How to Use Laptop As a Display Screen for Raspberry Pi3? [closed]

The assumption is that you want to "see" the RPi graphical screen on your laptop. Consider setting up a Virtual Network Console (VNC). A VNC server on the RPi and a VNC client on the laptop. (If all you want is the console (text only) then the simpler SSH approach mentioned by Ingo should work.)

How to Use Laptop As a Display Screen for Raspberry Pi3? [closed] 1

1. My 1st generation iPod display screen is partially blank. Why?

Timed obsolescence. They know damn well that you are gonna spend the bucks and buy a new one. If it lasted forever, they would be outta business

2. can't get to the display screen of my cell phone?

Have you recently gotten your phone wet?... either way yes, when I worked for Verizon Wireless, our first step of troubleshooting would be to take out the battery for about 1 minute, then try to power it on if that does not work, you should call your provider, from verizon that is 611 from ur phone. but again it sounds like it might have gotten wet, not necessarily dropping in water, if you have it in the bathroom while you shower it can get condensation in it, or if it is by the sink when running water it can get splashed. Good luck

How to Use Laptop As a Display Screen for Raspberry Pi3? [closed] 2

3. The inside display screen lights up but is a blank screen. My outside scteen works just fine.?

You have a couple options here...the simplest one would be to claim insurance on your phone, pay the diductable and t-mobile will mail you a new phone...thats is if you have insurance...if you dont then you will have to buy a new phone at full price....i think the 6103 retails at $199.99. Also try and remove the battery and put it back in and power up the phone. ..that works sometimes. You can also purchace parts for that phone on ebay and try and fix it yourself but i would not recomend that unless you know what you are doin. Hope this helps


I have been in Angels Stadium, Dodger Stadium, Yankee Stadium, Petco Park and some thing the identify is of that sauna in Miami in red Sox equipment. All people treats you with appreciate/ignores you, except the yankee fanatics. There's just too much history there. It makes it enjoyable. As to your experience, I could certainly not have an understanding of why a Yankee fan would exhibit up at Fenway for a crimson Sox--Tigers sport in Yankee gear. Put on Tiger gear for Heaven's sake. Of course you will be the most loathed individual in the park. Absolutely wearing a Yankee hat within the metropolis of Boston is not the brightest of moves as a normal matter

5. my laptop went dead batt then when i tried to switch it back on there was no display on the screen?

The battery got totally drained and may have been damaged by that especially if it's old. It's bad for Lithium-Ion batteries to be drained too deep. Try leaving it plugged in and charging for an hour before turning the laptop on. If you need to use the laptop right now and can not wait, take out the battery and use the charger to power the laptop. EDIT: Do you see nothing at all when you turn the laptop on? How about pressing the F9 or F2 as you turn the power on? If you do not see anything on the screen at all then it's already a hardware problem. There's nothing else you can do but take it to the shop. PS: I wo not be able to read your additional details after this as I do not get notified about updates by email. Y!A does not have that feature.

6. Why are mobile phone manufacturers not making an infinity display screen in a 4.5 inch device?

The small screen may be something that people like you would like to have; but you are in the minority. The trend now is the big screen and people actually voted for this with their wallets.Even Apple could not fight off this trend and kowtow to the demand of the people, hence all Apple phones are big now. It still has a small phone for sell but not that many people buy it

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