The Negative Impact of LED Display Screen, Inventory Some Disadvantages of LED Display Screen

LED display screen undoubtedly plays an important role in the current urban development. Around our lives, we can almost see the shadow of LED display screen, which brings us a lot of convenience; But everything has two sides. While bringing benefits to us, it will certainly leave a negative impact. Today, Maipu Guangcai will check some disadvantages of some LED displays with you.LED display1. Urban "psoriasis" caused by aging, along with urban development and planning changes caused by urbanization process, some LED displays installed earlier have been unable to adapt to the latest planning and construction. In addition, due to their long service life, there are often adverse reactions such as flower screen and "Caterpillar" phenomenon during operation, which not only affect the viewing and publicity effect, It also has a negative impact on the urban environment. Therefore, this kind of urban "psoriasis" is often the first batch of targets to be cleaned up and rectified.

The Negative Impact of LED Display Screen, Inventory Some Disadvantages of LED Display Screen 1

2. The risk of spontaneous combustion of LED screen. For a long time, the safety of outdoor LED display screen has something to do with the rapid expansion of Maipu Guangcai outdoor LED display screen Market in the early stage. The causes of accidents can be basically divided into "natural disaster" and "man-made disaster". The former belongs to line aging and short circuit caused by long-term disrepair and negligent management; The latter is a man-made potential safety hazard in order to save cost.

3. In the second and third tier cities, we can often see LED advertising vehicles. In order to make the publicity cover as wide as possible, some manufacturers often choose to transform them into LED advertising vehicles by loading LED display screens and sound amplification equipment for vehicles privately. According to relevant laws and regulations, without the approval of relevant departments, no unit or individual shall set up advertisements on the body of traffic vehicles (except buses) or broadcast outdoor advertisements in the form of loaded electronic screen and audio. Once investigated and punished, they will face the punishment of removing billboards or fines. However, this privately transformed advertising car has not been approved by relevant departments. It often unilaterally pursues volume and brightness for publicity effect. In addition, it drives slowly on the road during the peak period for publicity needs, so it is very easy to bring great road traffic hidden dangers.

4. Light pollution, as early as the 1930s, the international astronomical community put forward the concept of light pollution. However, light pollution has not been paid attention to until recent years. More and more outdoor LED advertising displays in cities have inevitably become one of the manufacturers of light pollution. In addition, some led practitioners unilaterally pursue high brightness or use high brightness light sources to cover the defects of products in order to meet the market demand, which intensifies the severity of light pollution to a certain extent.Therefore, when we choose LED display products in the later stage, we should try our best to save energy, environmental protection and safety of the products, and think of the future disassembly when installing them, and install them reasonably according to the environment, so as to avoid future generations from spending a lot of time and energy to deal with them.fqj

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