How to Make Ultrasonic Measuring Tool with Display Screen

Step 1: Materials

Arduino or any Arduino compatible microcontroller

HC - SR04 ultrasonic sensor

LCD display



Bread board

Step 2: LCD connection

I recently wrote a complete generalized instructionable for this, so you can see the following:

Or, read on, and I'll still cover everything in detail here:


Connect the brown wire (pin 16) to the GND pin of Arduino

Connect the red wire (pin 15) to the 3.3V VCC pin of Arduino

Connect orange, yellow, green and blue (pins 14-11) to pins 2 to 5 on Arduino


Connect the white wire (pin 1 on the LCD) to the common ground (pin 16)

Connect the gray wire (pin 2 on the LCD) to the universal VCC source (pin 15)

Connect the purple wire to the signal pin of the potentiometer (pin 2 on the potentiometer)


Connect purple wire (pin 1 on potentiometer) to common ground (pin 16)

Connect the grey wire (pin on pin) to the universal VCC source (pin 15) on the potentiometer


Connect the yellow lead (pin 4 on LCD) to pin 12 on Arduino

Connect the black wire (pin 5 on the LCD) to a common ground (pin 1 on the potentiometer or pin 16 on the LCD)

Connect the green lead (pin 6 on the LCD) to pin 11 on the Arduino

Step 3: ultrasonic connection


Connect the red wire from the VCC pin (pin 1) of the ultrasonic sensor to any common VCC source (such as pin 3 of the potentiometer or pin 2 of the LCD)

Connect the black wire from the GND pin (pin 4) of the ultrasonic sensor to any common ground (e.g. pin 16 of the LCD or pin 1 of the potentiometer)


Connect the blue wire from the trigger pin (send) (pin 2) of the ultrasonic sensor to pin 9 of Arduino

Connect the echo (receive) pin (pin 3) of the ultrasonic sensor to pin 10 on the Arduino

Step 4: Code


const int echoPin = 10;

long duration;

distanceCm= duration*0.034/2;

distanceInch = duration*0.0133/2; lcd.setCursor00; // Sets the location at which subsequent text written to the LCD will be displayed

lcd.printdistanceCm; // Prints the distance value from the sensor

Step 5: complete!

How to Make Ultrasonic Measuring Tool with Display Screen 1

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