Google Glasses Prompt Personal Privacy Fears

Google Glass, a high-tech pair of spectacles with in-built hands- free video camera and internet access, has already raised privacy fears because it can record video far less conspicuously than a handheld device and could make it difficult for people to know when they are on camera.Drew Olanoff, reviewing Glass for the Techcrunch website, said: "In its current state, Glass is a utility that allows you to do some of the things that your smartphone does now. The difference with Glass is that you can do these things hands-free, quicker than before and in a less socially disruptive way. Nick Pickles, director of privacy campaign group Big Brother Watch, said: "Google Glass doesn't just challenge our assumptions about consent, it challenges whether we even have a choice any more. "It makes it seem perfectly normal to collect data on other people, without ever asking their permission and that is a dangerous step that poses a fundamental threat to our current notion of privacy.

Google Glasses Prompt Personal Privacy Fears 1

"People wearing Google Glass don't own the data, they don't control the data, and they definitely don't know what happens to the data. "This is turning members of the public into a Google army, collecting data for the sole benefit of selling advertising and boosting Google's profits." Alex Roth, a technology reviewer for Techradar, said: "Google is actively trying to reduce the voyeur factor by making it rather obvious when Glass is engaged. The screen emits a glow when in use, and spoken commands like 'take a picture' make sure those around you are clued in to what you're doing. You also have to look up to read the screen, so broken eye contact will be a dead giveaway. "Your friends will know when you're checking football scores instead of listening to them. It also suffers a similar stigma to the Bluetooth earpiece, in that it's distracting, and a bit goofy looking." Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt dismissed concerns about privacy during a talk at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government in April, saying: "Criticisms are inevitably from people who are afraid of change or who have not figured out that there will be an adaptation of society to it." Google Glass is supposed to perform many of the same tasks as smartphones, except the glasses respond to voice commands instead of fingers touching a display screen. The glasses are equipped with a camera and tiny display screen attached to a rim above the right eye. Users can speak to the glasses as well as record video, access email, get driving directions, and surf the internet by connecting wirelessly to a user's phone. Google Glasses have yet to go on open sale but are being tested by a selected group of users in the US. Last year the company also sold an unspecified number of Explorer models to computer programmers. The finished product is expected to cost around €1,200.

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  • Best HP Laptop Chargers in 2021 (Product Reviews, & Buying Guides)

    One of the world's best and popular technology brands that produces high-quality laptops, computers, and other computing devices is HP. All of HP products are really best known for its top-notch features and high grade in both performance and quality. Even with laptop charger, HP always produces good quality chargers that ensure the safety and durability of your laptops.

    Of course, when talking about a laptop charger, you cannot be sure that your charger will last forever. It can be damaged and become worse in quality, and that is something you can not control. It is definitely one of the most frustrating moments when you have to replace a new laptop charger.

    When it comes to the quality of a product, even a laptop charger does matter. Imagine not being careful in purchasing a laptop charger and ending up buying a new one that might be harmful to your laptop battery or even your laptop, it does not feel good, right? However, with this article below, you will find out and know more about what you should consider when buying a laptop charger.

    On top of that, I have collected a full list of the top 10 Best HP Laptop Chargers in 2021, so let's get into the topic now! List of Best HP Laptop Chargers in 2021 According to customers' reviews, this Easy Style power adapter/charger is a must-have product for HP laptops users. This HP laptop charger powers up laptops faster than the other laptop chargers.

    On top of that, you no longer need to crawl around and weave cords under tables or chairs in order to move a cord every time from place to place. More importantly, this HP laptop charger is also convenient to carry around in your package when you are on a trip. Aside from these benefits, this product features the DC output of 19.5V 4.62A with an input of 100-240V 50-60HZ.

    It is also noted that this 90W laptop adapter is compatible with HP Envy TouchSmart, Pavilion 15 and 17 series laptops. Here comes another great quality laptop power adapter that works well with almost every HP laptop model. This HP laptop adapter does its job well in keeping your HP laptop's battery going on for a long time.

    Moreover, this HP product is hugely effective and highly efficient in giving you the best experience of choosing this as your laptop charger. More importantly, this HP laptop charger is known for its long-lasting and durable performance. As a customer, you can definitely rely on this product since it does not break shortly after using it; you can use it for up to several years.

    Furthermore, this advanced technological unit is well-packaged, and even contains a power supply cord and an adapter for your need as well. None Work with almost all HP laptops None Only charges when a laptop is turned off Do you know? This PowerSource HP laptop charger is listed as a product that meets the standards for electrical safety and design in the US and Canada.

    Therefore, if you are still concerned about some of the dangerous laptop chargers on the markets, this will change your mind. In addition, the DC output of this 65W laptop charger is 19.5V with 3.33A. And it is also compatible with 19.5V 2.30A 45W.

    This HP laptop adapter supports 110-240V input voltage with 4.5mm blue tip. Just like any other HP laptop charger/adapter, this one also comes with a well-packaged box containing a power supply AC adapter charger cord. Moreover, this laptop charger is suitable for many HP Smart Blue Tip models 65W/45W such as EliteBook 830 G5 / 840 G3 G4 G5 / 850 G3 G4 G5 / ProBook 45 G3 G5 / Pavilion x360 / Stream 11 Pro G3 and many more models' numbers.

    More special than that, this HP laptop charger replacement will not let you down as it does charge your device efficiently. In addition, this product is of a high standard that guarantees your device's safety. Also, this product is protected against short-circuiting, overvoltage, overcurrent, and internal overheating by safety mechanisms.

    This third-party laptop AC adapter will do its job by charging your laptop to the fullest level. Moreover, this high-tech laptop unit works very well with many HP laptops such as HP Stream 11-13-14 Series and some HP Pavilion and TouchSmart models. In addition to its compatibility, this HP laptop charger is a user-friendly product since it meets 100% of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) conditions.

    Furthermore, the DC output of this 90W laptop adapter is 19.5V 4.62A with the 100-240V 50-60HZ of voltage input. On top of this, it is a special and high-quality laptop charger that offers a 12-month replacement warranty for customers. Although this is just a charger replacement for HP laptops, it works just fine like the original charger.

    This product does not run out of power supply for your laptop quickly, and it even comes with an appropriate price. None Tip of the charger does not fit perfectly 6. Emaks 45W AC Adapter/Charger/Power Supply for HP Pavilion models and more This Emaks HP laptop charger is made universally for various HP laptops variant users.

    It is fully compatible with many HP laptops such as HP Pavilion x2 11-h. 13-p Series, HP Spectre Ultrabook x2 PC 13-3000, 13-4000 13t-3000, 13-h000, HP Envy x360 x2 13 15 M6 Series, and many more models. More importantly, there is also a hidden heat sink inside the charger that will not make it overheated if the heat has somewhere outside in the box to go.

    Additionally, this laptop charger's power is 45W with an input of AC 100-240V, 50-60HZ, and its DC output is 19.5V 2.31A. This laptop charger will charge your laptop quickly and completely without any damages and issues. Despite not being a laptop adapter replacement from HP, this product works well and comes with a good warranty period as well.

    None Does not stay plugged in Ostrich brand presents another versatile HP laptop charger for customers who are looking for reasonably priced but high-quality products. This 65W adapter has an input voltage of 100-240V 50-60HZ with a DC output of 19.5V 3.33A. This laptop adapter is also compatible with 19.5V 2.3A 45W HP laptops as well.

    More than that, the charger is designed with Smart Blue Tip that will charge and recognize your laptops and supply the maximum suited charge current. Furthermore, it comes with a total of 10Ft power cord which keeps your device plugged in everywhere you work. Apart from these, it is compatible and portable with many HP laptops models.

    Hence, you can carry it around very comfortably due to its lightweight feature. On top of that, it is a top-quality laptop charger recognized for its top-grade performance with multi-protection for you and your device's safety. Also, this laptop replacement charger provides you a faster cooling system, flame retardant, long-lasting, and a temperature reduction system.

    Since the uni has pure copper material, this charger comes with safe stable wires which guarantee the wear resistance, anti-aging performance, and durability. None Compatible with almost all laptops 4. Easy Style 65W HP Laptop AC Adapter/Charger for Chromebook models and more Another fantastic HP laptop adapter from Easy Style that is compatible and suitable for various HP Chromebook models and HP Pavilion 15 Series.

    This 65W laptop charger supports DC output of 19.5V 3.33A with AC input of 100-240V 50-60HZ. Moreover, the cord is what makes this product special and easy to use. It is easy to move, and it allows you to use your laptop in more places such as the kitchen, on the road, on location for photoshoots rather than just staying in one office.

    Furthermore, the quality of this laptop replacement charger is very good to the point it works just as fine as the original HP laptop charger. This product connects well with the devices, and it is incredibly fast and efficient. In addition, this HP laptop adapter is great in terms of length, thick, and well-protected.

    None Same quality as the original chargers Looking for a laptop charger that is compatible with a lot of brands aside from HP? This must be the one you are looking for! It works with different laptop brands with just one laptop power cord.

    More importantly, this adapter is designed with 2 USB ports which you can use to charge 2 devices at the same time. Whether it is a laptop, a tablet, or a phone, you can rely on this universal charger. Furthermore, this HP laptop charger is lightweight and portable.

    Especially, it is comfortable to be packed in a bag when you are traveling. If you are planning to buy this user-friendly laptop charger, you will receive more than just a charger. You will get a total of 12 DC tips, an AC cord, a fabric bag, and a 2 years warranty for your product as well.

    On top of these, this laptop replacement is equipped with a self-adjust current that prevents the main issues such as overcharging, overheating, and overvoltage. If you are in need of high-quality HP laptop chargers that are sold at a reasonable price, then this is one of the best choices we've found for you. This 65W HP laptop adapter has a voltage input of 100-240V 50-60HZ and supports 19.5V 3.33A of DC output.

    It is a laptop charger that works efficiently and has great functionality for certain HP laptops such as HP EliteBook, HP Folio, and HP ProBook. Just like other HP laptop adapter, this one also comes with a power supply cord that works best for charging your devices. Moreover, this laptop unit functions very well just like the original factory unit, so you do not need to worry if it's going to be long-lasting or not.

    Grab this premium and good-quality high-tech unit now for the best customer service and a 12-month warranty for your product. IEFUU established another HP laptop chargers but this one is a 45W laptop adapter. It produces an output of 19.5V 2.31A and supports an AC input of 100-240V 50-60HZ.

    As the name stated, this HP laptop adapter is compatible with HP Stream 11 13 14 Series. Although this is a 45W laptop charger, it is also known for good quality and performance in charging your device quickly and effectively. More than that, not only does this charger work with HP laptops, but it can also charge tablets as well.

    Moreover, this charger is portable and durable which makes it easy for you to work indoor and outdoor. This is absolutely high-quality and user-convenient for everyone who is also looking for a laptop charger that provides the same quality just like their original units. None Works like the original one Buying Guides To Choosing Best HP Laptop Chargers in 2021 The first thing you should know when it comes to choosing the right laptop charger is the charger connection.

    Chargers do not come in the same size and charging ports. Therefore, you need to be aware that choosing a charger from the same manufacturer does not mean it will be compatible with your laptop's port. Also, you need to be clear cut in choosing a laptop charger since different models of laptops provide different charging ports.

    As a consequence of this, it is always best to go check and buy a laptop charger at physical computer stores. Doing this will help you in deciding which chargers you should invest in and not going for the wrong one. If you purchase it on online stores, ensure that you read every detail in the product description before buying one.

    The two most important things you need to check when buying a laptop adapter are the laptop's model number and wattage requirements. You can see your laptop number on the bottom or on the side of the laptop. In addition, you can look at the user manual or search the computer built-in help program for the model number.

    As for voltage requirements for laptop and adapter, this is also as essential as the model numbers. To prevent further laptop damage, consumers must check the voltage outputs that can be found in the user manual. Cost is another crucial factor that you also need to take into consideration when buying a laptop charger.

    There are original chargers from the same manufacturer and third-party chargers being sold everywhere on the market. In fact, whether you want to choose the original one or a third-party laptop adapter, it all depends on how much you are willing to pay. If you buy the replacement charger from the same company as your laptop, the quality will be good, but it is more costly than the third-party ones.

    However, there are also other third-party laptop chargers that work universally for all laptops and their quality is as good as the original chargers. All in all, be careful with the price and make sure to double-check the quality of those chargers on the market. A universal charger is the best choice if you are looking for a replacement charger for all kinds of laptops.

    It would benefit you if you've got an old laptop and you wish to use the same charger for many different devices. On the other hand, using a universal laptop charger means you will have to adjust the power according to your laptop's capacity. If the power is too low or high, it can cause harm to your laptop's battery.

    Hence, you better choose a universal laptop charger which you do not have to adjust the power. The last factor you need to think about is whether or not the replacement charger is portable and suitable for your laptop. Having a portable laptop adapter is a good idea when you are traveling around.

    But, if you are staying inside your house or working in your office, it is okay to not use a portable laptop adapter. What happens if you charge your laptops with the wrong voltage rating charger? Using a charger with the wrong voltage rating to charge your laptop can cause damage to your device.

    This happened due to high voltage. However, you can use a charger with too high a current without any issues. Also, if you use a charger with too low current might fry the power supply, but not the laptop.

    Is it OK to charge the phone with a laptop charger? Of course, yes! You can use the USB charger to plug your phone into a laptop while you plug the laptop into the laptop charger.

    The laptop charger that gives power to your laptop will convert some power to the USB voltages in order to charge your phone. This means you can charge 2 devices at the same time without having to switch from one charger to another. Is it bad to leave the laptop charging overnight?

    Actually, you can not "overcharge" a laptop's battery. But when your laptop gets to 100% and still plugged in, the charger will stop charging the battery itself. The laptop will run directly off the power cable, and there would not be any risks to your laptop battery.

    Indeed, it is true that trying to look for a laptop charger that meets your requirements is a pretty hard task. You need to take everything into account before making a decision to buy one. In fact, a laptop charger is very important for your laptop as it will affect your laptop's battery life, you and your laptop's safety, and quality.

    All things considered, this list of best HP laptop chargers does not only review some of the top-quality laptop replacement adapters but also highlights the key considerations you should think about when purchasing a new laptop charger. I genuinely hope that this article will be your best helper when you decide to buy a new laptop charger. Please always bear in mind some of the key factors of laptop chargers including charger connection, cost, compatibility, and portability.

    Hopefully, after reading this useful article, you will be able to understand more about laptop chargers and find at least one HP laptop adapter that suits your needs and expectations.

  • How Do You Remove a Key From a Laptop Keyboard Without Breaking It?

    How To Remove Laptop Keyboard

  • How to Clean a Laptop Keyboard

    In this guide, you will learn to know how to clean a laptop keyboard without removing the keys. We like to keep munching on some snacks while using our laptop and the scrapes just fall on the keyboard. They stick into the keys making it hard to type and result in uncalled for delays in work if we keep fighting with the dirty and messy keys to keep working.

    The dirt accumulated in the keys over the time also gets sticky and hinders typing, so it is necessary to have a spotlessly clean laptop keyboard. Well, this is not something too difficult if you know what to do and which tools to use. Tools Required: Here is a list of stuff that you need to clean your laptop keyboard.

    1. USB keyboard vacuum cleaner 2. Compressed air 3.

    Alcohol 4. Micro-fiber cleaning cloth Get all these tools, and then you are good to go and clean your laptop keyboard. Here is how you need to use these tools to clean the keyboard to start enjoying the experience of clean and smooth keys.

    Step 1: Shut down the laptop and get ready The first step is to shut off the laptop and remove any cables and accessories from it. This is to make sure that any moisture does not harm your laptop's functioning when you turn it on again. 1.

    Place a towel or cleaning cloth at underneath the laptop so that all the dirt and debris falls on it and you do not have to clean the surface later on too. 2. Lift one side of the laptop to tilt is so that all the dirt and mess come out of it.

    Shake it a bit to take out any loosely stuck stuff in the keys. 3. Lightly brush a cloth over the keyboard to remove any bigger dust particles that stay even after shaking it.

    You can use a USB keyboard vacuum cleaner to clean laptop keyboard as it sucks the dirt and tiny chunks of stuff stuck in the keys and sides of the keyboard. These vacuum cleaners sometimes come with LED light bulbs too which help you locate any hidden dust particles too. All you need to do is to plug the vacuum cleaner in the USB port and let it do its magic while you slowly move it around on the surface of your laptop keyboard.

    Buying a USB keyboard vacuum cleaner is necessary because you need to clean the keyboard frequently. Usually, we recommend clean it once a month. The price of the USB keyboard vacuum cleaner is around $10.

    You can buy it from eBay or Amazon. If you do not have a USB keyboard vacuum cleaner, you can use Compressed Air to clean the keyboard. 1.

    Get a compressed air can from the supermarket and insert a small straw in it. The diameter of the straw has to be small so that the air comes out with greater pressure. 2.

    Release the air from a compressed air can result in short swift bursts to let the sticky stuff come out of the keys. It is better to direct the outlet of straw at the sides of keys to have a better and thorough cleaning. 3.

    This works even better if you tilt your laptop to a side and then treat the keys with compressed air from the can as it gets better access to tiny particles this way. Since you have removed all the visible impurities, it is time to clean off the ultra-small particles too. For this, a soft microfiber cloth is perfect since it lets the particles get adsorbed on its surface leaving the keyboard free of any pollutants.

    Just sprinkle a small amount of water on the microfiber cloth and its adhesive capacity will improve even more. Remember to sprinkle just a little bit of water as excessive water will seep in through the sides of the keys and cause harm to your laptop. A clean laptop keyboard not only has to be free of all the dust particles but also bacteria and other microorganisms.

    Soak some cotton in a solution of diluted alcohol and then drench it completely. After that gently rub the cotton over the surface of the keyboard and ta-da the keyboard is as good as new! Make sure that you follow these steps thoroughly, and you will be amazed by the clean and spotless surface of the keyboard that you will eventually get!

  • Can I Shut Off My Laptop's Keyboard Without Turning Off My Computer?

    Use an external keyboard. It wo not be warm, so the cat is not as likely to sit on it. If you leave for a longer time, you can simply unplug it.

    Then cover laptop keyboard with something, as in @Alexandre Aubrey's answer. An additional benefit - indeed, the reason I do it even though I do not currently have a cat - is that it's a lot easier to work with a full-sized keyboard than a laptop one. And then you can plug a 21" or so display into the laptop's external video port

  • My Laptop Has a Problem.I Try to Type but the Buttons Dont Work.Is It Serious?I Dont Have Much Money to Repair It.?

    Laptop keyboard not working 1] The first thing you can do is, try to find if some keys or keyboard has broken physically somewhere. If there is a physical impact, there is nothing much you can do. You need to carry this laptop to the service center.

    2] Take a brush and start cleaning the keyboard. Make sure you remove all the dust, and the keyboard is crisp and clean. You can use a laptop cleaning kit, or you may use an old toothbrush.

    Keep your brush dry and gently clean off your keyboard. 3] Another thing you can do to make sure the keyboard works when you have accessed the BIOS menu. Restart the computer and while it is booting up, hit the keys (usually Esc or Del) to open the BIOS menu.

    If you were able to open the BIOS menu and use the arrow keys to navigate, then we can assume the problem is with the software part and not the hardware part. 4] Now it is time to reinstall the keyboard drivers. You can temporarily enable the on-screen keyboard or connect an external keyboard if you are not comfortable without a keyboard.You may read this post on how to use the Windows computer without a keyboard or mouse for further details.

    Read more.

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As a high-tech product, LED display has attracted great attention. The intelligent full-color display, which is controlled by computer and integrates light and electricity, has been applied in a wide range of fields. The pixel points adopt LED light-emitting diodes, and many light-emitting diodes are arranged in a dot matrix to form an LED array and then an LED screen. Through different LED driving modes, images with different effects can be obtained. Therefore, the advantages and disadvantages of LED driver chip play an important role in the display quality of LED display screen. LED driver chips can be divided into general chips and special chips.General purpose chips are generally used for low-end products of LED display screens, such as indoor single and dual color screens. The most commonly used general chip is 74HC595, which has the functions of 8-bit latch, serial shift register and three state output. Each channel can output 35mA non constant current at most.Because LED is a current characteristic device, that is, on the premise of saturated conduction, its brightness changes with the change of current, not with the change of voltage at both ends. The biggest feature of the special chip is to provide constant current source output, ensure the stable driving of LED and eliminate the flicker of LED. With the characteristics of high output current and constant current, it is suitable for occasions requiring high current and high image quality, such as outdoor full-color screen, indoor full-color screen, etc.LED driver chip series products for LED display smt5026.smt5026 has built-in CMOS shift register and latch function, which can convert serial input data into parallel output data format.Part II: system architecture of LED display screen(1) Display unitThis is the main part of the LED display screen, which is composed of luminous materials and driving circuits. The indoor screen is the unit display board of various specifications, and the outdoor screen is the unit box.(2) Main controllerThe function is to buffer, transform and reorganize the input RGB digital video signal, and generate various control signals.(3) Switching power supplyThe purpose is to change 220V AC into various DC to supply various circuits.(4) Transmission cableThe display data and various control signals generated by the main controller are transmitted to the screen body by twisted pair cable.(5) Scan controllerThe function of the circuit board is to buffer data and generate various scanning signals and duty cycle gray control signals.(6) Special display card and multimedia card (video card)In addition to the basic functions of the computer display card, the LED full-color display card also outputs digital RGB signals, line, field, blanking and other signals to the main controller. In addition to the above functions, the multimedia card can also change the input analog video signal into digital RGB signal (i.e. video acquisition).(7) Other signal sources and their external devices
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Aventk UV Color Changing Black Glue 1098 Can Effectively Solve the Reflection Problem of OLED Displa
Reflective problem of OLED display The core of OLED is a transparent organic semiconductor polymer, which can be made into a thin film and emit light by applying an electric field on both sides. Because the structure of OLED panel is very simple in theory, very thin products can be made. At present, the thickness of OLED display screen in mass production is only 0.95mm. Although OLED display is a self luminous product, after removing the backlight, there should be no problem of backlight leakage in theory. However, in terms of actual products, due to the existence of MF coating, there is still a problem of reflection around the edges of the display screen, as shown in the following figure:Therefore, how to solve the reflective problem of OLED display has become a concern of many manufacturers. In this regard, aventk has also studied and tested for many times, and finally determined that aventk 1098 series UV color changing black glue can solve this problem. Aventk UV color changing black glue 1098 can solve the problem. In solving the reflection problem of OLED display screen, most of them used UV black glue before. However, UV black glue needs to take into account UV light irradiation, so the blackness cannot be too deep, otherwise UV light cannot irradiate the cured glue. However, if UV glue black is not enough, it can not achieve good light blocking effect.To solve this problem, aventk 1098 series UV color changing black glue can be solved. Aventk UV color changing black glue contains aventk's exclusive NYX technology. NYX technology is aventk's unique UV light dyeing technology, which perfectly combines UV light with glue dyeing. It is a transparent color before UV curing and can well absorb UV light. After UV curing, it becomes black (or other colors). It not only meets the high efficiency of UV light curing, but also quickly completes the dyeing of glue. Put aventk UV color changing black glue is applied around the OLED display screen and between the screen and pol, which can greatly reduce the problem of reflection. fqj
LED Display Screen Enterprises to Enter the Field of 'price' -Information Industry News
LED Display Screen Enterprises to Enter the Field of 'price' -Information Industry News
Explore what your device can do and how to use it. Always On Display allows you to view the clock, battery and missed phone call/message notifications when the screen is turned off. The Always On Display screen uses less power and also utilizes the proximity sensor to turn off completely when in a purse or pocket. The user can change what appears on the Always On Display screen. Back up and sync your contacts, photos, videos, and more from your device. Bixby Vision gives you a deeper understanding of what you are looking at through your camera by identifying landmarks, translating languages, or showing you where to buy an item. Watch, search, and record your favorite movies and shows, and turn your device into your remote control, with the DIRECTV app on your phone. All of HBO together with new hits, classic favorites, plus new Max Originals. Hello Bixby allows you to quickly set reminders, create voice dictation, search and access content on your phone and on the internet. The Multi Window feature provides split-screen functionality, which allows you to use two applications at the same time. Complete multiple tasks on one screen, take notes while watching a video, or search the web and check your email messages simultaneously. View and pay your AT&T bills online, manage your account, reset passwords, or upgrade your AT&T services.Learn how to find your device and secure your info. Free apps typically get revenue through ads, pop-ups, or notifications. Learn how to manage these on your device. Find My Mobile allows you to manage your device in a secure way by tracking and controlling your device remotely. Secure your personal content and keep it hidden on your device. Lock or unlock your display, set a screen security lock type (pin, password, pattern, fingerprints, or iris and face recognition), get your PUK code, or request your device be unlocked from the ATnT network. Learn how to determine if you might have harmful software (malware) on your device and get tips to help fix the issue.Given current technology, could TV display screens double as video camera sensors?Yes, with interferometry based synthetic aperture imagery, but...It would take several orders of magnitude improvement in digital signal processing technology for it to work at the scale of a video screen. The sensors will need to record at a very high data rate, on the order of petahertz. Every single pixel will be receiving all of the light that is in its field of view, and none of the light will be focused. Fortunately, light is not just photons, it's also electromagnetic waves. The sensors will behave like antennas, rather than eyes, passively collecting the radio waves at the wavelength of visible light.Radio signal sources can be tracked quite easily, by measuring the timing of a wave reaching multiple antennas. The same applies to all sorts of waves; an earthquake's epicenter is calculated by measuring the timing when the waves arrive at seismometers. We even have the same types of sensors built into our own human bodies. : Our ears can taking a wave and determine the direction that it came from, based on changes of intensity and timing. We have already proven the concept using vast antenna arrays to collect unfocused photons, to create a focused image. We imaged the supermassive black hole M87* using the Event Horizon Telescope.Of course, when astronomers use the term "photon" they do not just mean visible light; they mean any coherent electromagnetic wave. This image represents the peak of current engineering feasibility for synthetic aperture imagery. The EHT uses a Very Long Baseline Interferometry, which works in 450 GHz, using very narrowly calibrated equipment designed specifically to tease out the glow of the accretion disk at the wavelengths to detect event horizons around black holes. In order to get meaningful data, though, your sample rate needs to be at least twice the frequency of the signal rate, preferably more than 4 times the signal rate, or you start getting downsampling errors called aliasing. In order to record visible light, which has frequencies between 405 THz to 790 THz, you will need a sample rate that is at least 1.58 PHz.Due to limitations from the speed of light, and the time that it takes electrons to pass through silicon and copper in computers, this is just past the fastest speed that we can record data meaningfully.We would have to pass the data from several sensors in order to build up a meaningful synthetic aperture image from interferometry. We would need specialized recording technology that we just do not have yet.And, there's also the problem that LEDs are not designed to collect light, even though they are capable of doing it. .. just as sound coming out of a microphone would sound terrible, and sound recorded from speakers is also low quality. It would take several generations of iterating on the current science in order to use an LED-based computer monitor to record what is happening it a room, and it will always require specialized systems to just record the data in a meaningful way, much less process it into an image. It took several petabytes of data and 3 years of processing in order to build the EHT's image of M87*. It was faster to hand-carry the hard drives from the telescopes around the world to the datacenter, than it would have been to send the data over high speed internet links. It would take a lot of iterative work to miniaturize the chips necessary to do the calculations, but the technology just barely exists.Such a screen would be prohibitively expensive, as it's much easier to just put a lense in front of a cluster of photodiodes (i. e. , a webcam) and hide that in the corner of the screen, but those leave physical evidence... you can see the lense if you take the screen apart. It could be possible, with non-digital interferometry, to construct such an image of the room in real time. .. but that equipment barely fits in the basements of large telescope observatories, and requires cryogenic cooling. You would not be able to collect it clandestinely, and would be much cheaper (and higher quality) to use a webcam.
What Are the Components of LED Display_ Application Method of LED Display Screen
What Are the Components of LED Display_ Application Method of LED Display Screen
What are the components of LED displayLED display is a flat panel display, which is composed of small LED module panels. It is used to display text, image, video, video signal and other information. The components are as follows:1 LED unit board: it is one of the core components of LED display. The quality of the unit board directly affects the display effect of the display screen. The unit board is composed of LED module, driver chip and PCB circuit board. The LED module is actually composed of many LED light emitting points encapsulated in resin or plastic lattice.2 Connection: it can be divided into data line, transmission line and power line. The data cable is a flat cable used to connect the control card and the LED unit board. The transmission line is used to connect the control card and the computer. The power cord is used to connect the power supply, control card and LED unit board. The copper core diameter of the power cord connecting the unit board shall not be less than 1mm.3 Power supply: the power supply generally uses switching power supply, 220V input and 5V DC output. It should be pointed out that because the LED display screen belongs to precision electronic equipment, switching power supply should be used instead of transformer.4 Control card: we recommend using a low-cost strip screen control card, which can control a 1 / 16 scanned 256x16 point two-color screen and assemble the most cost-effective LED screen. The control card belongs to asynchronous card, that is, the card can save information without power off, and the information stored in it can be displayed without connecting to PC.Application method of LED display screenLED display screen can help a unit to show what they want to say and release some announcements and information, so as to facilitate visitors to understand some basic information of the unit.1. First of all, our equipment has been debugged normally. Turn on the power switch first.2. Open the icon on the computer and enter the operation page, as shown in the figure3. Turn on the switch of LED display screen, as shown in the figure4. Turn on the audio5. The following is the renderingsWonderful reading recommendations:Application place of LED display screen_ Development status and trend of LED displayScanning mode and principle of LED display screen_ What does the P of LED display stand forWhat is the power consumption of LED display_ How to connect LED display screen with mobile phoneHow to change words with U disk for LED display screen_ Steps of importing subtitles with U disk for LEDHow long is the service life of LED display_ Six daily maintenance of LED display
What Aspects Should Be Considered When Selecting LED Display Screen
What Aspects Should Be Considered When Selecting LED Display Screen
Indoor LED screen is favored by advertisers in large hotels and supermarkets because of its good display effect and visual feeling. So what should we pay attention to in the selection of LED display in hotel banquet hall?Generally, in the indoor environment, the screen area will exceed 3 m2. Therefore, in this case, there are three options: ordinary rear projection, DLP (digital liquid crystal rear projection) and LED display.The advantages of ordinary rear projection display screen are small pixels and high definition. The disadvantages are low brightness, small viewing angle and short lens lamp life (only a few thousand hours). DLP has the advantages of small pixel points and high definition. The disadvantage is that it has seam. At present, the minimum seam can reach 1mm. Rear projection and plasma display screens are suitable for close viewing. For indoor LED display, the advantages are high brightness and no seam, while the disadvantages are coarse pixel particles and low definition. At present, the economic model of commercialized indoor full-color LED screen is p5p6, and other models include p3p4p7.62p8. LED display screen is suitable for indoor places with long viewing distance.When selecting LED display in banquet hall, the following aspects can be considered:1 die. Like the outdoor full-color LED screen, it is generally recommended that the LED of the indoor full-color display screen adopt the LED encapsulated by Maipu brilliance, and the tube cores of Japan Riya and Cree of the United States are recommended for high-end products.2. Packaging form. The 3528211010 surface mount package has the advantages of large viewing angle, good luminous consistency and easy automatic welding processing. It is the mainstream product of full-color screen.3 density. Due to the large heating capacity of indoor full-color LED chip and high density of control circuit, the point density of commercial full-color screen can not be very high. The screen models in lianchengfa room include p1.6p22.5p3p4p5, P6, p7.62, P8, etc.4. Driving mode. The driving mode of Maipu Guangcai indoor full-color LED screen is constant current driving and adopts dynamic scanning mode (mainly 1 / 4, 1 / 81 / 16 and other scanning modes).5 refresh rate. Improve the refresh rate, and there is no flicker and tailing when shooting with the camera.Other considerations include the scale and brand, price, purpose, installation location and environment of LED display manufacturers. The above are some suggestions on the selection of LED display in hotel banquet hall.fqj
Application and Technical Index of LED Full Color Display Screen
Application and Technical Index of LED Full Color Display Screen
Since this year, the market demand for LED full-color large screen has shown a rapid upward trend. Just after the Spring Festival, large projects began bidding. In April and may, despite the impact of SARS, it only delayed the implementation plan, not cancelled the project. After SARS, many projects have been stepped up. The contract amount of major LED large screen manufacturers increased by 20% compared with the same period last year, and some even almost doubled compared with last year. There are many new companies entering the field of full-color large screen, and their achievements are also excellent. Compared with previous years, the market sprouted early this year, with many large projects, and more than a dozen projects with more than 10 million yuan have been implemented. In the third quarter, many major projects entered the bidding stage. Another feature is the significant increase in projects invested by enterprises, including applications in commercial advertising. It can be said that led large screen, as a commercial advertising media, has been favored by the advertising industry again after nearly ten years of silence. At the same time, the export situation of full-color screens is also encouraging. In early September, the annual optical Expo was held in Shenzhen. This exhibition is a big exhibition of LED industry in the past year. LED large screen, LED lighting, LED traffic lights, LED production equipment, testing equipment and other dazzling, indicating that the new climax of China's LED industry has come. The author believes that this exhibition is a sign that China's LED industry has reached a turning point of localization. Internationally renowned LED light-emitting tube manufacturers and screen manufacturers have also begun to transfer to mainland China on a large scale. Mainland China will become the manufacturer of LED and its productsManufacturing center. Broad market, good investment environment and low labor cost make China gradually become the manufacturing center of the world's electronic industry. Just like computers, mobile phones, televisions and other electronic products, China is also the manufacturing center of LED large screen industry.As a scientific and technological worker who has been engaged in the research and development of LED large screen for a long time, the author has always paid attention to the development of LED large screen in China and the new achievements of international large screen display industry. Three years ago, in the article on the development of LED large screen, the author talked about several application fields and characteristics of LED large screen in China, and proposed that full-color large screen is mainly an image project in China. It should be said that this general pattern has not changed, but the increasing demand for commercial advertising is also a very important development trend. It can be said that China's LED full-color large screen industry is ushering in a new climax. Seriously studying the new situation of market development and technological progress, taking correct countermeasures, seizing opportunities, rapid improvement and sustainable development should be worthy of study by peers. Here, I venture to raise questions about technical indicators and hope that peers and experts will correct me.Image engineering: Aiming at the international first-class level. Image engineering means that the main purpose of building a large screen is to add style to the city or a major event. It does not directly create economic benefits, but it can enhance the city's popularity, shape the city's image, improve the investment environment and create a business atmosphere, which is conducive to economic development and good social benefits, so as to indirectly create economic benefits. Image engineering is mainly government investment, focusing on social benefits, rather than or mainly obtaining economic benefits through commercial operation. In recent years, the large LED screen of large squares in urban central areas or citizen leisure squares built in many parts of the country is a typical image project. A large number of LED displays in stadiums and gymnasiums are necessary supporting facilities for modern stadiums and gymnasiums, which also belong to this category.Since it is an image project, it is bound to pursue the perfect performance and effect as much as possible, especially high-quality video images. Generally speaking, it is to make a giant color TV, which has been worked hard by many domestic manufacturers for a long time, and has made considerable progress, but it is still far from our ideal goal, and there is still a big gap compared with foreign full-color large screens.At the beginning of this year, the commercial street of Hunan Road in Nanjing invested heavily in the construction of a full-color large screen with an area of 114 square meters. The screen was built by UNITEK company in the UK and has been running for more than half a year. From the effect, it can be called the best large screen in China. The author participated in the formulation of the technical indicators of the screen and the final acceptance test, and felt that many aspects were worthy of learning and imitation by domestic peers.As a large full-color screen, its key technical indicators include: high enough brightness, viewing distance and viewing angle; Good color reduction; Sufficiently high grayscale capability; High enough scan refresh rate. High enough video signal processing capability, especially good consistency, structure and technology. The technical indicators set by Hunan Road Daping during bidding are:The white balance brightness is greater than 5000 CD / m2;White balance color temperature 6500k;The number of video processing bits is greater than 10bit;The gray level of each primary color is greater than 10bit, which can display 1.07 billion colors;Refresh frequency is greater than 400Hz;The display screen has no perceptible color difference, and the color difference of each primary color of the full screen is less than 4nm;There is no perceptible brightness difference on the display screen, and the brightness difference of adjacent pixels is less than 5%. There is no perceptible mosaic when displaying monochrome gray images of red, green and blue;MTBF is greater than 5000 hours and MTTR is less than 30 minutes;Objectively speaking, not only at that time, but also today, the products of domestic manufacturers have not been fully achieved. In many cases, due to the improvement of the level of LED, the brightness of the normally designed large screen is no longer a problem and can meet the requirements. However, brightness is only an important indicator, not all. Now we generally feel that the large screen brightness of domestic manufacturers is more than enough and the softness is insufficient. The overall effect is not as good as that of foreign well-known manufacturers. The reason is that there are more technical problems that have not been solved. The author believes that from a technical point of view, it is necessary to make efforts in the following aspects.(1) Color matching and blendingThe large screen is composed of a large number of light-emitting diodes. The photoelectric parameters of the light-emitting diodes must be designed, calculated and tested in order to achieve a good white balance. Simple estimation and judgment with the naked eye can not have good results. This involves the selection and driving design of LED, which not only affects the photoelectric performance of the screen, but also affects the reliability. Especially in the design of indoor full-color screen, thermal design should be paid enough attention, otherwise the effect and reliability will be a problem.
System Design of LED Display Screen
System Design of LED Display Screen
With the rapid development of science and technology, the development of traditional TV, newspaper and magazine media has lagged behind the development of outdoor media. Here we will introduce the system design of dot matrix LED dot matrix display.Composition of LED dot matrix displayComposition of LED dot matrix display: it is a new display device, which is composed of multiple LED's encapsulated together. In order to explain the principle of LED dot matrix display, a display system including hardware and software is designed and manufactured with single chip microcomputer as the control core. The circuit can realize various display forms such as rolling shutter, moving up and moving left of any number of Chinese characters through key control. It can be widely used in public places such as airports, shopping malls and hospitals for text advertising and information release. Moreover, it has the characteristics of small volume, simple circuit structure and easy implementation.LED dot matrix displaySystem hardware circuitThe hardware circuit of the display controller is mainly composed of three parts: serial communication interface, expansion of external memory, LED dot matrix display driver and interface circuit. Generally speaking, there are many contents to be displayed, so the external data memory must be expanded. Static data memory has the advantages of low cost, low power consumption and fast reading and writing speed. We use two pieces of static ram62256 data memory (64KB in total). Store all the content codes to be displayed in 62256.System software programSoftware program is the core of the whole control system. After the system main program starts, the system environment is initialized first, including setting serial port, timer, interrupt and port. The whole software design is mainly divided into two parts: display part and communication part.Communication part: the upper computer software adopts visual basic programming, and VB is used to provide a powerful communication control MSComm, which controls the message format and protocol setting of serial port and serial port communication, and directly uses the serial port of PC to send data. In order to realize the reliable communication between MCU and PC, both sides must have the same data format and baud rate. The use of the software is relatively simple. When using, you can use Microsoft Word to handle the content to be displayed (note that the width of the page setting should be the same as that of the LED dot matrix display), then select the select all command and copy command in the edit menu, and then run the LED display Download Software v1.1. Select the "clipboard" button in the interface, and the content to be downloaded can be displayed in the preview box, After checking, select the baud rate and connect to the serial port, click the "download" button, and you can download the display. Repeat the above operation when you need to modify or display new content. It is very convenient to use.Display part: use dynamic scanning to realize the control and display functions of Chinese characters, characters, images and data transmission on the display screen. The program divides the data memory into three areas: display buffer, data storage area and receiving buffer. The single chip microcomputer receives the data from the PC through the serial port interrupt, temporarily stores it in the receiving buffer, analyzes and processes it, saves it in the data storage area according to certain rules, and then extracts the data from the data in the memory according to the display mode sequence to display it in the display buffer. The display adopts progressive scanning. The real-time communication part of PC mainly uses the MCU serial port to interrupt the reception of data information and realize the data information transmission with the computer.
Composition and Working Principle of LED Display Screen
Composition and Working Principle of LED Display Screen
In this paper, LED display screen is composed of several display units (unit display board or unit display box) that can be combined and spliced, plus a set of appropriate controller (main control board or control system). Therefore, a variety of display boards (or unit boxes) with different control technologies can form many kinds of LED displays to meet the needs of different environments and display requirements.1 Main composition of LED display screen (taking the more complex synchronous full-color screen as an example)1. The metal structure frame is used to form an inner frame and carry various circuit boards such as display unit board or module and switching power supply2. Display unit: it is the main part of LED display screen, which is composed of LED lamp and driving circuit. The indoor screen is the unit display board of various specifications, and the outdoor screen is the module box.3. Scanning control board: the function of the circuit board is data buffer to generate various scanning signals and duty cycle gray control signals.4. Switching power supply: change 220V AC into various DC to supply various circuits.5. Transmission cable: the display data and various control signals generated by the main controller are transmitted to the screen body by twisted pair cable.6. Main controller: buffer the input RGB digital video signal, transform the gray level, reorganize it, and generate various control signals.7. Special display card and multimedia card: in addition to the basic functions of computer display card, it also outputs digital RGB signals and line, field, blanking and other signals to the main controller. In addition to the above functions, multimedia can also change the input analog video signal into digital RGB signal (i.e. video acquisition).8. Computer and its peripheralsFigure 1 LED display system composition2 Analysis of main functional modules1. Video broadcastThrough multimedia video control technology and VGA synchronization technology, various forms of video information sources can be easily introduced into the computer network system, such as radio and satellite TV signals, camera video signals, VCD video signals of video recorders, computer animation information, etc. Therefore, the following functions can be realized:Support VGA display and display various computer information, graphics and images.Support various input modes; Support pal, NTSC and other systems.Display color video images in real time to realize on-site broadcasting.Broadcast radio and television, satellite television and cable television signals.Real time playback of video signals such as TV, camera and video disc (VCR, VCD, DVD and LD).It has the function of playing pictures and words with different proportions on the left and right at the same time2. Computer broadcastGraphic stunt display function: it has the functions of editing, zooming, flowing and animation.Display various computer information, graphics, images and 2D and 3D computer animation and overlay text.The broadcasting system is equipped with multimedia software, which can flexibly input and broadcast a variety of information.There are a variety of Chinese fonts and fonts to choose from. At the same time, you can also input English, Spanish, French, German, Greek, Russian, Japanese and other languages.There are many broadcast modes, such as single / multiple line translation, single / multiple line up / down, left / right pull, up / down, rotation, stepless zoom, etc.Editing, broadcasting and instant release of notices, announcements, announcements and news, and there are a variety of fonts to choose from.3. Network functionEquipped with standard network interface, it can be connected with other standard networks (information query system, Municipal Publicity network system, etc.).Collect and broadcast real-time data of each database to realize remote network control.You can access the Internet through the network systemIt has a sound interface, which can be connected to audio equipment to achieve audio-visual synchronization.4. Screen controllerThe screen controller controls the display effect of its corresponding display screen. It can automatically run a continuous cycle program to obtain relevant display data according to the given program list, or it can intervene manually to produce the display effect on the screen. The pixels on the screen are directly mapped with the pixels on the corresponding area of the screen controller display.The screen controller can manually adjust the brightness of the display screen and select the gray nonlinear correction data suitable for the current environment. The screen controller can also automatically adjust the brightness of the display screen and select different gray nonlinear correction data according to the ambient brightness through the network system.The contrast and chroma of image display can be adjusted through the screen control machine. The screen controller transmits the information to be displayed to the video processing and control unit for video processing.5. Video processing and control unitThe video processing and control unit completes the image processing of the display data, including:The second level of gray nonlinear correction can be adjusted automatically or manually.Automatic or manual stepless brightness adjustment.The gray level control system can control the display screen to display 24 bit data of 8 bits of each primary color, that is, 256 gray levels of each primary color.Image noise reduction processing to ensure that the image is cleaner and smoother.Image enhancement technology, image edge enhancement technology.Motion compensation technology, chroma adjustment function.6. Visual processingIn the system, the brightness of each primary color of a single module can be adjusted respectively, the color balance can be adjusted, and the mosaic phenomenon can be basically eliminated. The brightness consistency of all modules and display modules is good, and the monochrome display has no visual difference.The video processing and control unit transmits the processed display information to the communication module for long-distance transmission to the display screen.7. Communication moduleThe communication module ensures that the display content of the screen control machine is accurately transmitted to the display screen for a long distance. The communication module encodes and decodes the transmitted information, and processes the long-distance transmission and reception data. The communication module transmits the display information to the data distribution and scanning unit.The LED display screen is usually composed of the main controller, the scanning board, the display control unit and the LED display screen body. The main controller obtains the color brightness data of each pixel of a screen from the computer display card, and then assigns it to several scanning boards. Each scanning board is responsible for controlling the dry lines (columns) on the LED display screen, and each line (column) The LED display signal on the is transmitted in series through each display control unit of the bank, and each display control unit directly faces the LED display body. The work of the main controller is to convert the signal of the computer display card into the data and control signal format required by the LED display screen. The function of display control unit operation is similar to that of image display screen. It is generally composed of shift register latch with gray level control function. However, the scale of video LED display is often larger, so we should use integrated circuits with larger integration scale. The function of the scanning plate is the so-called connecting link. On the one hand, it receives the video signal of the main controller, on the other hand, it transmits the data belonging to the current level to its own display control units, and also transmits the data not belonging to the current level to the next cascade scanning plate. The differences between video signals and LED display data in space, time, sequence and other aspects need to be coordinated by a scanning board.
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