Six Misunderstandings in the Procurement of LED Electronic Display Screen

I. service life of 100000 hours

Six Misunderstandings in the Procurement of LED Electronic Display Screen 1

The technical data issued by the LED material manufacturer shows that the service life of the LED illuminant is 10000 hours under the ideal state. The ideal state refers to the time from light to no light under the constant voltage and constant current state in the laboratory, and 10000 hours is equivalent to 11 years. The amount of water in a barrel is determined by the lowest wooden board. At present, the LED display screen is a civil product level device with a service life of no more than 8 years. The function of the display screen is to watch. When the display screen is on and can be seen clearly only at night, it cannot be said that it is qualified and valuable. A car can be driven for 15 years. If it is idle for 3 years, it will be scrapped. The environment and method used have a great impact on the service life of the product.

2 Comply with the national standard, the general specification of LED display screen is the ministerial standard in 1995. So far, many companies claim to meet the national standards. If we look at the standards at that time after 8 years of scientific and technological development, it is no longer the standard. For example, at the point of out of control, the national standard is 3 / 10000 3.75 indoor dual primary color display screen as an example. Generally, the display screen with 640x480 standard resolution is 7 square meters, with 43264 points per square meter. According to the national standard, there can be 90 out of control points. Who will pay for such a display today.

3 There is a common problem of Chinese enterprises in the software free display industry - only production without R & D. At present, only a few enterprises have genuine software. It is illegal to use piracy now.4 The low price depends on the performance price ratio rather than the price.5 As the gray level of dual primary color and full-color display screen, gray level is an important index. At present, the market is full of many 16 and 64 gray display screens pretending to be 256 gray. Its control cost is only 1 / 5 of that of 256 gray levels. The simplest way is to play a VCD of a more intense sports scene and check whether it can be seen clearly on the LED display screen.

6 If you want to buy, you need the bestAll purchasing power comes from needs, meets needs and has a certain advance. Blind pursuit will waste a lot of money to buy functions you don't need.The above materials tell a very thorough analysis of the current LED products purchased by ordinary users, not only for LED electronic displays, but also for LED lamps In fact, the same can be referred to.

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