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Small LED spacing is a general term for the distance between LED display lamp and lamp below p2.5. The smaller the spacing, the better the display, and the accompanying configuration will be higher. At present, led small spacing production technology is relatively perfect and popular, so there are many manufacturers of LED small spacing display screen for consideration.There are many manufacturers of LED small spacing display screens in Shenzhen. Similarly, there are many models of LED small spacing. Common models include: 0.9, 1.25, 1.56, 1.875, 2.0, 2.5... In addition to these common models, there are also some rare models that need bid control due to bidding.

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What are the characteristics of small LED spacing? Talking about this, we need to understand that as a branch of the display industry and the overlord of outdoor display, the highlight of LED display is that it can be displayed in height and continuity. Secondly, it also has great advantages in color and brightness. In the development of LED display screen, in addition to inheriting these main features, reducing the spacing and realizing more and more precise display, and slowly approaching the liquid crystal display is also the development trend of LED display screen, and the small spacing of LED is the result: high-precision display is realized, the display is more colorful and the performance is more powerful. You may not know it very well, but when it comes to LCD TV, it will certainly be familiar. When watching LCD TV, whether it is viewed from a close distance or from a remote place, we can't see that the display screen has a sense of granularity and won't feel uncomfortable. However, the LED display screen is different. Because it is composed of LED light beads, the distance between the light beads is too large, When viewing from a distance, the sense of granularity is very strong, and the smaller the distance, the sense of granularity will slowly disappear, while the p0.9 LED display screen can't see the sense of granularity when viewing within 2m.

Generally speaking, the characteristics of small LED spacing are: good display, good color and high-intensity work. Of course, such functions as asynchronous control, multi screen display and multi rotation effect can be matched during configuration.Led small spacing as a more exquisite display, whether indoor or outdoor, the display is more outstanding. Moreover, due to the popularity of SMD technology, the price of LED small spacing is also very favorable.lw

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