How to Judge the Quality of Huge LED Display Screen, Three Key Words and Technical Indicators

The epidemic in the United States is still "burning", and there is no slowing trend at all. However, in order to restart the U.S. economy, the U.S. NBA professional basketball game opened again in the early morning of July 23. On the first day, eight basketball teams from the United States participated. Due to the epidemic, the basketball game has been postponed for a long time, and some star players have all arrived. This is an empty game. In order to create a lively atmosphere for the audience, the careful staff also arranged a number of huge LED display screens on the stadium to let the photos of the fans appear on the display screen, so as to make it easier for the on-site players to participate in the game.

How to Judge the Quality of Huge LED Display Screen, Three Key Words and Technical Indicators 1

After watching the whole NBA warm-up game, there are really few highlights. On the contrary, I feel that an NBA game is not as good as China's CBA game. First of all, players may not play basketball for a long time, and the state of the court game is very general. The court layout can be described as poor. The court space is relatively small, which is very different from the regular NBA home court. In addition, the biggest hard injury to the layout of the whole stadium is the huge LED display screen.In order to create an atmosphere for players to play in the stadium, the staff set up a huge LED display screen at the edge of the stadium. When players play, the huge LED display will beat the slogan of NBA semi-finals, and there will be pictures of fans applauding and cheering. This is cloud refueling. Players complete a layup. It is strange that the huge LED display screen of the stadium plays the cheering scenes of other teams, which is really embarrassing. We can see the importance of a high-quality huge LED display screen.The use of the huge LED display screen of Riad smart display improves the on-site experience of the fans, and the use of the new scoreboard can easily improve the level of the venue. At the same time, the LED display screen has many functions, such as wonderful moment capture, strange lens playback, real-time live broadcast synchronization, competition information broadcasting, timing and integral statistics, advertising broadcasting, etc. coupled with perfect picture quality and sound equipment, it makes the scene more competitive atmosphere and shocking.

Nowadays, events have been held more and more frequently in large and small stadiums, and the quality of LED display screens installed in related stadiums is particularly important. To judge the quality of huge LED display screen, we need to look at the technical indicators of three major keywords. They are flatness, viewing sight distance and high pixel.1. The flatness of LED display screen, local unevenness of the screen body, dead angle in viewing angle, or stretching and fracture of the screen. The simple method is to place the side of the long steel ruler at any position on the screen of the display screen, and measure the gap between the side of the steel ruler and the screen of the display screen with a feeler gauge.2. Viewing sight distance: the gymnasium should pay attention to the installation of LED display screen. The distance between spectators and display screen in the venue should meet the sight distance of most spectators. The sight distance of LED display screen is about the distance that the audience can see the characters of LED display screen clearly under normal conditions.

3. With high pixels, the pixel out of control rate of the display screen of domestic and foreign stadiums (indoor and outdoor stadiums, large and small comprehensive stadiums) shall not be greater than two thousandths, and shall be distributed discretely. In order to eliminate picture particles, avoid moire lines during shooting and make the broadcast picture clearer, high pixels of LED display screen are required.fqj

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