Software Development of Zhenzhu Aesthetics Mall

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In the new retail era, the uncertainty of market demand is further increased, orders from customers are more diversified, varieties are increasing, batches are shrinking, and delivery dates are becoming shorter. At this time, improving the speed of supply chain response to market demand has become a top priority. The significance is that for the merchants themselves, they can realize the optimal or even zero inventory and reduce the cost; In terms of the industry, it can seize the opportunity and make profits than its competitors; As far as consumers are concerned, they can achieve "what they want", that is, "success", and enhance the consumption experience.

1 Real pearl aesthetics system, agent level by level delivery mode analysis:

Online monitoring to prevent agents from taking goods beyond their levels and disorderly prices, and eliminate cross regional fleeing. First, agents scan the goods level by level, and automatically pre * * once fleeing goods;

(1) Agents hoard goods and combine online and offline sales

(2) Agents authorize online, consumers scan the code to view the seller's electronic authorization * *, and establish trust with fans.

Online authorization, develop agents, and agents obtain electronic authorization**

(1) Multiple brands can be authorized, that is, the same agent has different levels of authorization for different brands;

(2) When consumers buy, they can scan the code to view the seller's authorization * *; Establish trust between agents and fans;

Zhenzhu aesthetics system, a variety of dividend rebate modes: platform direct selling agent distribution fan distribution mode, how many modes are compatible, and connect * * households through multiple channels to make wechat business better. It integrates product anti-counterfeiting, agent authorization, wechat price control, anti fleeing goods, agent rebate, fan rebate and other functions.

1. A company can operate multiple brands, and only need to complete the authorization operation in one system, supporting multi brand authorization** When recruiting Zui high-level agents, you can directly apply to become agents. The superior agent directly uses the mobile terminal to develop the offline agent, and the electronic power of attorney is automatically generated, which is simple, fast and convenient.

2. Order management: agents can place orders through the real pearl aesthetics real pearl aesthetics real pearl aesthetics real pearl aesthetics agent background management system the day after tomorrow. Moreover, agents can view the order information of lower level agents, such as order price, sales, product inventory and so on.

3. Agent authorization information query: when the agent or lower level agent of consumer products has doubts about the superior agent, it can scan the code to query the agent's real authorization information, so as to purchase genuine brand products with great or small doubts.

4. Product warehousing management of agents at all levels. When products are in and out of the warehouse, the background management system of real pearl aesthetics, real pearl aesthetics, real pearl aesthetics, real pearl aesthetics agents will scan them, record where the logistics is sent and received by the regional agent, and have detailed data statistics on the product warehousing quantity and product outbound quantity of agents at each level, It is clear at a glance whether the lower level agent has stocked up.

5. Control the price and prevent the release of counterfeit goods. The background management system of Zhenzhu aesthetics agent will bind the agent information. Consumers can scan the code to query the agent's authorization information and the unified selling price of * *. If the product is counterfeit or fleeing goods, these information can not be found out. Merchants can also find these problems at the first time, and can play a role of supervision and supervision.

Because of the "strength" of consumers, retail in the new retail era depends not only on commodity sales, but also on wholesale, manufacturing and design. In other words, production and circulation should be connected and integrated. When the retail link at the front end of the supply chain becomes the collection contact of consumption data and the user experience center, the upstream of the supply chain should also be further extended. It is necessary to gather product design, marketing planning, creativity and so on to improve the service ability for the majority of consumers. The key to getting through the upstream and downstream of the supply chain is digitization.

Software Development of Zhenzhu Aesthetics Mall 1

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