What Is the Seamless Splicing Technology of LED Display Screen and How to Realize It

At this stage, as China's monitoring technology level and data collection capacity have been improved to a certain extent, whether the display terminal can accurately present the collected data on the display wall in time is very important, which is directly related to the rationality of the decision-making of the superior department. In order to meet the needs of the market, the technicians of the display terminal improved the existing technology and made it develop towards seamless and high-definition. Then, the seamless high-definition LED display came into being.Seamless stitching technology is a special and demanding projection display application, which can realize the fusion of multi screen images and minimize the stitching gap so that it is completely coincident. Seamless splicing technology not only needs a complete ultra large screen, but also has special requirements for the projection used to project ultra large pictures. The biggest difference between seamless splicing technology and BSV liquid crystal splicing technology is that the gap is small.Solve the visual defect that the spliced picture is segmented

What Is the Seamless Splicing Technology of LED Display Screen and How to Realize It 1

Throughout the current large screen splicing system in China, there are still many splicing seams in many display screens. For example, the gap of LCD splicing system is too large to meet the needs of users; Compared with liquid splicing technology, plasma and back projection large screen splicing system has more advantages, but there are still a large number of segmentation lines from its visual effect. Even the application of LCD, DLP and PDP technology in engineering can only reduce the gap, but can not completely eliminate it. Seamless led splicing technology can completely solve the problem of screen segmentation and meet the requirements of complete seamless.

The seamless led splicing technology can improve the screen resolution in a small area, ensure the texture of the picture and meet the needs of users for close viewing. Compared with the existing splicing technology, the physical seamless splicing of LED can realize cross screen display. For butt joints, the level is not the size of the gap, but whether the gap exists.Solve the inconsistency between brightness and chroma attenuation of spliced large screen

The application of seamless LED technology will effectively deal with the different brightness and chroma attenuation of the spliced large screen. In this technology, point by point brightness and chroma correction technology is generally adopted, which ensures the unity of brightness and chroma. For example, the application of point control technology creates a platform for users to correct chromaticity and brightness point by point, and controls the pixels of the screen to realize the height restoration of the image. This technology also has the functions of SMS and e-mail prompt, which can enable users to grasp the status information of the splicing wall in time.

Intensive display and control platformSeamless LED technology applies an intensive display and control platform to ensure the reliability of monitoring video sources, create a management platform for customers, effectively realize the management of video signals, computer signals and network signals, and provide better services for users.Powerful redundant backup design of power supply and signal

What Is the Seamless Splicing Technology of LED Display Screen and How to Realize It 2

In the design of seamless led system, the redundancy of power supply and signal is backed up, which can reduce the problems in its use.Long service life, simple maintenance and low costCompared with the general display screen, the service life of LED is longer, and its maintenance and repair costs are relatively low.

Ultra large angle, ultra-high contrast, ultra-high refresh rateThe project provides a large viewing angle and prevents the occurrence of reflection. When capturing the picture, the state is relatively stable. In response to the dynamic display picture, the image edge is clear and has good dynamic expressiveness, so as to restore the image information accurately and truly. Make the video picture delicate and smooth, and bring the greatest visual enjoyment. In addition, it is specially pointed out that the brightness uniformity of LED screen is excellent. With the single point brightness correction, the brightness uniformity of the whole screen tends to the extreme.To sum up, seamless splicing technology is another great leap forward in the LED display industry. It comprehensively solves the seamless splicing defects that can not be completed by other display equipment. At the same time, it can also achieve the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection, intensive display and increasing service life. It is an indispensable technology in the LED industry.

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