With a Local IPhone Repair, You Have a Quicker Service at Your Disposal

Laptop Screen Replacement in Kolkata (How to guide by techyuga.com)

With a Local IPhone Repair, You Have a Quicker Service at Your Disposal 1

In our regular life there are very few people who do not uses a laptop or desktop for daily work because everything is getting digitized in the present scenario. But what if you working and your 3 year old accidentally drops the laptop in the ground and the laptop screen breaks? You need to submit the PPT by evening to your head what will you do? Even the technicians near you will not be able to fix it in time because as usual they have "other work". Let me tell you this self help is the best help and laptop screen replacement is easy, Yes it is easy and if you are in Kolkata laptop screen replacement is more easy because which no one can do we can but that is a story for another day. Lets talk about how to laptop screen replacement in Kolkata. DISCLAIMER: If you are not a techy do not try this by yourself contact the professionals at techyuga.comWhen You Should Try Fixing :Honestly, if you are already into technical blogs and repairs you must give it a try, there are so many DIY guides available these days. DIY videos are also recommended for this as you may find thousands of them on YouTube.

Yet I must tell you If accidental damage is covered under your laptop's warranty, do not do this fix yourself. Get the laptop repaired under the warranty. Again for those Not-so-techy friends out there, better not to take a chance with your laptop. You have our call-to-action right below this paragraph, Before you get a heart-attack trying to fix it up, please let us know if you need any help for your Laptop Screen Repair. What you need :Flat working area ( Table ) : You will need a spot to sit with a flat area to work on your laptop, Preferably a table.

Find a clean and noise free space so that you can concentrate. Small-head magnetic Philips screwdriver: Not small like a mini screwdriver from an eyeglass repair kit, but I would say between that size and a mid-sized screwdriver would work. If you do not have a magnetic-head screwdriver, try to find a magnet big enough to magnetize the driver head. This helps the screws stick to the head, making it much easier to remove and replace the screws without cursing as they fall all over the place. Safety pin or needle: This is for removing the cover stickers that are hiding the screws on your laptop's surrounding cover, called the bezel.

Plastic putty knife or other thin object: This is optional, to aid in prying apart the screen bezel from the case. Personally, my finger nails usually do the trick. If you do use another object, ensure it's thin enough but not so sharp that it will leave scrapes or other evidence of prying. Small bowl or other container: This is for stashing the small screws and keeping them safe from curious cats and children. LAPTOP SCREEN REPLACEMENT1. Remove the screen bezel: First, you need to disconnect the power supply and then after removing the battery you have to cautiously look at the bezel around the screen.

With a Local IPhone Repair, You Have a Quicker Service at Your Disposal 2

You will need to remove this bezel to access the screws that hold the LCD panel in place. Then you will get to see several rubber cushions hiding screws, which hold the bezel in place. So now you need to remove these cushions and the screws that are underneath.2. Remove the broken LCD panel: You need to get your LCD's mounting brackets exposed, then you can remove the screws that secure it to the lid. Then leave the display front-side-down on the case and disconnect its cable. 3. Install the new LCD panel: Once your new screen arrives, unpack it and make sure it matches the old one. If the dimensions, mounting brackets, and connector all match, you ready to install the screen.

Connect the new panel to the cable, position the panel in the lid, and secure it using the appropriate screws. 4. Test the new LCD panel and reinstall the bezel: Before reattaching the bezel, it's a good idea to test the new panel. Reconnect the battery and power cable and turn the machine on. If the display works, you can reattach the bezel and any external screws and rubber cushions. The repair is now complete. ** IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE DETAILS PLEASE VISIT LAPTOP SCREEN REPLACEMENT.

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