On the Protective Function of Self Restoring Fuse in LED Display Screen

LED is developing rapidly now. LED is used in various fields, so people pay attention to its safety. Today, let's talk about the protective role of self-healing fuse in LED display screen.LED display screen is a display screen composed of LED array screens of multiple units. Each LED array unit consists of a small screen composed of an equal number of LED particles. Each unit LED screen has an independent driving circuit, and the driving signal is distributed by the signal distribution circuit.In an LED panel, generally, one or several power supplies supply power to each driving circuit board. Each power supply must supply power to multiple LED array units, which is another scheme to reduce the power supply cost. Under this power supply scheme, each unit led panel is the load of the power supply.

On the Protective Function of Self Restoring Fuse in LED Display Screen 1

During the operation of the display screen, if any one of the screens is short circuited or over-current or over temperature, the total power supply will not work and the whole LED screen will be paralyzed. In order to avoid this situation, it is necessary to make over-current temperature protection circuit for each unit screen and over-current temperature protection circuit for the power supply itself, so it is necessary to design more protection circuits.In this protection network, the simplest and most feasible scheme is to select the collector self recovery fuse for over-current temperature protection. Because the collector on self recovery fuse is selected, only one element needs to be connected in series to the power branch to complete the over-current temperature protection function at the same time. PolySwitch positive temperature coefficient thermistor is also called jdtfuse self recovery fuse or self reset over-current protector.In case of large current and high temperature, the collector on self recovery fuse will suddenly change to high resistance to limit the current of the circuit and achieve the purpose of timely protection. After an emergency, the collector on self recovery fuse will return to the normal working state of low resistance.

The protection circuit of jdtfuse in LED display screen is shown in the figureTherefore, in order to protect the circuit timely and accurately, it is recommended that you choose jdtfuse. If you don't know how to choose a specific model, you can contact our online engineers, who will give you good suggestions. fuse-tech.com

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