The Traditional Teaching Method Is Gradually Replaced by the Intelligent Application of LED Display Screen

At present, in the declining market, the development opportunities of LED display manufacturers are mainly in three levels: first, the opportunity points of deep cultivation, concentration and professionalism, that is, deeply rooted in a certain sub category or even several categories, deep digging and long-term flow; Second, it is a multi-dimensional, cross-border and ecological opportunity point, with LED display screen as the link, across many fields such as culture and tourism, film and television, sports and so on; The third is the opportunity point of great difference, difference and breakthrough. Under the existing product and channel pattern, we should find a differentiated and personalized way to expand and deeply cultivate the market segments and people. In the post epidemic era, as an incremental market segment, education has accelerated the pace of science and technology driven education in a series of intelligent education and artificial intelligence. The LED display industry is also constantly promoting innovative skills, products and solutions applied in the field of intelligent education, and display enterprises are also accelerating their layout. At present, the smart education industry has broad prospects. How should LED display enterprises grasp it?

The Traditional Teaching Method Is Gradually Replaced by the Intelligent Application of LED Display Screen 1

The education market has a promising prospect, and LED display enterprises are actively pouring in

Relevant data show that education investment is closely related to residents' disposable income. At present, the scale of the education market is increasing day by day, with an average annual compound annual growth rate of more than 12%. In 2020, the scale of China's education market will reach 3 trillion yuan. The rapid expansion of the market scale provides a broad development space for the education industry. In terms of relevant policies, the two education industry standards of interactive electronic whiteboard issued by the Ministry of education clearly stipulate that classrooms larger than 70 square meters (more than 50 people) need to be equipped with display devices with a display size of at least 100 inches. Under the trend of large-scale education display devices, LED displays have considerable application prospects in the education market.

Transparent screen, campus simulation three-dimensional virtual studio system, amazing display screen and teaching are combined to create "intelligent" lectures, which has become the standard configuration of smart campus. In addition, LED display uses VR technology to create smart classroom and high-quality classroom, which also promotes the application of LED in the education industry. When AR / VR / artificial intelligence technology is put on the stage of educational application, image and speech recognition function has become the main form of teaching in the future. It not only increases the interest of teaching, but also further improves the efficiency and quality of teaching. Facing such a favorable social development background, the LED display screen integrating video, voice, image and other forms of information dissemination has ushered in huge market opportunities. With the advantages of rich product dissemination information, high brightness, stable display and long service life, the LED display screen has been highly recognized by the education industry and is widely used in campus publicity, teaching Meetings and other places have become indispensable modern equipment on contemporary campus.

At present, the Internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence, etc. the application of these new technologies makes the education industry more intelligent, and the teaching method has also undergone an earth shaking change, from the traditional blackboard and chalk teaching by teachers to interactive teaching by using interactive intelligent products. According to relevant industry survey data, by the end of 2019, the overall coverage of China's interactive tablets in educational places had reached 76%, and 1226000 units were shipped that year.

The Traditional Teaching Method Is Gradually Replaced by the Intelligent Application of LED Display Screen 2

At present, the conventional display technology has been very mature, but in order to realize the interaction between students and teachers and widely used in classroom teaching, it puts forward higher requirements for the technology, brightness, price and use cost of display products. Nowadays, the mainstream of educational large screen includes projector, LCD and LED display. Due to its own limitations, the projection has poor performance in color restoration and brightness, poor viewing, and needs various auxiliary equipment, which can not meet the requirements of educational application gradually. LCD is constrained by size and has no advantage over 100 inches. Due to their own limitations, LCD, projection and other products can not meet the demands of large-scale education market, which just gives LED display opportunities. Compared with LCD and projection, LED display has more advantages in clarity, color restoration, integration and scalability.

Affected by the introduction of the interactive electronic whiteboard size specification of the Ministry of education and other factors, the product layout of the terminal market will change from "new" to "updated", the demand will sublimate from "yes" to "excellent", and the iteration of high-end product upgrading is imperative. In terms of technology, the new products highly integrate and expand the functions of LED display panel and traditional blackboard, and will quickly integrate into the education market. Naturally, LED display enterprises cannot miss this huge opportunity. Today, with the gradual popularization of intelligent technologies such as 5g, artificial intelligence, AR / VR and big data, major LED display manufacturers continue to explore new subdivision technologies, continuously develop new technologies on the basis of existing technologies, and finally launch led touch screens for intelligent applications.

Compared with the traditional LED display screen, the LED touch screen has many advantages such as ruggedness, fast response speed and easy communication. Using this touch technology, users can operate the host as long as they gently touch the symbols or words on the display screen with their fingers, so as to make the human screen interaction more straightforward. This touch technology greatly facilitates those users who do not understand computer operation. With the continuous maturity of technology, led touch screen has made great progress in the recognition of eyeball, touch, body feeling, face and gesture. It can carry out interactive teaching very vividly and get good results.

Opportunities and challenges coexist in the smart education market

"Smart education" is not only a business opportunity for LED display enterprises, but also a key opportunity for the diversion of major LED display enterprises. Therefore, many LED display enterprises have entered the huge potential market of smart education. It is understood that many screen enterprises have put their own plans into construction in the upsurge of "smart education". In this process, actively explore the structural positioning of the enterprise's own development, strive towards touch display and intelligent interactive solutions, consciously move closer to subdivided industries, and strive to upgrade the role of the overall solution provider. In addition, screen enterprises are also required to actively explore innovation modes according to the needs of different application scenarios, including innovation at the technical level, product line level and application level.

However, opportunities and challenges always coexist. Behind the many business opportunities brought by wisdom, there are also many challenges. On the one hand, the education framework of the smart city is huge and the demand is complex and changeable, which will inevitably put forward a comprehensive test on the strength of enterprises such as adaptability, professional ability, brand influence and integration ability. On the other hand, the impact of foreign brands and domestic traditional large screen display enterprises with strong integration ability. In terms of products, this is no longer a simple display screen. The investment, heat control and power consumption of conventional display screen are very large. The product must be outdoors, and must also be made into a handicraft and artwork; In terms of function, it is necessary to meet some of the most modern touch interaction technologies, so the display screen must be combined with such technological things as monitoring, voice, video and WiFi. In fact, the display screen accounts for less than 10%. In terms of products, it is mainly some of the latest modern technologies, and its hardware accounts for only about 30%. Finally, it needs to be supported by software.

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