about $350 to $600, depending on the kind of laptop. When I found a hard drive for $40 that would get the old laptop going again, I decided that spending $40 would be a good move. Eventually, something else will go wrong with the laptop, but it may last a long time without spending more money.

However, if the repair would have been more expensive, such as replacing the screen for $200, I would have used that money toward a new laptop instead of an expensive repair. It would not make much sense to spend $200 to repair a laptop that would be worth $200 after the repair. Computers depreciate rapidly, and after a few years, the new laptop models begin to look more and more attractive due to their increased speed, processing power, storage capacity, and new features.

DIY Laptop Repair: Do It Yourself and Save 1

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How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It by What Laptops
How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It by What Laptops
In this article, our editors have explained in detail, How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It? This is the worst situation when your laptop screen is cracked, there can be a variety of reasons for this. Sometimes when we are working in a hurry, the laptop screen may get pressed and all of a sudden, you realize that the screen is cracked. I have faced this situation a couple of times and O, boy that is frustrating. I have received a couple of messages about fixing a cracked laptop screen and in this article, you will the answer in detail. How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It? Now my journey for fixing laptop screen started a few years back when I accidentally sit on my laptop that resulted in a very bad crack.It is always very easy to replace the laptop screen but it is costly. Secondly, I was working on a project at that time and I did not want my laptop to be in the custody of irrelevant people. So, I decided to give it a shot. I started looking at different websites and forums to look for a possible solution but all in vain. I noticed that the majority of blogs or websites were just spammy and filled with fake methods or ads from different companies.Finally, I decided to go ahead with my little bit of knowledge and with the help of a technician friend, who was working at a laptop establishment at that time. It took me a while but I managed to fix my laptop cracked screen with a little bit of effort. I will answer this question "How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It?" in detail here. Now there can a long debate on this, as I have seen different people using a different set of tools. However, I am writing this article after a long discussion with a team of technicians at What Laptops main office.This is important, you can not fix a laptop screen just by sitting at a random place. You need a dedicated corner for this. You will need a straight table, I recommend using a flat table that is fixed strongly to the floor. You will need a sharp object, you can use a sharp needle or any other sharp object that you have at home. I have also used a safety-pin once while practicing these skills.Whenever I plan to write an article, I do research for months and then practically perform that task before I post it on the website. This is essential as it will hold all small objects that you will use during the entire process of fixing the cracked laptop screen. At this time of writing this article, I feel happy as many of my fellows will get benefit from this. Now instead of replacing the screen, you can simply fix it Again this is important, I have seen people who use a plastic knife or think slide for the purpose. Now you must be thinking why this? This plastic knife can be used when removing the bezel from the fixings.This is used when fixing the screen and it will hold the laptop screen together so it will not move. Once it is strongly fixed, you can remove the tape. This is essential, now you must have a screwdriver with a magnetic head. Again you must be thinking why magnetic head screwdriver? Actually, the magnet helps in holding the screws together at the time of working and it just makes the work easier. I personally enjoy now while fixing a cracked screen.So here we go: In this step by step guide, I will explain in detail the entire process of fixing a cracked laptop screen. Now before you decided to start with this guide, there are few things that you should check at the laptop screen: None Check for the percentage of damage to the screen. None If the laptop screen is totally broken into different pieces. None What about the internal screen attachment, check it carefully. None Closely monitor the external display and check the results.None Can you appreciate the crack without touching the screen? None If you are facing a blank screen, there may be other reasons for this instead of a crack. Now every laptop is different, I have used this method on Dell and HP laptops. The first step is to access the laptop screen carefully and check for the percentage of the damage. Look for possible reasons for that damage if you are still not aware of it. Check its motherboard and other hardware, I have people who keep replacing their laptop screen and the main reason was the dead graphics card.Now the question is how to check the graphics card? Let me explain here: Take out the graphics card and fit it to any other computer and check the screen functionality. If it is working fine at other desktop or laptop computer then this is a sign that your laptop screen is at fault. Now you observe the blank screen, check for all the short keys that can be responsible for this. There are few short keys that if pressed can lead to a blank screen. Now that you are sure that it is a laptop screen that is at fault.Turn off the laptop and also remove the battery. You do not want to interfere with the electric circuit of the laptop while fixing this problem. Once the laptop is disconnected from any source of power, you will need to closely monitor the screen. Check for any screws that are keeping it attach to the laptop. There are hidden small screws at the four corners of the laptop screen, and they ensure that the screen is fixed properly.Screws on the bezel can be removed easily. I recommend using this tool kit when you are doing this procedure. This laptop kit is available at Amazon. You will need a sharp object to safely remove the stickers hiding these small screws. You must not lose focus at this point otherwise you can damage the laptop.Carefully remove the cover and place it in a safe place to be used later. Now after you have removed the external covers, you can easily see the screws. These screws are keeping the screen fix to the laptop. With the help of a magnetic head screwdriver, you can remove these screws easily. Carefully pull away from the bezel from the screen, now check the crack carefully.If the crack is small, it can easily be fixed. Place any thin object at the crack on the screen and with a little bit of force and moving it up and down the screen, you can get it free. This is an important step for How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It. Once you observe that the bezel if free, now LCD screen are normally fixed with a metallic frame. Use the screwdriver to remove all the screws that are keeping it fixed. Do not use aggressive force at this stage or it can damage.Remove all the cables attached to the screen and secure it. The screen should be facedown at the keyboard. If the crack is big and can not be fixed. Then remove the old screen carefully and add the new screen while keeping it towards the keyboard. Now you have to fix and attach all the things that we did in the first two steps, secure the bolts and screws.You can use the magnetic head screwdriver to fix the bezel. You know what to do next, as we did in the first two steps, simply repeat those in a reverse manner. Click here for a list of laptop screens at Amazon. I have explained all the details that you may need for your question, How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It. Now if you think that the crack is big enough for replacement then go ahead. What are the Reasons for a Cracked Screen Laptop? You should know what the causes of the cracked laptop screen.Without a proper functional screen, there is no use of a laptop. There is a number of different reasons that can be responsible for this. I will explain a few here: Damage to the screen can be caused by pressing it hard with any object or even fingers. I have seen a few fellows who broke their laptop screen by just pressing it hard with their hands. You should always be careful while handling your laptops.Laptops are decent machines and require gentle handling A laptop screen can be easily cracked if the laptop falls on a concrete floor. Always use a laptop bag to avoid such an accident. Around 30 percent of cracked screen laptops are a result of dropping on the floor. I mostly see many fellows who just broke laptop screens and now asking how to fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it. If you have a touchscreen laptop, you have to be more careful. you do not want to press hard that may result in the screen damage.It is recommended to use the stylus that comes with the laptop, avoid using your hands. Hitting a laptop screen with a stylus or any sharp object can also lead to the cracking of the screen. You should gently use the stylus on the laptop screen Another important cause of cracked screen is when closing the screen look for any objects that may be present on the keyboard. I have seen a fellow who cracked the screen as his earbuds were on the keyboard and he just closed the screen with a force. That resulted in a big crack that can only be fixed by replacing the screen.Any physical damage can also lead to the damage of screen that may lead to a crack. If you are using a laptop bag, do not throw it and carry it with care. Drooling hot water or drink on the laptop screen is also one of the common causes of screen damage. Never use a laptop while drinking coffee or tea. Now if your laptops have this issue, refer to the guide for How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It. I have explained in detail about you can access the laptop screen and fix the crack.Also, you can not fix the crack when it is better to replace it with a new screen. I hope after reading this detailed guide on How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It, you will now have a better knowledge of how things work. Also, I try to publish a detailed article on that very question. None Why is My Laptop Getting Hot? None What laptops last the longest?.1. Screen popping out of the bezelI recently purchased a7 months ago.4-5 days back, when opening the lid, there was aUpon further examining the laptop, I noticed that the screen [ bottom right-near the hinge] hadThere were. When I try to open/close the lid [did this very cautiously] i noticed theTill now i have not closed the lid of my laptop yet, [just covering it with a thin cloth when not in use]to prevent further damages/wear of the parts.1. Does this require a whole screen replacement?2. Is it ok to keep the lid open for a few months?3. Does Lenovo yoga models have this kind of a defect/problem very often?Please let me know how to attach a picture from my mobile in the thread, so that it gives a better picture of the problem presented.Please help and suggest methods/solutions for the problem.Thanks!.2. WHAT is the name of my computer???? (company)?Show up the hardware (see button at top of screen on your picture). Also look all around your computer case, there maybe a manufacturers name there
My Laptop Screen Cracked on the Inside, still Works but Where to Get It Repaired Cheap?
My Laptop Screen Cracked on the Inside, still Works but Where to Get It Repaired Cheap?
My laptop screen cracked on the inside, still works but where to get it repaired cheap?You can find them on Ebay from $80 to $250 depending on the laptop model, screen size, and screen type/quality. Just search "<your laptop model> lcd screen" and you will get some results. Or you can try vising the Laptop manufacturer's support site and they will often be selling spare/refurbished parts (though these tend to be more expensive than those found on Ebay). --- If you do it yourself, the only cost would be the Screen shipping. However, if you get it done by a "professional," you will need to pay the cost of the screen labor; the total would range from $250 to $400. I am not sure you will be able to find anything much cheaper than that for a repair job. --- Dell provides service manuals for all their computers at their website. Just search "<your laptop model> service guide." Within it, you will find links about how to dismantle the laptop and replace various parts------Should I split a large CSS media queries file into separate files for each screen size?You should split your CSS files based on media queries because CSS files are render blocking. When the browser is constructing your DOM, it has to first wait and load all your CSS files. You will reduce your page load time if some of your CSS files are only loaded based on certain media queries. This also goes for adding async to a JavaScript script tag; ex.: .The DOM does not have to wait for your JS file to load. Only add async if the construction of your DOM does not need any of that JavaScript at onload.------Adjusting sequence square frame size for large screen sizeIf you do not want your video to be up-scaled then you need to output at the native resolution of the screen. The physical size does not matter, what matters is the pixel dimensions.However, if the footage is not shot at the native resolution (and I do not think there are many 14K cameras around) you are going to have to resize it to fit. Whether you do that in your edit, or use whatever mechanism the screen has for up-scaling footage depends on a couple of factors:Best bet: ask whoever is in charge of the screen. For a screen that large there's going to be an AV person who knows what they are doing. Ask around until you find who can give you specs for what you have to deliver.------How do I choose what laptop to buy?A Mac will be more expensive than a PC, but the extra cost may pay off in terms of ease of use and customer support. Screen size is only as important as you want it to be - if you like watching movies or doing twelve things at once, a big screen is nice, but that's about it. 15-inch laptops are standard, 17 is a little large to be carrying around. Hard Drive size is not so important for documents/presentations etc, since they take up very little space, but music and videos will soon add up. 300GB would be enough for me, but if you download lots of movies over iTunes etc you might need more. Your computer's memory decides how many things it will consent to do at once before it slows to a grinding halt. 2GB is quite adequate to run Windows and edit a few documents, but if you edit massive files, play games, or like to do twelve things at once, consider investing in a little more. Note though that memory is very easy to upgrade at a later date, and is a great way of prolonging your computer's life. Processor speeds are impossible to decipher and tend to mean wildly different things (there are many more factors involved in processing than just the bus speed). Unless you want to transcode a lot of videos, a core 2 duo is fairly sufficient (the new core i's are overkill for most things). My favourite PC brand is Dell, mainly because I like their online store ^_^. They also have student discounts, at least in the UK where I am from (but you have to Google to find them ;]). Good luck!
The Best Dell Laptop Computers for Sale to Benefit You
The Best Dell Laptop Computers for Sale to Benefit You
A lot of the Dell laptop computers for sale are going to be able to meet the needs you have. They have machines with a lot of power and speed, or those that are cheaper and can do basic tasks for you. By determining what to look for in their laptops and how to save on them, it is much more simple to enjoy your purchase. The first order of business is to just head over to Dell's website or anywhere that sells their laptops to see what is available. They have anything from a basic laptop for a couple of hundred dollars to their top of the line Alienware gaming laptops. It's a matter of what you need the machine for and how much you are willing to spend on it to get there. Dell may have great deals on their website, but the real way to save is to get onto a shopping website or auction styled one to see what is there. Many times you can find new laptops for a fraction of the price from sellers because they have a lot on hand that must be sold quickly. Before buying from anyone it will do you well to seek out reviews on what customers have thought of the seller in the past. Only buy through websites that have a way for you to get your money back if the laptop never shows up or if it does but it's not as advertised. Remember that if you wish to have this as an entertainment center, you should go with an option that has a drive for watching movies and the appropriate ports like HDMI to hook it up to a TV or larger monitor. While you may not mind watching short videos on your laptop screen, you will find that it can cause you some headaches and not be comfortable to sit in front of for a long period of time. It also may benefit you to get a USB keyboard and mouse so you're not relegated to using the built in features. Dell generally will allow for you to use their customer service and take advantage of their various repair programs if you are buying new from them. That's the best reason to buy a laptop that's new directly from them or a retailer that will give you all of the protections that the company has to offer to those that buy from them. Whenever you have an issue up to a year or however long the plan is in place, they will assist you and make sure you either get the problem fixed or mail it in so they can repair it for you. When looking over your options when it comes to Dell laptop computers for sale it's very easy to see that there are a lot of good and bad deals. Now that you are aware of what you can look for in this company's laptop options, you are able to easily locate and purchase something that is the most useful for you.
How to Protect a Laptop Screen From Scratches
How to Protect a Laptop Screen From Scratches
Common Sense PrecautionsThe most delicate part of your prized possession - the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen on your laptop can easily get damaged. Proper care is necessary to ensure the laptop screen is scratch-free and not damaged. The laptop becomes practically useless if scratched, cracked, or damaged.Words of wisdom: "It is imperative that you take care of your LCD screen as much as possible and prevent it from being scratched." Next are some preventive steps in :Screen ProtectorOne way to protect a laptop screen from scratches is to buy a laptop screen protector. It is a thin film of plastic that prevents dust or small particles from accumulating on the screen, but it also prevents scratches or wear of the screen .See: Searchable Laptop Screen Protectors A possible solution is to go with "ErgonoFlex Screen Tip Protection." However, one of the best in the business for the protection of LCD screens is the revolutionary new Ohmetric 3 in 1 screen protector for laptops. The Ohmetric 3 in 1 screen protector is made up of a shock absorbent material that will ensure the LCD remains protected from obstacles at all times. Because of its soft micro fiber surface, computer users will not have to worry about scratches appearing on the screen.The Ohmetric 3 in 1 is a screen protector for laptops, an acting cleaner for your LCD, which can easily wipe off smudges and fingerprints from the screen without damaging it, and a mousepad. Its in all-in-one solution for laptops. The Ohmetric 3 in 1 laptop screen protector can be purchased from various online retailers including, and Its price: $8 to $15. Image Credit: FiltersAnother way to protect a laptop screen from scratches is to buy a screen filter. As many computer users already know, a computer screen filter is used to reduce glare and eliminate dust buildup; but, it also can protect LCD screens from scratches and damage. There are different types of screen filters available, which are meant to improve screen contrast and reduce glare (not the subject of this article). Briefly said, screen filters provide everyday protection to help protect a laptop screen from scratches.Source and References Section Fix a scratch on the LCD Screen.
Optimal Laptop Lcd Screen Size
Optimal Laptop Lcd Screen Size
It is easy to take the quality of laptop for granted. But when you consider that you probably spend more time using your laptop than any other device or tool, you realize that the screen you stare at every day is a vital part of your computer system.The laptop screen size is one of the first things that is worth to choose before considering other laptop parameters. As a matter of fact, screen size is a key factor in the laptop's overall performance, size, and weight. The laptop screen size also is one of the most important factors when it comes to how long your battery is going to last. The most popular laptop screen diagonal sizes range from 12 to 17 inches. The most popular screen resolutions are 1024 x 768, 1280 x 800, 1280 x 1024, 1680 x 1050, and 1440 x 900.Some people would never consider any laptop below a 14.1-inch screen. The laptops with 17-inch screen or even bigger are not so convenient for traveling. However, they combine the power of a desktop and the benefits of a laptop (that is why some people call them as desktop replacements). The battery life is short for such big laptops. Another disadvantage is that these laptops may be too heavy and too big.What screen resolution is optimal? A higher screen resolution reduces the size of items on your screen and increases the relative space on your desktop. But on the other hand, you may feel uncomfortable if fonts are too small to read a text. Another parameter is aspect ratio (the relative numbers of horizontal and vertical pixels). Traditional screens built with 4:3 aspect ratio. For example, a native resolution of 1280x1024 indicates an aspect ratio of 5:4, which is the most used format on 17" and 19" LCD monitors in the recent years. New wide-screen monitors may use almost 2:1 ratio. Wide-screen monitors use a special aspect ratio control to resolve the problem of "unnatural" displaying video with different formats. Normally, a native resolution should allow displaying without any distortion. The best way to find the perfect resolution that is optimal for you and your screen is to try different settings.Most people like the laptops with 14-inch or larger LCD screens with preferred Windows resolution of 1,024x768. These laptops are not too heavy. They are prone to have a long battery life and charge-cycle capability (run time more than several hours). Also 14-15-inch laptops are the most reasonably priced. The experienced computer users also consider this choice as the best compromise between viewable area and overall portability.If you prefer to have the laptop screen with size less than 15-inch, it could be reasonable to use an internal display only when you are on the road. When you at your desk, your laptop can be connected to an external monitor (for example, with a spacious 19-21-inch screen) for better view and more professional works. At desk also it could be good to use an external ergonomic keyboard and mouse (that are connected to laptop).
How to Replace Your Dell Laptop Screen
How to Replace Your Dell Laptop Screen
Dell laptop parts are long lasting only to a certain extent. Same is the case with Dell Laptop Screen, if your laptop falls down or you press its display screen too hard, then for sure the screen will break. Improper cleaning may also spoil the screen of your Dell Laptop, which commonly results in dark spots and black spots. It's like a blessing that just because of damage in laptop screen; you don't need to replace the whole laptop. What you have to do is get a Philips screwdriver and a new Laptop Screen, which you can easily buy from a nearby store or through an online store. Read on, as here is an easy to understand guide, which may assist you in the task of replacing your laptop screen:1. Unplug the Laptop AdapterFirst of all, turn off your laptop, unplug the adapter, if plugged in a socket and disconnect all other cables, if connected to your laptop. 2. Remove the Laptop BatteryNow turn your laptop, so that you are able to remove the battery. All you have to do simply slide the latch, the battery will be released and can be removed by lifting it upwards. 3. Remove Plastic Parts and Seals Now turn your laptop and stretch open the laptop screen as much as possible. Around the frame of the Dell Laptop Screen, you will find screw seals made of plastic as well as rubber. Remove the seals by using a sharp object and then, with the help of Philips screwdriver, take out the screws covered under them. Some of the Dell laptops have screw covers even on the outer edges of the laptop lid. 4. Remove Display CoverNow, gently start from one side to detach the frame from the display cover. Remember, when separating, do one side at a time. Like, first from the top and then from the bottom or vice versa and now remove the screen bezel now.5. Remove Laptop LCD ScreenYou will find that the LCD screen of your laptop is held with the help of screws, to the metal brackets on the left and right side. Remove all those screws from both sides. now detach your Dell Laptop Screen from the display cover. On the palm rest of your laptop, place the laptop screen in upside down position. You can now see a green ribbon cable, which is basically the video cable having two connectors. One connector is joined with the LCD screen and another connector to the inverter board. On both sides of LCD connector, you will see two latches, simply push them and release the cable to disconnect it from the laptop screen. Now pull the second connector up and separate it from the inverter board.You are now able to remove the laptop screen along with the inverter board. Inverter board is usually attached with the screen, at the bottom. You can replace it separately. 6. Replace the Laptop ScreenYou are now ready to replace your damaged Dell Laptop Screen with the new one. Just follow the steps from bottom to top in reverse order, fixing everything in the same manner as it was before and you are done!
Laptop Hardware Breakdowns & Maintenance Tips
Laptop Hardware Breakdowns & Maintenance Tips
Manufactures build laptops for company sales and profits; they adjust not build laptops for longevity. Manufactures market/advertise these laptops as what consumers are looking for, which is style, lightweight further the convenience of mobility. What I'm onerous to estimate here is,, laptops or subdivision computer should not impersonate mobile, for they bequeath not run on very crave. But that's ok, since the manufactures also understands once you clench a laptop you'll change into "hooked on" the convenience of, the "need" of, and the mobility laptops. They further charge the hardware components much higher on laptops, since they introduce more money when you comply a new laptop. For that is there sales, further company fair over I see it.95%of the computer repairs that come to Take-1 are laptop repairs:*Cracked, damaged, broken laptop LCD screens: Just guidance persists in 3 months; approx 40 laptops came to Take-1 for nurture estimates from customers within a 20 mile radius of Augusta GA. I run a Google Adwords campaign, within the same radius of my area show a high cipher 200 per month on average for the successive search queries: "laptop screen", "laptop screen repair", laptop lcd replacement", "and cracked laptop screen"Reasons: Manufacture defect in LCD lid design (slim & lightweight), accidental damage, laptop mobility. Some of these laptops lcd lids are so lightweight, they flex, twist, torque the screen a bit when closing the go underground lid by the corner only, resulting in a deranged theme, the name, or the "bells & whistles" that draw you to the laptop fool you!* If the laptops are on display, and turned on, lift the laptop up; again put your hand on the bottom of the laptop. Does sincere ambience delicate just sitting there on their unrelated at idle speed on the underside, with nothingness biting running? Life span you are underneath there, check the cooling vents on the bottom, are they large enough to properly cold shoulder homeless that laptop? Run your hand over the keyboard from secluded to right, do you feel heat thru the keyboard area.............. if you sign interest on, you are not prejudiced weight that laptop.*Grab the LCD lid, is it so thin does existing flexes the lie low? Slowly close it by one of the corners, does the lid flex or mindset a scene? If embodied does, move on, you're not really into agency that laptop either. Last Christmas I was in Wal-Mart here in town, they had 8 laptops turned on, and on display, they were also clot lock to the counter for security. 5 of the 8 laptops they had on the shine counter, turned on had whacko screens,,, I don't understand they fell off the counter, I think they cracked from customers moving or closing the lid.* besides if you get the right laptop, and they present an extended warranty, find out what stable covers, and take it being the extreme length.In general, to quota it up here, laptops are VERY superb machines that are not designed very well to all last. IF you take very good care of it, follow regular maintenance, follow user maintenance practices (keeping it cool), again sustenance your fingers crossed, it might well-suited rest you ok.
The Benefits of Mini Keyboards
The Benefits of Mini Keyboards
In today's computer intense work environment, workers need all the help they can to maximize productivity. Much of the computer work requires heavy typing or repetitive motions that can cause strain on the human body. The new mini keyboards, ergonomically designed to comfort, can minimize pressure and muscle strain, allowing a worker to perform a job without pain and injury.Mini keyboards are more compact than a regular keyboard. This reduces the amount of muscle movement required for each key stroke. Because the keys themselves are more compact, there is also less straining to press the higher keys. The mini keyboard's ergonomic design allows the wrist and the hand to rest on the same surface, minimizing pressure to the wrist.For those who use their mouse frequently, mini keyboards can include a built-in touchpad instead of using an external mouse. This eliminates the movement from the keyboard to the mouse and back, which can cause stress on the shoulder and arm. It also lowers the muscle strain on the hand that results from using a standard mouse.Natural body posture is the most effective way to combat the pressure on a human body caused by extended time at a keyboard. The mini keyboard can significantly improve posture due to its compact and portable design. With the flexibility of the small and wireless structure, a user can easily place the keyboard at any angle that provides for the most neutral hand and arm positioning.The flexibility of placement for the mini keyboard makes it ideal for laptop users as well. This small keyboard remains as easily portable as a laptop, but creates a more ergonomic typing position by disconnecting the screen from the keyboard. With this separate keyboard, a laptop user can maintain a neutral hand position and eliminate the muscle strain on the neck caused by looking down at the laptop screen.
HP Pavilion Dv7 Laptop Screen Replacement Diagram
HP Pavilion Dv7 Laptop Screen Replacement Diagram
Step 1:What do you needSmall cross screwdriverRemove the rubber feet on the laptop with a small pointed object or x-ato knifeA soft towel cloth is placed on the keyboard of the laptop to fix the screenA plastic card (I used an expired credit card) or a thin flexible object inserted between the screen and the laptop frame. For the new laptop screen, the price I get here is about $78 (they now have the function to enter the model in it). Your laptop screen matches exactly. I suggest you do this before you order a replacement screen.The first thing to do is to flip the laptop back and pull the locking tab to release the laptop battery.Step 2:Next, you will use an X-knife or a small pointed object (I just used a very small flat screwdriver) to pry the rubber feet on both sides of the bottom (or even the top) of the laptop screen. inspectStep 3:The rubber foot hides the two screws you need. Remove the front panel of the screen housing before removing it.Use a small Phillips screwdriver.Step 4:Next, use plastic or a thin flexible object to stick between the panels and move along the bottom of the laptop. You should hear a lot of clips get stuck and walk around the panel. There is some adhesive on the top, so it should be soft but firm. The only way to fix the front panel is these clips.Now remove the front panel from the panel. On the screenStep 5:It should be like this. The next step is to unplug the small power cord at the bottom of the screen. It will be on the left. Gently pull out this difficult thing, so I used a small pointed nose pliers and a small flat head screwdriver because my fingers were too big.Step 6:Next, you will loosen the screws on both sides of the bracket. In this way, you can use the mounting bracket without completely falling off, which makes the rear of the installation painful. I gave me three small turns on each screwStep 7:Now turn to the top of the bracket and remove the two screws on both sidesStep 8:Now that you have unscrewed the top and the bottom to loosen some of the game space, gently push the rear of the frame away from the bracket so that you can unscrew the bottom screw on the bracket that holds the monitor in place and operate from side to sideStep 9:Next, unscrew all three top screws on the bracket, and now you should hold the screen with your other hand.Step 10:Now remove the bottom two screws from both sides of the bracket/ p》Step 11:Put a soft towel on the keyboard (if not). Now, leave the screen free, and then gently place the screen on the towel at the top of the keyboardStep 12:You will see the laser ribbon connected to your screen on the right side of the display. You must disconnect this connection. However, before performing this operation, there is a transparent tape on the top of the connected ribbon, which is partially stripped and used to disconnect the ribbon. These are very fragile. If you pull it, it will break. They work too hard. Moreover, if you press hard when reconnecting, the micro pin in the connector will be bent / broken.Step 13:Now, carefully remove the new screen and place it where the old screen is (on the keyboard with a towel on it), and then reconnect the laser ribbon cable to the screen.When I tell you to use the new features of the website to find the screen, remember? That's why I found that when I opened the screen for comparison, they were exactly the same, except for the laser band connector on the side of opisite!!! The small power cord I disconnected is no longer connected to the opposite connector.If this is the problem, no, if I want to disconnect the wire cutters, wire strippers, speaker wires and heat shrinkable tubes, and then fix them, the problem is that it only supplies power to the small HP logo on the back of the laptop screen. I don't care if it works, so I keep it as it is.This may be because the screen is an aftermarket unit, or I didn't order the exact screen. Don't worry.Reinsert the screen into the bracket and replace all screws in reverse order.After tightening the two screws loosened during tightening, push the rear panel into the bracket while doing thisStep 14:Now that all the screws are back in place and the screen is fixed to the bracket, it's time to put the front panel back in place and continue.Just move along the frame until you no longer hear a click.Now it's time to put back the two screws at the bottom and put on the sticky rubber foot pad.Now, still unplug the battery, grab the wall charger, plug it into the wall and laptop, and then press the power button.Once you see the startup screen, you know that you have installed it correctly and that it is the right screen of your laptop.Unplug the charger and put the battery back into the battery.Shoot yourself back and turn on the cold crack battery!Precautions for first startup.My screen seems a little dark or not as bright as the original device. It will disappear permanently after the screen is turned on for 10 minutes, so it is recommended that you turn on the screen for at least half an hour.
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