Conscience Evaluation From Insiders: Which Is Better, Nank Nanka Or Shaoyin Bone Conduction Bluetoot

As an evaluator in the sports Bluetooth headset industry, I have basically evaluated and experienced the sports Bluetooth headsets of mainstream brands in the market. Therefore, many friends will consult me before purchasing Bluetooth headsets, and the most frequently asked question recently is which is better in domestic sports Bluetooth headsets, Nank Nanka bone conduction Bluetooth headsets and Shaoyin bone conduction Bluetooth headsets?

From the perspective of brand background, Nank is one of the fastest-growing earphone products in China. It is committed to presenting users with high-quality, comfortable, fashionable and beautiful cost-effective earphones. It has launched a variety of products based on Bluetooth wireless technology, including TWS Bluetooth headset, neck Bluetooth headset, bone conduction Bluetooth headset, and wireless charging treasure. Nanka bone conduction earphone has won the "Shenzhen gift" award for two consecutive years, becoming a benchmark leading the bone conduction earphone industry.

In Shaoyin's words, Shenzhen Shaoyin Technology Co., Ltd. registered the consumer electronics brand aftershokz in the United States in 2011 and independently developed bone conduction audio technology. Through continuous technology, product iteration and subversive innovative design, it has completely changed the pattern of sports earphone industry and even traditional earphone industry, and is a pioneer of bone conduction earphones.

Which is better, Nank Nanka or Shaoyin? I will use Nank runner pro and Shaoyin as800 for a comparative evaluation this time.

Nanka runner Pro: distinctive original design

Shaoyin as800: rich colors

Nanka's consistent style is low-key and simple. This time, it launched "Tango red", a bright color. Without much nonsense, let's take a look at the overall appearance design and visual sense. The earphone surface is made of skin friendly silicone material, which makes it feel very tactile. The charging mode is magnetic suction charging. This feature is different from South Carolina runner. There are four metal dots at the charging interface.

Shaoyin's style has always been a variety of colors and styles. Shaoyin as800 also adopts skin friendly silica gel on the overall surface, which still has a good texture. However, a horizontal line can be clearly seen in the long strip hanging behind the aluminum alloy. Magnetic suction charging is also adopted, and there are only two metal dots at the charging interface. (Nanka runner Pro has 8g memory, and it needs two more songs to download)

sound quality comparison

Nanka runner Pro: sound quality strength does not lose 1000 yuan headphones

Shaoyin as800: performance in line with price

In terms of earphone quality and sound quality, Nank Nanka bone conduction earphone hired music masters to debug the bone conduction sound quality developed for sound quality performance for millions of times, and the most comfortable sound quality is presented. At the same time, the non porous sound leakage body design is adopted, combined with the exclusive ot closed 2.0 sound leakage reduction technology to reduce the sound leakage by 90%. When the volume remains unchanged, it can effectively reduce the vibration feeling of bone conduction sound and improve the sound quality without entering the ear. Use Hotel California to test and wear earplugs. After 20 seconds, the immersive feeling begins to appear. The sound is very three-dimensional. The accompanying drum will produce a strong sense of blow, and the sound has strong penetration. The effect without earplugs will be relatively poor.

The exclusive premiumpitch 2.0 patented technology of Shaoyin is adopted to reduce the vibration problem, make the low frequency more delicate and the voice more excellent. Shaoyin as800 has two methods to reduce the leakage sound: one is to offset the external leakage sound with inverse sound wave, and the other is to reduce the vibration of the shell. The leaky sound killing Dragon technology is optimized to make the leaky sound wave offset more thoroughly, and reduce the leaky sound of bone conduction headphones to the level of semi in ear headphones. It can be said that the problem of leaky sound of bone conduction headphones has been basically solved. It is also used to test with this song Hotel California. After 20 seconds, the body begins to relax, and the sound is more delicate. The beating feeling of the drum is not as strong as that of South Carolina runner pro, but it is not much different. The vibration will be slightly smaller than the South Carolina runner pro.

Nanka runner Pro: the most perfect auricle enjoyment

Shaoyin as800: comfortable to wear

Nanka runner Pro bone conduction earphone adopts the common non in ear design of bone conduction earphone. In order to overcome the comfort, a 300000 ear database has been established, which is not comparable to ordinary affordable earphones. At the same time, aviation grade silica gel material and damping technology are adopted, and there is no doubt about the comfort. In order to have both stability and comfort during sports, South Carolina runner Pro specially invited more than 300 sports experts to conduct the test, continuously adjusted the details for different sports scenes, adopted ergonomic memory elastic design, and then improved according to the adaptive shape of Asian head. While comfortable, it also has the stability of not losing major sports brands, which shows its great intention.

The weight of the earphone is only 26G. Combined with the characteristics of bone conduction earphone, it is also very comfortable to wear for a long time. Wearing does not bring a sense of weight to the user, and the rear hanging wearing method also conforms to the ergonomic design. It will not cause the shaking of the headset even in the process of intense sports. It is very suitable for use in sports scenes, and the rear hanging design has little impact on the sound quality.

Nanka runner Pro: top configuration of bone conduction earphone

Shaoyin as800: IP67 professional waterproof and dustproof

Nanka runner Pro adopts the non porous sound leakage fuselage design, combined with the exclusive ot closure 2.0 sound leakage reduction technology to reduce the sound leakage by 90%. When the volume remains unchanged, it can effectively reduce the vibration feeling of bone conduction sound and improve the sound quality. Moreover, it does not need to enter the ear. It is also equipped with ip8 grade 8 waterproof, which can be used for swimming and diving; Earphone 8g large memory card can store 1500 music; 33g lightweight body, combined with a new generation of damping technology, the same volume, less vibration and more comfortable to wear; Bluetooth 5.0 chip makes the signal stable as wired; 16mm large dynamic coil unit and other thousand yuan headphones.

Shaoyin as800 adopts Bluetooth version 5.0, which is highly anti-interference. 26G ultra light weight, whole body skin friendly silicone, 8-hour strong endurance, all day comfort and all day company. The professional protection level of IP67 and the holeless body created by integrated technology help you enjoy every movement. Amazing sound quality upgrade, 30 tilt patented technology, reduce vibration and increase volume; PremiumPitch2.0 Patented technology, fine bass, full if and penetrating treble. LeakSlayer Patented technology reduces sound leakage, takes care of privacy and avoids sound leakage.

After reading this article, I believe you have a good understanding of Nank bone conduction Bluetooth headset and Shaoyin bone conduction Bluetooth headset? I should already have a certain degree of understanding. In terms of cost performance, although the price of Nanka runner Pro is 899 yuan, the configuration will be better than Shaoyin as800 with the price of 1298. There is little difference in performance and different opinions on sound quality. Which is better? Welcome to express your views

Conscience Evaluation From Insiders: Which Is Better, Nank Nanka Or Shaoyin Bone Conduction Bluetoot 1

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