For the Size of LED Display Screen, Can Its Size Be Enlarged at Will

The LED display box has self-determined size, high structural strength, good flatness and easy splicing. Generally speaking, the size of Maipu Guangcai LED electronic screen will not be limited. So, can the size of LED electronic display really be enlarged at will? In fact, it can not be tolerated. We can explain it from the following aspects.01. Price and cost of LED displayAs for the price of electronic screen, the price of LED screen was maintained at 351 square meters several years ago. With the more extensive use in the past two years, the price is now almost maintained at 7000 or 8000 per square meter. Of course, this includes its steel structure, accessories, control card, computer, and so on! Generally speaking, it can be infinitely enlarged, but because of this price, most users can't afford it.

For the Size of LED Display Screen, Can Its Size Be Enlarged at Will 1

02. Visual viewing effect

The farther the display is viewed, the larger the screen must be. Similarly, the closer the viewing distance, the smaller the screen must be. For example: our common indoor LED display screen, under normal circumstances, the viewing distance is a few meters. If it is far, it is at most 20 or 30 meters. Therefore, the area of indoor screen will not be too large, and most of them will be kept within 60 square meters. For the LED outdoor display screen, the viewing distance will be relatively far, generally from more than ten meters, so the area of Maipu brilliant display screen will be relatively large, usually within 10-100 square meters.

03. Installation location and environmentThere is no doubt that the indoor environmental space location is relatively limited. For those outside the room, if there is not enough space and position to support, any screen of the display screen will be subject to relatively large nature, so the screen can be enlarged at will here.04. After sales service

Of course, there is also a major problem that can not be ignored, that is, when the Maipu brilliant LED electronic display is enlarged at will, the after-sales service will become more and more difficult. Once a problem occurs, the relevant maintenance and troubleshooting is quite troublesome, which is a huge test in terms of manpower, money and time.fqj

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