Do You Know the Ten Factors That Affect the Display Effect of Notebook Screen

In the process of using notebook, whether the screen looks "comfortable" is very important, and there are many factors affecting the screen display effect. In this paper, we will comb them one by one.Screen sizeAt present, the common sizes of notebook screens include 11.6 inches, 13.3 inches, 14 inches, 15.6 inches, 16 inches and 17.3 inches. If you often go out with a notebook, please give priority to the notebook with a size of 14 inches or less; If you usually put your notebook in a fixed place such as home, office or dormitory, products with a size of 15.6 inches or larger can make you see better.

Do You Know the Ten Factors That Affect the Display Effect of Notebook Screen 1

display scaleThe display ratio of notebook screen is mainly 16:9 and 3:2, both of which are 14 inch notebooks. The screen with 16:9 display ratio can make the fuselage thinner and more suitable for watching video; The screen with 3:2 display ratio can shorten the length of the fuselage, reduce the width of the upper and lower borders of the screen and improve the proportion of the screen. This display ratio is also more suitable for office, and one screen can display more content.resolving power

The higher the resolution of the notebook screen, the finer the picture will be displayed, but it will also bring problems such as too small text and icons. You need to use the "zoom" function of windows 10 display settings to zoom in to 125% 150% to see clearly. For the vast majority of ordinary users, the resolution of FHD level is sufficient, and the resolution of more than 2K is more suitable for professional design and graphics workers.Refresh rateThe standard refresh rate of notebook screen is 60Hz, and a few game books will be equipped with screens with refresh rates of 120Hz, 144hz or even 240Hz. These ultra-high refresh rate screens are often called "E-sports screens" by game players, which can effectively reduce the problems such as blurring and tearing of dynamic pictures, and make the game experience more smooth and smooth. If you like playing large 3D games, it is necessary to choose a game book with 144hz refresh rate screen and gtx1660ti or higher independent graphics card.

Screen materialNotebook screen can be divided into LCD and OLED according to material. Among them, the LCD screen includes TN panel and IPS panel. The former has the lowest cost and has the problem of low visual angle (mainly in the vertical direction). When the angle is large, the screen will be color biased and white. The advantage of IPS panel is that the viewing angle is higher, ranging from 170 degrees to 180 degrees. At present, most of the screens of notebooks with a price of more than 4000 yuan are equipped with IPS panel.TN screen

IPS screenOLED material screen has the advantages of rich colors and higher contrast. It hardly consumes power when displaying pure black pictures. The combination of black desktop and dark background is conducive to prolonging the battery life of notebook. However, the cost of OLED screen is very high. In the notebook field, only a few products with more than 10000 yuan have hunting clothes, which belongs to the patent of top equipped notebook.Gamut

Do You Know the Ten Factors That Affect the Display Effect of Notebook Screen 2

Color gamut affects the restoration of color on the screen. The higher the color gamut means that the screen color display is more accurate and more comfortable. At present, the color gamut of notebook screen is generally dominated by 45% NTSC, 72% NTSC and 100% sRGB. Among them, 45% NTSC has the highest popularity and the worst color performance. Both 72% NTSC and 100% sRGB belong to "high color gamut". They have the same theoretical effect, but 100% sRGB is more suitable for people engaged in professional image design.High color gamut screen is just needed by users engaged in design workFog screen

Early notebook screens had "fog screen" and "mirror screen", both of which were directly "exposed", but the "mirror screen" added a layer of coating on the surface of the screen panel, forming a mirror like effect, which looked very high-grade. However, this mirror effect has serious reflection problems. Both sunlight and light will affect the normal viewing of the screen. Therefore, almost all new notebook products listed in recent years are "fog screen".Glass coverIn addition to notebooks that support touch operation, there are many lightweight notebooks that are covered with a layer of glass cover on the surface of the screen panel, which can protect the screen and make the machine look more high-grade. However, the protective glass will increase the weight of the whole machine and bring some reflection problems. It belongs to the advanced version of the "mirror screen" in the past.

Anti glare coatingEven the "fog screen" also has a certain degree of reflection. Therefore, many notebooks now add an anti glare coating on the surface of the screen panel (or protective glass), which can further reduce the refraction of light and maximize the sensory experience of using notebooks outdoors (under lights).Replace screen

Most laptop screens are removable. If you are not satisfied with the screen color or resolution, you can buy the screen panel on Taobao, and then replace and upgrade it yourself.Nowadays, most of the new notebook screen panels use EDP interface, but the interface has the difference between single channel and dual channel. The latter has 30pins and can support higher resolution signals. If you need to upgrade the screen in the future, be sure to confirm in advance whether the notebook is compatible with the (New) screen panel.

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