HP Pavilion Dv7 Laptop Screen Replacement Diagram

Step 1:What do you needSmall cross screwdriver

HP Pavilion Dv7 Laptop Screen Replacement Diagram 1

Remove the rubber feet on the laptop with a small pointed object or x-ato knifeA soft towel cloth is placed on the keyboard of the laptop to fix the screenA plastic card (I used an expired credit card) or a thin flexible object inserted between the screen and the laptop frame. For the new laptop screen, the price I get here is about $78 (they now have the function to enter the model in it). Your laptop screen matches exactly. I suggest you do this before you order a replacement screen.

The first thing to do is to flip the laptop back and pull the locking tab to release the laptop battery.Step 2:Next, you will use an X-knife or a small pointed object (I just used a very small flat screwdriver) to pry the rubber feet on both sides of the bottom (or even the top) of the laptop screen. inspect

Step 3:The rubber foot hides the two screws you need. Remove the front panel of the screen housing before removing it.Use a small Phillips screwdriver.

Step 4:Next, use plastic or a thin flexible object to stick between the panels and move along the bottom of the laptop. You should hear a lot of clips get stuck and walk around the panel. There is some adhesive on the top, so it should be soft but firm. The only way to fix the front panel is these clips.Now remove the front panel from the panel. On the screen

HP Pavilion Dv7 Laptop Screen Replacement Diagram 2

Step 5:It should be like this. The next step is to unplug the small power cord at the bottom of the screen. It will be on the left. Gently pull out this difficult thing, so I used a small pointed nose pliers and a small flat head screwdriver because my fingers were too big.Step 6:

Next, you will loosen the screws on both sides of the bracket. In this way, you can use the mounting bracket without completely falling off, which makes the rear of the installation painful. I gave me three small turns on each screwStep 7:Now turn to the top of the bracket and remove the two screws on both sides

Step 8:Now that you have unscrewed the top and the bottom to loosen some of the game space, gently push the rear of the frame away from the bracket so that you can unscrew the bottom screw on the bracket that holds the monitor in place and operate from side to sideStep 9:

Next, unscrew all three top screws on the bracket, and now you should hold the screen with your other hand.Step 10:Now remove the bottom two screws from both sides of the bracket/ p》

Step 11:Put a soft towel on the keyboard (if not). Now, leave the screen free, and then gently place the screen on the towel at the top of the keyboardStep 12:

You will see the laser ribbon connected to your screen on the right side of the display. You must disconnect this connection. However, before performing this operation, there is a transparent tape on the top of the connected ribbon, which is partially stripped and used to disconnect the ribbon. These are very fragile. If you pull it, it will break. They work too hard. Moreover, if you press hard when reconnecting, the micro pin in the connector will be bent / broken.Step 13:Now, carefully remove the new screen and place it where the old screen is (on the keyboard with a towel on it), and then reconnect the laser ribbon cable to the screen.

When I tell you to use the new features of the website to find the screen, remember? That's why I found that when I opened the screen for comparison, they were exactly the same, except for the laser band connector on the side of opisite!!! The small power cord I disconnected is no longer connected to the opposite connector.If this is the problem, no, if I want to disconnect the wire cutters, wire strippers, speaker wires and heat shrinkable tubes, and then fix them, the problem is that it only supplies power to the small HP logo on the back of the laptop screen. I don't care if it works, so I keep it as it is.This may be because the screen is an aftermarket unit, or I didn't order the exact screen. Don't worry.

Reinsert the screen into the bracket and replace all screws in reverse order.After tightening the two screws loosened during tightening, push the rear panel into the bracket while doing thisStep 14:

Now that all the screws are back in place and the screen is fixed to the bracket, it's time to put the front panel back in place and continue.Just move along the frame until you no longer hear a click.Now it's time to put back the two screws at the bottom and put on the sticky rubber foot pad.

Now, still unplug the battery, grab the wall charger, plug it into the wall and laptop, and then press the power button.Once you see the startup screen, you know that you have installed it correctly and that it is the right screen of your laptop.Unplug the charger and put the battery back into the battery.

Shoot yourself back and turn on the cold crack battery!Precautions for first startup.My screen seems a little dark or not as bright as the original device. It will disappear permanently after the screen is turned on for 10 minutes, so it is recommended that you turn on the screen for at least half an hour.

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