How to Develop for Esp8266 on Raspberry Pie

Step 1: set up the raspbian operating system

The first thing you need to do (unless you are installing into an existing environment) is to download ind and install the latest raspbian OS on the SD card. If it is a new installation, you need to extend the file system and use raspi config to set the locale / time zone / keyboard. For more information on how to do this, see here.

When finished, open the terminal and enter the following command-

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Sudo apt get install build essential srecord Unrar free Autoconf automake libtool bin GCC G GPERF flex bison texinfo gawk ncurses dev libexpat dev python python serial sed Git

After that, you have successfully set up the operating system and the necessary prerequisites.

Step 2: Step 2: get and build the ESP open SDK

The next step is to download and install the SDK source. To do this, enter the following terminal command-


sudo git clone --recursive

cd esp-open-sdk

Here we can edit the makefile and select the SDK version of our supplier. (at the time of writing this article, the current version is 1.5.2). If you have any questions, please leave. After completion, return to the terminal and enter-


The build takes about 2 hours, so this is a good time to get the build

Step 3: set path

ESP open SDK is now installed. In order to use it, the file must be in your path. To do this, you can edit the file / home / pi /. Profile in the editor (photo), or open the terminal and enter the following command-

You can now log off (or restart) and cross compile

Step 4: test the compiler

Now that we have installed the tool chain, his next step is to test it. (note that this is optional, but highly recommended. First, let's download the code example. Open a terminal and enter the command-

Now, in your favorite text editor, open makefile for the 'blinky' project at / sourcecode examples / blinky / Makefile, and-

Change the xtensa_tools_root variable to / opt / ESP open SDK / xtensa-lx106 - elf / bin

Change the sdk_base variable to / opt / ESP open SDK / SDK

Now save the makefile, then return to the terminal and execute-

CD source code example / flashing


If everything goes well, make should work normally. If there is a problem-

Check your path (echo $path) to make sure it can be compiled by the compiler

Check the makefile of blink to verify that the path of the tool and SDK is correct

Now you can refresh the sample to the ESP module. This varies from module to module, but usually you will-

When connecting the ESP module to the serial adapter, be careful to supply only 3.3vdc to the esp8266 V pin (some serial adapters have a separate 3.3V pin and others have jumpers, see the photo for these two examples)

Start ESP with gpio0 pin grounded

Now plug the UART adapter into your raspi USB port from the 'blinky' project terminal

Enter the command sudo make flash

If successful, you should see the firmware pushed at the command prompt. You can test the program by connecting a red LED and 1K resistor in series between gpio2 and the ground, as shown below. When booting esp8266, the LED should flash.

Step 5: additional tools: Eclipse IDE and espexplorer

Now that you have a tool chain to develop your own esp8266 firmware, the next thing you need is the IDE. I recommend eclipse. Installation is easy. Just open a command prompt and type-

sudo apt-get install eclipse-cdt

This will take some time to download and install. But in the end, you will get one of the most useful and powerful ides available anywhere!

For Lua development on esp8266, another tool you need is espexplorer. The only requirement is Java (Java will be installed by default anyway). To install esplorer-

Download the package (Blue Download button) from the home page and place the files in the home directory on the terminal

In the terminal, execute the following commands


sudo mv ESPlorer/opt/

sudo chown -R pipi/opt/ESPlorer

That's it! To run espexplorer, just open a terminal and run it-

java -jar/opt/ESPlorer/ESPlorer.jar

To connect to the esp8266 using nodemcu, simply insert it, select your serial speed (selected at compile time), and then click the connect button. You should see the Lua prompt and possibly file system or heap data, depending on your firmware. (see Figure)

You can use espexplorer to upload Lua scripts and run commands interactively on esp8266. Here is a very good article on using espexplorer, Lua and esp8266.

Step 6: reward: launch your own nodemcu firmware!

Note - this is a more advanced example, assuming you know something about esp8266, nodemcu, Lua and espexplorer. In short, if you don't know what this is, you may not need it.; -)

One neat thing about esp8266 is the existence of the nodemcu firmware project. This is the open source firmware of esp8266, which allows people to write explanatory code in Lua language and then upload it to esp8266 using the espexplorer application we set up in the previous step. You may already be familiar with it. Most people download and flash their precompiled version into their ESP module. (reasons for this include getting the latest updates and bug fixes and / or increasing stability and reducing memory usage by including only the modules we actually want to use.)

First, we get the source code. Open the terminal and enter the following command-


sudo git clone -firmware.git

Clown-r PI: pi / opt / nodemcu firmware

cd nodemcu-firm

Before building the firmware, you need to configure the settings.

Edit the file / opt / nodemcu firmware / APP / include / user_config. H to set the default serial baud rate by setting bit_rate_default (the default is bit_rate_115200). (if the flash size of the module is not automatically detected during the refresh process, you can also set the flash size of the module here.)

Edit the file / opt / nodemcu firmware / APP / include / user_modules. H to select the modules to include. Enable only the features you need. Selecting too much may destabilize your system.

Once you have edited the configuration, you can enter the command from the / opt / nodemcu firmware directory-


The blinking is exactly the same as the blinking example, except hook the UART adapter and start the esp8266 with gpio0 ground, and then execute-

Making flash memory

The successful flash memory is shown in the figure above. Once you refresh the module, you need to test it. The easiest way is to connect to it through espexplorer and throw some test commands to the Lua interpreter. Here are some good Lua examples.

If you have completed all these steps, now configure raspberry Pi as a budget development environment to create an application for esp8266.

How to Develop for Esp8266 on Raspberry Pie 1

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Step 1:yes! After browsing the Internet, I asked this question myself. But the problem here is that no solution really works for me.Research sometimes gets out of control and makes me deviate from my actual goal. This puts me in a situation where I try to solve a problem that didn't exist at first.Therefore, this paper summarizes how to obtain wpa-psk WiFi, establish a network on raspberry PI 2 and run quickly.Let's connect PI 2!Step 2: hardware and software settingsThe reason why the settings are listed here is that some of my hardware has been used for at least 2 years, so it is best to clearly indicate that this solution has been tested and tested on a limited combination of hardware and software.So far, I don't have the latest raspberry PI 3 development board (built-in WiFi), so this version of PI is not within the scope of this ibleSimilarly, the very old versions of raspberry PI a and B have not been tested and are therefore out of scope.The following is a list of the hardware and software I currently use:Raspberry PI 2, model B , with raspbian version of at least 1.5 yearsRaspberry PI 2, model B with raspbian Jessie version of at least one yearConstruction of raspberry PI 2, model B and the latest version of popular retropie OSThe ubiquitous EDIMAX wireless USB dongle, few of whom have been lying in my parts box for several yearsA quick (but outdated) comparison of various raspberry PI boards can be found here.Step 3: get the research back on trackDuring the search, solut I discussed on the Internet and said that some WiFi USB dongles are made of "exotic" chipsets. 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One hit the local router, the other hit something like in the public domain.Press Ctrl C at any time to end the Ping test.Step 9: next stepsThe final confirmation is to open the browser on raspberry PI and surf the Internet.When working on my raspberry PI B board through the Internet, I can successfully copy this solution to the other two raspberry PI B boards!Now my PI board has returned to normal operation. The next step is to try to use the solution with wpa2-psk [AES] WiFi network. There are more lenses.
How Does QFN Package Solve the Heat Dissipation Problem of LED Display Screen
How Does QFN Package Solve the Heat Dissipation Problem of LED Display Screen
QFN package (quad flat no leads) - QFN is the name specified by Japan Electronic Machinery Industry Association (JEDEC).Four side pinless flat package, one of the surface mount packages, is a new surface mount chip packaging technology with pad at the bottom, small size, small volume and plastic as sealing material. Because QFN package does not have gull wing lead like traditional SOIC package, and the conductive path between internal pin and pad is short, self inductance? S number and package body? How long does it last? Therefore, it can provide excellent electrical performance, and because there is no gull wing lead, it can reduce the so-called antenna effect and reduce the overall electromagnetic interference (EMC / EMI). In addition, it also provides excellent heat dissipation through the exposed lead frame pad, which has a direct heat dissipation channel to release the heat of the chip in the package. Usually, the heat dissipation pad is directly welded on the circuit board, and the heat dissipation via in the PCB helps to diffuse the power consumption of the multi harrier into the copper grounding plate, so as to absorb the heat of the multi harrier; It can also achieve better land sharing effect. At present, QFN package has been widely used in general mobile phones and laptops, but it is about to flourish in LED display.Comparison of heat dissipation, size and volume between QFN and SOPGenerally, the size of SOP used is 104 mm2 (8x13x1.9mm), while the relative size of QFN is only 16mm2 (4x4x0.9mm), which is only 6 7 times the size of SOP; It has greater flexibility in the design of some small spacing display screens.Thermal resistance Ja) the coefficient is SOP = 59 / W, QFN = 39 / W, that is, the temperature from the chip node to the surface at the power of one watt. The following is the calculation formula of thermal resistance commonly used in the industry:TJ= ja*PDTaTJ= jc*PDTc Ja= jc* caSymbols and units used in the formula TJ C: node (chip) temperature Tc C: actual temperature Ta C: ambient temperature PD W: power supply voltage JA ( C / W): heat transfer impedance from actual to external surface JC ( C / W): heat transfer impedance from node to actual Ca ( C / W): heat transfer impedance from actual to external surfaceIn other words, if the same return temperature and power consumption, the node temperature on the chip will be different due to different packages. For example: if the ambient temperature is 85 C and the power consumption of the chip is 0.5W, the temperatures of SOP and QFN are as follows:Design of lamp drive in oneDue to the two characteristics of small volume and good heat dissipation of QFN, in the past, the specifications below pitch 16mm of outdoor display screen will choose the design of lamp drive separation because of the limitation of PCB board size routing and heat dissipation; That is, the LED light board and the driver chip board are placed on two to three different PCB boards respectively, and then connected with each other through connectors and cables. Although this design can solve the heat dissipation problem, the inductive effect generated through the connectors and wires may greatly reduce the color resolution of the display screen, and the inductive effect will also increase the chance of electromagnetic interference. When using QFN design; Because of its small size and no heat dissipation problem, the chip can be placed in the gap of the LED lamp. Therefore, it does not need to use more PCB boards and transmission lines. It is simpler in design and its cost can be reduced. Similarly, if the QFN design is used for the indoor display screen, the heat dissipation problem can also be greatly improved.
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Factors Affecting the Price of LED Display Screen
How much is a square meter of full-color LED display in Zhengzhou, Henan Province? For customers who intend to buy LED screens, in addition to caring about product quality, price is also a crucial factor. However, the price of LED display screen is related to many factors. To understand the price more clearly, please look down:How much is a square meter of full-color LED display screen in Zhengzhou, Henan Province? It is closely related to the basic configuration of LED screen, including LED beads, chips, box materials, and even related to the processing technology, direct insertion or surface paste. Generally, die cast aluminum LED box is more durable than sheet metal box, but the price is also higher.At present, the most widely used outdoor P10 full-color display screen has a price range of 3000-5000 yuan / square meter. Due to the changes of market conditions, this is for reference only. The quotation of each LED display manufacturer will be different, and the quality and performance will be different. There are also cheaper ones, lower than 2000, but cheap products are generally not cost-effective, the quality is not guaranteed, the probability of problems is high, and after-sales is difficult. Hengyuan optoelectronics reminds you that the purchase price of LED display screen is not the only factor, which should be measured by comprehensively considering the regularity of the manufacturer, product use and environment.The factors affecting the price of LED display project are as follows:1. LED screen size: for example, if the customer customizes an outdoor LED display with a length of 10 meters and a width of 6 meters in lianchengfa, the salesperson will select P8 or P10 according to the size provided by the customer and give the specific scheme and price.2. Raw materials: including different types of LED lamp beads, lamp boards and boxes3. Control system: there are two common types: Nova and yangbang.4. Supporting equipment: computer, lightning arrester, sound, power amplifier, distribution cabinet and air conditioner, etc.5. Steel structure materials and installation: such as common wall mounted and column installation. The construction prices of the two are different. Others include the selection of frame structure materials.LED display engineering price = screen price * screen area control system cost frame structure cost transportation and installation cost distribution system cost, including power line, data line steel frame and civil engineering cost taxThe above is the information about how much a square meter of full-color LED display screen is. Only by clarifying the LED screen area, model and installation mode, the quotation obtained can have practical significance. Therefore, if you encounter an easily quoted LED display manufacturer, you generally can't believe it.Zhengzhou Hengyuan Optoelectronics (Zhengzhou Hengyuan display equipment Co., Ltd.) was established in 2007 and is the general distributor of lyade LED electronic display screen in Henan. Liyade Henan Branch, after more than ten years of development, the company headquarters has established a large spot warehouse in Zhengzhou Zhongli advertising market, and built Zhengdong center in Zhengdong New Area, with Flagship Exhibition Hall, office area, etc. It also has branches in Hohhot, Lanzhou, Xining, Yinchuan, Lhasa, Shandong and other cities. The company is mainly engaged in LED display screen, and its agent brands include: liad (the market value of LED display screen ranks first in the industry), Shanghai yangbang control card, Xi'an Nova control card, Changzhou Chuanglian power supply, hy full-color power supply, distribution cabinet, video processor and other LED display screen peripheral supporting products. Channel products, indoor, outdoor, small spacing 1.8, 1.5, 1.2, all-in-one conference machines are available.
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How to Fix This Problem with IPhone4s, Got Blue Dark Display Screen with Black Lines?
Get a Samsung mobile -__-1. Maytag Gemini Oven, the LOC on the bottom oven is on and the display screen shows F9-5, a?Maytag Oven F92. HDMI to DVI connection from PS3 to Monitor, no display on screen?I think you just have to reset the PS3 video settings. Just hold the on button till it double beeps. I think that will work3. My display screen on my IBM thinkpad stopped working?there is a thank you to coach off hibernation. there's a putting which you grants it a particular time to bypass into hibernation or turn it off altogether. look under the settings4. Can i view the display screen of a mobile phone in a normal Lcd monitor?dats not possible according to me5. Suggest a mobile with bluetooth and big display screen?I prefer the itouch from apple.But the stereo sucks.Anyway the effects are cool too.You should have one6. Whirlpool Model. 25RID4 freezer/refrigerator problem. Display screen lights all on and flickering.?The missing lines you are talking about are called segments. They are built into the display unit and the whole display will have to be replaced7. My Dell Inspiron Mini Laptop screen won't scale the size of the display screen?I even have the comparable computing device and it states decrease than the coverage declare : "this guarantee would not follow and,at dell's option ,turns into void if the product has been bodily broken or rendered defected (a) as a consequence of twist of destiny,misuse,or abuse,or the different situations previous dell's administration"(the record is going on and on yet you get the gist) if the computing device grow to be shipped you are able to say it grow to be broken once you open it determine you sparkling the no longer easychronic of any of your artwork tho8. Best mobile workstations 2020: the most powerful laptops for businessesThe most effective cell workstations blend the portability of a laptop with the uncooked electric power of a desktop Computer system. On prime of being the , they are also able of dealing with intense responsibilities these kinds of as video clip modifying and rendering. Now that processors and graphics playing cards are getting lesser and slimmer, we are now getting extra potent portables with thinner and extra portable types. This implies that several of the most effective cell workstations can be thinner and lighter than ever without having compromising on functionality or build quality. On the other hand, all that also will come at a price, which is why it is so critical to thoroughly pick out the most effective cell workstation for your desires.Sound, trustworthy and potent, the most effective cell workstations must also be long term evidence and can assistance you with your perform for several years to arrive without having forcing you to blow your price range. Many thanks to our value comparison instrument, we can assistance just take the sting out of the value tag by helping you come across the very most effective rates for these fantastic cell workstations. If you would choose a , or if you are interested in a that is not automatically a workstation, we have obtained you coated as effectively. As thin, light-weight and sleek as ever, the MacBook Pro (sixteen-inch, 2019) does not truly come to feel like a sixteen-inch behemoth. This laptop will come to feel just as compact as the 15-inch MacBook Professionals that preceded it and maybe extra than any other sixteen-inch laptops out there.Although it is a behemoth when it will come to electric power. Touting a ninth-generation Intel Main processor and an AMD Radeon Pro 5300M or 5500M graphics card, as effectively as up to 64GB of memory, there's nothing this cell workstation cannot do. And, without having a doubt, it will get by all your intense workflow without having breaking a sweat. If that is not enough, it also has outstanding speakers for all your entertainment desires, and a substantially improved keyboard so you can variety all day without having fatiguing. Read through the whole critique: Apple's most potent laptop ever is also the most effective workstation laptop in 2018. It attributes up to 32GB of RAM and a tremendous-quickly stable point out tricky generate, and will come with Intel's latest and most potent processors.You can configure the MacBook Pro 2018 to match your desires and price range, and it all will come in Apple's trademark gorgeous design and style. If you are searching for the most effective cell workstation that brings together design and style and electric power, then this is a brilliant alternative. As long as you have the price range. Read through the whole critique: Though the common Razer Blade laptop is famously a gaming laptop - a person of the most effective, in actuality, Razer has taken its sheer electric power and turned the entire factor into a person of the most effective cell workstations for creatives. There is zero doubt that this laptop was designed with photographers, video clip editors and even video game designers in intellect, as it rocks potent graphics playing cards and a gorgeous, manufacturing unit-calibrated 4K display screen.Not not like its gaming counterpart, you are going to be paying out a quite penny, specifically for its souped up configuration with the Quadro RTX 5000 graphics card. On the other hand, if a quickly and seamless workflow is of utmost relevance in your day to day, this laptop undoubtedly pays for alone. Read through the whole critique: HP's cell workstation Ultrabook has by now arrived at its 3rd generation but the previous a person is nevertheless very substantially a most effective-in-course specifically when it will come to sheer price for revenue. It is a person of the least expensive workstations on the current market to provide a skilled devoted graphics card, and the most cost-effective business laptop to arrive with a whopping 50 %-10 years guarantee. HP opted for a 14-inch diagonal which may perhaps effectively hit a sweet spot for some.Read through the whole critique: HP ZBook 14 G2 Battery daily life is not the most effective HP calls it the best blend of brains and elegance and it is variety of tricky to disagree. The G3 is basically a cell workstation that has been squeezed in an Ultrabook sort aspect. A 4K check adorns it and you will find a lot of oomph underneath the hood. It is truly the only gadget regarded to us that will come with a Xeon CPU. Include in intensive ISV certification, a tremendous-long guarantee and MLD-STD 810G certification and you have a very desirable applicant. Read through the whole critique: HP ZBook Studio G3 Color scheme may possibly not be to everyone's flavor Irrespective of being just over 10mm thick and weighing just over one.16Kg, the HP Spectre Pro 13 G1 manages to pack a suitable Main i7 CPU with a whole Hd 13.3-inch display screen, a enormous four-mobile 38Whr battery and a few USB Variety C connectors.This can make it a formidable cell workstation that delivers a lot of electric power for even the most demanding of responsibilities. If you want a laptop that delivers similar functionality to your perform desktop Computer system, then this brilliant equipment is unquestionably worthy of thinking of. Its 3 Year Next Small business Day onsite guarantee also implies if something goes mistaken with the gadget, you can immediately get it preset without having lacking out on perform. Lenovo hails this product as the world's first multi-mode workstation, a person that manages to blend electric power and creative imagination thanks to a 360-degree hinge that has, to some extent, set the regular when it will come to convertible or 2-in-one types. What is extra, it is a person of the very rare laptops to arrive with built-in Wacom Energetic ES pen engineering, able of offering 2048 degrees of pen pressure sensitivity and tilt recognition.As with most of Dell's laptops you can configure the Precision 7720 to meet up with your desires, which can make it a person of the most effective workstation laptops in the planet. By boosting the processor, display screen and GPU of this laptop (in comparison to its foundation product) you may get an fantastic laptop for weighty-responsibility perform. The seventeen-inch display screen (which can be upgraded to 4K), is brilliant for picture and video clip modifying, but it does mean that it truly is a bit much larger and heavier than other equipment in this checklist. It is also expensive, specifically if you configure it with the latest parts, but it continues to be a brilliant The ThinkPad T-collection is a no-nonsense design and style with a focus on robustness over style. Even so, the T460s' eighteen.8mm thickness is in 1mm of the MacBook, and it truly is truly lighter at one.4kg. It is not as potent as some of the workstation laptops in this checklist, but it truly is not as expensive possibly, which can make it a excellent alternative if you are searching for an attained workstation laptop for fewer hardcore workloads, even though also holding to a price range.Read through the whole critique: Lenovo ThinkPad T460s.
Analysis of System Composition and Architecture of LED Display Screen
Analysis of System Composition and Architecture of LED Display Screen
As a high-tech product, LED display has attracted great attention. The intelligent full-color display, which is controlled by computer and integrates light and electricity, has been applied in a wide range of fields. The pixel points adopt LED light-emitting diodes, and many light-emitting diodes are arranged in a dot matrix to form an LED array and then an LED screen. Through different LED driving modes, images with different effects can be obtained. Therefore, the advantages and disadvantages of LED driver chip play an important role in the display quality of LED display screen. LED driver chips can be divided into general chips and special chips.General purpose chips are generally used for low-end products of LED display screens, such as indoor single and dual color screens. The most commonly used general chip is 74HC595, which has the functions of 8-bit latch, serial shift register and three state output. Each channel can output 35mA non constant current at most.Because LED is a current characteristic device, that is, on the premise of saturated conduction, its brightness changes with the change of current, not with the change of voltage at both ends. The biggest feature of the special chip is to provide constant current source output, ensure the stable driving of LED and eliminate the flicker of LED. With the characteristics of high output current and constant current, it is suitable for occasions requiring high current and high image quality, such as outdoor full-color screen, indoor full-color screen, etc.LED driver chip series products for LED display smt5026.smt5026 has built-in CMOS shift register and latch function, which can convert serial input data into parallel output data format.Part II: system architecture of LED display screen(1) Display unitThis is the main part of the LED display screen, which is composed of luminous materials and driving circuits. The indoor screen is the unit display board of various specifications, and the outdoor screen is the unit box.(2) Main controllerThe function is to buffer, transform and reorganize the input RGB digital video signal, and generate various control signals.(3) Switching power supplyThe purpose is to change 220V AC into various DC to supply various circuits.(4) Transmission cableThe display data and various control signals generated by the main controller are transmitted to the screen body by twisted pair cable.(5) Scan controllerThe function of the circuit board is to buffer data and generate various scanning signals and duty cycle gray control signals.(6) Special display card and multimedia card (video card)In addition to the basic functions of the computer display card, the LED full-color display card also outputs digital RGB signals, line, field, blanking and other signals to the main controller. In addition to the above functions, the multimedia card can also change the input analog video signal into digital RGB signal (i.e. video acquisition).(7) Other signal sources and their external devices
Illustration of Replacing Laptop Screen
Illustration of Replacing Laptop Screen
Step 1: pull out the screwFirst turn the laptop over, and then remove the battery and the side of the laptop screen (remember to also open the screws hidden under the battery)Then, you will remove the keyboard screw that is usually located in the middle of the laptop (usually displays a keypad image) close to it to make your work easier)The last thing we have to do is disconnect the wire of the wireless antenna.On the HP dv9000 series, the wireless network card and memory are kept on the same plate, which gives us more space and makes us very easy.Find out which board hides your wireless card (it's harmless to open it all and view the contents below them in any way, because it's a learning experience)Once you find the network card and antenna wire with black, it winds out. Please note which wires go to which side of the card (I'm not sure of the importance of reconnecting them correctly, because they are only cut wires, and they won't close any circuits, but plug them back and attach things in the right way for the first time, ha ha)OK, now you can go to the top of the laptop.Step 2: remove the speaker frame and the annoying plastic cutting step.OK, so with the computer turned off and the battery removed from the device, press and hold the power button for 20 to 30 seconds to eliminate the remaining power. Capacitor, and then use a flat screwdriver to remove the speaker bezel from the device.Take your time, you won't break any plastic clips. We really want this unit to return together when it is finished.Step 3: screen screws and wiresOnce you remove the speaker bezel, you will see a (in my case) total of 6 wires protruding from the bottom of the screen into the laptop.From left to rightVideo cable, (cable for controlling all aspects of color and brightness such as LCD, backlight, etc.)The next step will be two thin lines that control the webcam on this displayOn the right side of the screen, you already have a wireless antenna cable and a webcam controller cable, and your replacement screen should already contain all of these.So just disconnect the laptop cable and connect it to the screen.If you don't care about these wires on the new screen, the screen may be wrong or the model may be small.You can consider taking the laptop screen apart and placing it horizontally (unfortunately, this may be troublesome, but it must be feasible).But go back to it, continue and pull out 2-3 or connect the 4 screws to the hinge of the laptop screen so that it can be gently lifted from the laptop.Now move the monitor away (but still tied to the laptop through the antenna cable)We can remove the keyboard, at the top of the keyboard, you will notice that the screws on the top of the 3 to 5 keyboards pull them forward and keep them apart(they will be different colors, so it's hard to keep them apart, but if you separate the screws in some way, it will make things easier), then gently lift the keyboard and pull it up (towards the screen), then tilt the keyboard so that you can see below it, and disconnect the cable connecting the keyboard to the laptop.Do not use this cable roughly. If you disconnect the keyboard cable when trying to fix the laptop screen, it will only cause problems and more money You may feel depressed in the whole room, = O ha ha, I don't want that.Step 4: serpentine antennaAfter unplugging the keyboard, the first thing to pay attention to is the of the wireless antenna(the only reason is to go so deep), so move on, release the wires from their small tracks and clips, and gently bend the end of the antenna into a line so that they can connect to the wireless network card at the bottom of the laptopRemember, if your wireless card has any unexpected twist or hook, how it will wind through, because you will need to reinsert the new antenna cable in one second.Step 5: throw it back.Once you release them, please continue and move your screen. It is broken and far away, but don't discard it in the future. The components on it may still be useful.Then grab your new monitor and start bending the wireless antenna lead back and locking it in place.Put the keyboard back in place and don't forget to reconnect the wires under the keyboard.Screw it back in place.(this is where we started to calculate the screws. We don't want to leave any screws. I hope you can remember their whereabouts well)Reconnect the video, microphone and camera wires to the laptop, and then screw the hinge of the laptop back to the laptop.Grasp the bezel of the laptop, fix it back in place, and then close the laptop,Turn it over and start replacing all the screws. Is there any left? Congratulations on winning!Slide the battery back into place (if not, connect the wireless antenna cable, just press it back into the slot). That's all. It's done. Open the suction cup again to see if you were cheated and bought another broken screen, or if you forgot to connect the wire correctly = P ha haIf it works properly, it means that you have successfully patted your back and waited for something. Otherwise, please break it so that you can regain new confidence and repair her = D
With the Rapid Development of Mobile Internet, the Production Qualification Rate of Display Screen I
With the Rapid Development of Mobile Internet, the Production Qualification Rate of Display Screen I
XXX backlight panel manufacturing factoryWith the rapid development of mobile Internet, the software and hardware technology of smart phones have been rapidly improved. At the same time, the price is also developing in the direction of more and more civilians, which makes the development of smart phones in China more and more diversified and the scope of application more and more comprehensive, and plays an extremely important role in people's intelligent life.Mobile phone display screen is an important part of smart phone. The production qualification rate of display screen and the production quality of mobile phone play a very important role in the popularization of mobile phone. Unqualified mark line will lead to product display problems. The traditional mark detection is an artificial naked eye detection method. There is a phenomenon that the detection change range is too large due to the instability of the artificial naked eye, which leads to the problems of inaccurate detection and low efficiency.At present, many types of work requiring precise calculation have been replaced by automation equipment, and the visual inspection of backlight is no exception. Follow the Xiaobian:What problems can be solved?It mainly detects the mark line of the mobile phone backlight, including:Number of mark lines (excessive and missing);Mark line length, accuracy plus or minus 0.1mm;The distance from the mark line to the specified frame, with an accuracy of plus or minus 0.1mm;Camera assemblyDetection processTest effectTake two stations as an exampleTest conclusionFrom the early sample test results, the software can accurately detect the edge of each sample and the mark line on the product, and accurately calculate the length of each mark line, the distance between each mark line and the edge and the number of mark lines. The specific indicators are as follows:(1) Detection accuracy: 0.1mm (compared with the actual product, it is related to the marking and filling method, appearance and measurement benchmark, and there will be corresponding fluctuations)(2) Detection efficiency: it varies according to the number of mark lines, 20 for each piece, and the detection time is within 0.5s;(3) Product model: support multiple models of the same material, with the maximum size of 80 * 160mm.(4) Mark line color: white and black. The detection parameters need to be adjusted.
How to Make My Computer Display the Screen Full Size?
How to Make My Computer Display the Screen Full Size?
adjust your screen resolution... if you had adjust it to high and still the same.. get a video card the has a highest resolution.1. ???...My laptop display screen needs cleaning...???there are products available at computer stores, but they mostly are composed of alcohol and other agents, you can safely use Windex and a soft clothes to wipe the screen depending if its glossy or matt, be careful to not scratch the surface with a hard or coarse clothe. spray on the cloth and then wipe, if there are sticky smudge then try to get more windex on it but becaureful you dont get any inside the screen bezel.2. Utility to display on screen the currently pressed keysQiPress seems to work for me.There is a lite and a pro version at $30. The lite version is enough for my needs3. Laptop display screen won't light up?the only way that i comprehend to tell for specific if it is the backlight or inverter is to plug a regular solid backlight into the inverter. If it lights then it is the backlight, if no longer it is the inverter. The inverter is a miles less costly, ordinary restoration or it is going to be besides. The backlight section is way less costly yet is complicated (study high priced) to interchange except you pick to aim it your self. It frequently is not the two4. Why do we call a computer or TV display a "screen?I discovered a very helpful passage from the book, The Oxford Handbook of Management Information Systems: Critical Perspectives and New Directions(link takes you to the passage)The author notes that the word "screen" originates from the 14th century, andevolved from the Middle English word serene, from the Middle French escren, and from the Middle Dutch scherm. It is a word akin to the Old High German (eighth century) words skirm, which meant shield, and skrank, which meant a barrier of some kind. The word screen also suggests another interesting signification, further away from us in history. It is a word 'probably akin' (MW) to the Sanskrit (1000 BC)" words carman, which meant 'skin', and kn'z'nti, which signifies 'he injures' (MW). These are possible meanings from which the Middle Age words evolved. The Sanskrit clue suggests that the notions of protection, shield, barrier, separation arose, possibly within the older Proto-Indo-European language, as metaphors of the concept of skin-possibly that of human (or animal) skin.So there is a lot to do with protection and barrier which run through the evolution of the word. The author goes on to describe the chronological relations between the words:A barrier or a protection is something raised over and against another something. This 'other' something faces the barrier, as the wind faces the windscreen of a car, which means that the screen protects against something, to be excluded, that moves towards it. That which is moving towards the screen could have been understood as a projection (from the Latin word projectare, which meant 'to throw forward') over a surface-just like the arrows and bullets were projected over the shields, or like the heat is projected onto the fireplace screen. The screen protects and shelters (just as a skin. . . ) because it receives and holds the projection of that which is not to be received 'inside' the cover that the screen provides. But what happens when something stopped by the screen is allowed to pass through? The answer is that it was screened. This means that it was permitted to pass through that barrier, or that it simply passed through it. The screen as a barrier is now understood as a 'system for detecting [for example] disease, ability, attribute' (OPDT 1997: 681-2). This interpretation links, or so we hope, the three central themes of meaning attached to the word screen: hiding/protecting, projecting/showing, and testing/selecting (ibid.).The author goes on to argue that these three themes all have a central intent - a demand for our attention. They provide this table to help show this. P.270I think that should pretty much answer the question. The author has other interesting things to say on the word as well, and explains the phenomenology of the word and relates it to concepts like "the truth in seeing". Interesting stuff!
Aventk UV Color Changing Black Glue 1098 Can Effectively Solve the Reflection Problem of OLED Displa
Aventk UV Color Changing Black Glue 1098 Can Effectively Solve the Reflection Problem of OLED Displa
Reflective problem of OLED display The core of OLED is a transparent organic semiconductor polymer, which can be made into a thin film and emit light by applying an electric field on both sides. Because the structure of OLED panel is very simple in theory, very thin products can be made. At present, the thickness of OLED display screen in mass production is only 0.95mm. Although OLED display is a self luminous product, after removing the backlight, there should be no problem of backlight leakage in theory. However, in terms of actual products, due to the existence of MF coating, there is still a problem of reflection around the edges of the display screen, as shown in the following figure:Therefore, how to solve the reflective problem of OLED display has become a concern of many manufacturers. In this regard, aventk has also studied and tested for many times, and finally determined that aventk 1098 series UV color changing black glue can solve this problem. Aventk UV color changing black glue 1098 can solve the problem. In solving the reflection problem of OLED display screen, most of them used UV black glue before. However, UV black glue needs to take into account UV light irradiation, so the blackness cannot be too deep, otherwise UV light cannot irradiate the cured glue. However, if UV glue black is not enough, it can not achieve good light blocking effect.To solve this problem, aventk 1098 series UV color changing black glue can be solved. Aventk UV color changing black glue contains aventk's exclusive NYX technology. NYX technology is aventk's unique UV light dyeing technology, which perfectly combines UV light with glue dyeing. It is a transparent color before UV curing and can well absorb UV light. After UV curing, it becomes black (or other colors). It not only meets the high efficiency of UV light curing, but also quickly completes the dyeing of glue. Put aventk UV color changing black glue is applied around the OLED display screen and between the screen and pol, which can greatly reduce the problem of reflection. fqj
LED Display Screen Enterprises to Enter the Field of 'price' -Information Industry News
LED Display Screen Enterprises to Enter the Field of 'price' -Information Industry News
Explore what your device can do and how to use it. Always On Display allows you to view the clock, battery and missed phone call/message notifications when the screen is turned off. The Always On Display screen uses less power and also utilizes the proximity sensor to turn off completely when in a purse or pocket. The user can change what appears on the Always On Display screen. Back up and sync your contacts, photos, videos, and more from your device. Bixby Vision gives you a deeper understanding of what you are looking at through your camera by identifying landmarks, translating languages, or showing you where to buy an item. Watch, search, and record your favorite movies and shows, and turn your device into your remote control, with the DIRECTV app on your phone. All of HBO together with new hits, classic favorites, plus new Max Originals. Hello Bixby allows you to quickly set reminders, create voice dictation, search and access content on your phone and on the internet. The Multi Window feature provides split-screen functionality, which allows you to use two applications at the same time. Complete multiple tasks on one screen, take notes while watching a video, or search the web and check your email messages simultaneously. View and pay your AT&T bills online, manage your account, reset passwords, or upgrade your AT&T services.Learn how to find your device and secure your info. Free apps typically get revenue through ads, pop-ups, or notifications. Learn how to manage these on your device. Find My Mobile allows you to manage your device in a secure way by tracking and controlling your device remotely. Secure your personal content and keep it hidden on your device. Lock or unlock your display, set a screen security lock type (pin, password, pattern, fingerprints, or iris and face recognition), get your PUK code, or request your device be unlocked from the ATnT network. Learn how to determine if you might have harmful software (malware) on your device and get tips to help fix the issue.Given current technology, could TV display screens double as video camera sensors?Yes, with interferometry based synthetic aperture imagery, but...It would take several orders of magnitude improvement in digital signal processing technology for it to work at the scale of a video screen. The sensors will need to record at a very high data rate, on the order of petahertz. Every single pixel will be receiving all of the light that is in its field of view, and none of the light will be focused. Fortunately, light is not just photons, it's also electromagnetic waves. The sensors will behave like antennas, rather than eyes, passively collecting the radio waves at the wavelength of visible light.Radio signal sources can be tracked quite easily, by measuring the timing of a wave reaching multiple antennas. The same applies to all sorts of waves; an earthquake's epicenter is calculated by measuring the timing when the waves arrive at seismometers. We even have the same types of sensors built into our own human bodies. : Our ears can taking a wave and determine the direction that it came from, based on changes of intensity and timing. We have already proven the concept using vast antenna arrays to collect unfocused photons, to create a focused image. We imaged the supermassive black hole M87* using the Event Horizon Telescope.Of course, when astronomers use the term "photon" they do not just mean visible light; they mean any coherent electromagnetic wave. This image represents the peak of current engineering feasibility for synthetic aperture imagery. The EHT uses a Very Long Baseline Interferometry, which works in 450 GHz, using very narrowly calibrated equipment designed specifically to tease out the glow of the accretion disk at the wavelengths to detect event horizons around black holes. In order to get meaningful data, though, your sample rate needs to be at least twice the frequency of the signal rate, preferably more than 4 times the signal rate, or you start getting downsampling errors called aliasing. In order to record visible light, which has frequencies between 405 THz to 790 THz, you will need a sample rate that is at least 1.58 PHz.Due to limitations from the speed of light, and the time that it takes electrons to pass through silicon and copper in computers, this is just past the fastest speed that we can record data meaningfully.We would have to pass the data from several sensors in order to build up a meaningful synthetic aperture image from interferometry. We would need specialized recording technology that we just do not have yet.And, there's also the problem that LEDs are not designed to collect light, even though they are capable of doing it. .. just as sound coming out of a microphone would sound terrible, and sound recorded from speakers is also low quality. It would take several generations of iterating on the current science in order to use an LED-based computer monitor to record what is happening it a room, and it will always require specialized systems to just record the data in a meaningful way, much less process it into an image. It took several petabytes of data and 3 years of processing in order to build the EHT's image of M87*. It was faster to hand-carry the hard drives from the telescopes around the world to the datacenter, than it would have been to send the data over high speed internet links. It would take a lot of iterative work to miniaturize the chips necessary to do the calculations, but the technology just barely exists.Such a screen would be prohibitively expensive, as it's much easier to just put a lense in front of a cluster of photodiodes (i. e. , a webcam) and hide that in the corner of the screen, but those leave physical evidence... you can see the lense if you take the screen apart. It could be possible, with non-digital interferometry, to construct such an image of the room in real time. .. but that equipment barely fits in the basements of large telescope observatories, and requires cryogenic cooling. You would not be able to collect it clandestinely, and would be much cheaper (and higher quality) to use a webcam.
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