With the Rapid Development of LED, the Supporting Equipment of LED Display Screen Needs to Be Upgrad

Manufacturing industry has always been known as the "mother of industry". Looking at the development of the global LED display industry, China is also a well deserved LED display manufacturing country. Even in these years of development, China's LED display screen is rewriting the world led display screen industry pattern. In this process, not only the application end products bear the brunt, but also the supporting products of the display screen play a very important role. As we all know, China's LED display industry started relatively late, and has made remarkable achievements in catching up in recent years. Moreover, with the gradual release of national favorable policies and market potential, led supporting equipment has also accelerated the upgrading and optimization of the industry.

With the Rapid Development of LED, the Supporting Equipment of LED Display Screen Needs to Be Upgrad 1

At present, the supply chain of supporting products of LED display screen in China is very extensive and complete. There is a systematic industrial chain from box to screw. And there are some enterprises with innovative consciousness and strong application R & D ability. However, generally speaking, the total number of LED supporting enterprises in China is not large. The development and broad market of LED display screen in recent years are gradually attracting more supporting manufacturers to join the industrial chain of LED display screen. The competition in the market is gradually increasing. At the same time, it also enhances the competitive awareness of enterprises, strengthens the close cooperation with LED display manufacturers in product R & D, and provides LED display manufacturers with more technical content and more competitive products. It promotes the development of the whole LED display screen in technology and product innovation. With the development of supporting enterprise technology and the improvement of quality, it also provides a strong backing for LED display screen and jointly promotes the progress of the industry.

With the gradual expansion of the application scenario of LED display screen, the product demand of customers has also changed. When choosing products, they tend to meet their diversified and personalized needs. Among them, LED display box occupies an important position in the whole supporting equipment. LED display box materials are widely used, generally iron box, high-end can use die-casting aluminum, stainless steel, carbon fiber, magnesium alloy and nano polymer materials. The box plays an important role in the application of the whole display terminal. Protect the electronic components inside from the interference of the external environment, and have a good protective effect on the protection of components. At the same time, because it works in a high temperature environment, good box material selection can reduce the impact of service temperature on components in the process. Since the display screen is composed of multiple boxes spliced, the selection of box material will also affect the flatness of LED display screen, so the role of box in the display screen is also obvious.

In recent years, with the development of display technology, the requirements of LED display manufacturers for box are also gradually improved. LED display supporting manufacturers have also launched carbon fiber LED display box, magnesium alloy LED display box, nano polymer LED display box, etc. through their own technical R & D and innovation. From the original iron box, to the die-casting aluminum box and the current carbon fiber box, the innovation and progress of LED display screen are inseparable from the efforts of manufacturers as supporting products.

In the whole production cost of LED display screen, the cost of frame is about 3% 5%. Although the proportion is not high, it largely determines the appearance and grade of LED display screen. Therefore, as a manufacturer of LED display frame, if it doesn't make great efforts in product R & D, it can't show high-grade effect. Industrial aluminum profile is a common material in social production. It is widely used in aviation, construction, condenser, automobile parts and LED application products. LED display aluminum profile has a wide range of applications, and its market share has reached a high share. It has become an important new material for the frame of LED advertising display screen. This is also bringing new business opportunities to the development of LED display supporting equipment manufacturers.

With the Rapid Development of LED, the Supporting Equipment of LED Display Screen Needs to Be Upgrad 2

GEKO gold frame

The surface of the traditional LED display frame is a conventional black electrostatic powder spraying process. Through the R & D and process improvement of LED display frame enterprises in recent years, electrophoretic silver and electrophoretic gold frames have been introduced in the market, which changes the situation that the LED display frame used only black in the past. It has formed differentiation in appearance, improved the grade of products, and received good feedback from end users. In addition to color, there are also many innovations in product structure. For example, a number of products newly developed by Jike application have won national patents, widely praised by the market, and have made good achievements in the field of LED display supporting products.

In the field of LED display matching, connector is a small and precise device, and its quality is the focus of LED display matching equipment manufacturers. There is no absolute advantage in the connector industry at this stage. Connectors can also achieve high-end adaptation in some subdivided fields. Due to the different needs of each customer, the LED display supporting production enterprises have developed private customized products by using the company's professional R & D team according to the market demand. Through the R & D and production of supporting enterprises, it can save about 5% of the cost for display enterprises in the current competitive market. Moreover, through technological innovation, these connectors realize board to board link, which greatly facilitates the disassembly and assembly process of LED display. In recent years, led rental display screen has sprung up. These technological innovations have effectively solved the problems of inconvenient installation and difficult maintenance. This is also the future development direction of the connector.

The above conclusion is that the LED industry is developing rapidly, and there are countless large and small LED display manufacturers in China. This situation of oversupply gradually highlights the cruel face of industry competition. The fall of some LED manufacturers in recent years indicates that the LED industry will face a major reshuffle again. Of course, if we want to improve efficiency in production speed, we must have technology as a strong backing. The future development trend of LED supporting field will be more and more convenient.

When the market competition situation is not optimistic, win the market of product R & D and innovation peers with speed, such as battlefield and the law of the jungle. The success of an enterprise, in addition to having a correct development direction, must have a certain core competitiveness. In order to maintain competitiveness and occupy market share in the same industry, enterprises must constantly develop new products and quickly push them to the market to meet the changing market demand. If new products cannot successfully occupy the market, enterprises will lose market share and eventually lose profitability and competitive advantage.

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