Introduction to Micro: Bit Battery

BBC micro: bit foundation kit

With: battery box battery USB cable

Model micro: bit (package a)

Product introduction [self introduction]

I am a package based on micro: bit, including micro: bit, 2 No. 7 batteries, battery box with switch and USB cable.

[micro: bit introduction]

Micro: bit, the full name of BBC micro: bit, is an arm development board launched by the BBC for youth programming education.

Nrf51822 processor based on arm Cortex-M0 is adopted, with integrated Bluetooth function and 5 on-board 5 LED dot matrix, two programmable keys, accelerometer, three-axis geomagnetism, thermometer and other resources

It also introduces the 20 5pin extended interface, which can easily be competent for various programming related teaching and development scenarios, including writing video games, robot control, scientific experiments and wearable device development

Half the size of a credit card (4cm) 5cm), which can be quickly integrated into many portable projects.

In terms of software, support pxt graphical programming interface developed by Microsoft:

Support windows, MacOS, IOS, Android and other operating systems

The programming environment is based on Web services and requires no additional download of the compiler

The computer burns and simulates the program through USB

The mobile terminal writes and simulates the program wirelessly through Bluetooth

It also supports java script, python, and mbed C

Multiple mainstream programming languages:

Microsoft TouchDevelop IDE

Microsoft Blocks

CodeKingdoms Javascript


mbed enabled

The hardware parameters are as follows:

Nordic nRF51822

16 MHz 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 microcontroller

16kB RAM

256kB Flash

Freescale kl26z single chip microcomputer with 48 MHz arm Cortex-M0 core

Compass Freescale mag3110 3-axis geomagnetic sensor, I2C interface

Accelerometer - Freescale mma8652 3-axis acceleration sensor, I2C interface

Power connector - 3V power supply interface

Reset button - reset button

Micro USB connector - micro USB interface, used to access computer burning, simulation program, serial communication, etc

5x5 LED display - 5x5 LED dot matrix, which can display text, graphics, etc

Button A / B - programmable keys

Product picture

Introduction to Micro: Bit Battery 1

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How to Solve the Problem of Frequent Tripping of the Total Leakage Protector of LED Display Screen
1. Unreasonable layout of leakage protectorDue to the particularity of the installation site of LED display screen, such as wiring error, line damage, damage of leakage protector in the switch box, failure of some electrical appliances to pass through the switch box, as well as the inevitable misoperation and refusal of leakage protector itself, and the failure to arrange the leakage protector according to the actual power consumption, the total leakage protector tripped frequently.In this case, in addition to strengthening the management, it is also necessary to reasonably arrange the leakage protector according to the actual situation from the perspective of technology. The leakage protector on the main power supply of the incoming line can be mainly used as the general protection against electrical fire hazards and electrical short circuit, and also as the backup protection for each small leakage protection range. Its rated leakage action current can be selected between 200 500mA, and the rated leakage action time can be selected as 0.2 0.3s. In this way, the impact of surge voltage, surge current and electromagnetic interference on the total leakage protector can be greatly reduced, and the selectivity and reliability of the action of the total leakage protector can be improved. If the secondary leakage protection within each leakage protection range can be in an effective protection state, the frequent tripping probability of the total leakage protector on the construction site can be greatly reduced.2. There is no effective secondary or tertiary leakage protection within the protection rangeThe final leakage protector in the switch box is the main protection of electrical equipment. If the final leakage protector is not installed, damaged or improperly selected, it may cause frequent tripping of the superior leakage protector. Because there are many metal conductors and many wire joints in the LED display screen, if the wire insulation is not very good, it will lead to frequent leakage; Some have also added some sockets. In many cases, leakage protectors are not installed, which often causes leakage. Only by forming an effective secondary or tertiary leakage protection mode within each protection range can the frequent tripping of leakage protector be effectively reduced.3. Leakage protector itself has certain limitations(1) The current leakage protector, whether electromagnetic or electronic, adopts magnetic induction voltage transformer to pick up the leakage current in the main circuit of electrical equipment. Three-phase or three-phase four wires cannot be arranged in the magnetic ring completely balanced. The three-phase power load of LED display screen can not be completely balanced. Under high current or high overvoltage, a certain electromotive force will be induced in the magnetic ring with high permeability. If the electromotive force is large to a certain extent, it will cause the leakage protector to trip. As the leakage protector with higher rated current adopts a relatively large magnetic ring, the leakage magnetic flux generated is also relatively large, and the leakage current should overcome the magnetization force of the magnetic ring itself, resulting in the higher rated current, lower sensitivity and higher rejection rate of the leakage protector actually used.(2) The leakage protector has an action uncertain area between the rated leakage action current and the rated leakage non action current. When the leakage current of the leakage protector fluctuates in this area, the leakage protector may trip irregularly.4. Unreasonable selection of leakage protector(1) The rated leakage action current used in the switch box exceeds 30mA, or the leakage protector exceeds more than twice the rated current of electrical equipment, or the leakage protector with time delay is selected. Due to the improvement of rated leakage action current or the decrease of protection sensitivity, the last level leakage protector does not act in case of leakage fault, The superior leakage protector may act.(2) When the LED display is powered on, the starting current is often large, which may trip the leakage protector. Therefore, power on the box of the display screen in batches as much as possible. In addition, electromagnetic leakage protector which is not sensitive to surge overvoltage and overcurrent shall be selected generally; Or select an electronic leakage protector 1.5 2 times larger than the rated current, but as the final leakage protection, the rated leakage action current shall not be greater than 30mA.
How to Solve the Fault of LED Display Screen
How to Solve the Fault of LED Display Screen
How to solve the flower screen fault of LED display? There are many reasons why the flower screen of full-color LED display can not be displayed normally. Here is a summary of how to solve the flower screen of full-color LED display.If the new screen is powered on, it may be that the control card settings are not scanned correctly, or the cable is not inserted correctly (check the cable from the control card to the first board). This problem will also occur if the 5V power supply is connected incorrectly.If this phenomenon is suddenly found after using for a period of time, in addition to the failure of the control card, the biggest possibility is that the board is flooded and burns the chip or power supply.Also, you can try a display connected to a DVI interface. First, check whether the DVI output port of the graphics card has a normal signal. The DVI interface resolution of general lingxingyu card is 1024 * 768. The reason for the LED display screen may also be the problem of the graphics card or the driver. Try to unplug the network cable of the receiving card behind the display screen and press the debugging button on the receiving card to see whether the screen body scanning is normal.In addition, other reasons for the flower screen of full-color LED display are also provided for your reference:1. LED display flower screen cannot be displayedSolution: check whether the power supply of the electronic display screen is normal and whether there is 220V strong current input2. The display of LED electronic display screen is abnormal, and the flower screenresolvent:(1) Whether the parameter setting of LED control card is correct and whether there is signal transmitted to the LED control card of electronic display screen;(2) Check whether the communication line communicates normally and whether the LED control card has signal input;(3) Whether the 5V power supply of LED control card is normal;3. Part of the screen body of the electronic display screen is abnormal, such as black screen and flower screenSolution: check whether the screen power supply with abnormal display works normally; Signal transmission line fault; Single module failure of screen body.A. There is a problem with the output1. Check whether the line from the output interface to the signal output IC is connected or short circuited.2. Check whether the clock latch signal of the output port is normal.3. Check whether the cascade output data port between the last drive IC is connected with the data port of the output interface or short circuited.4. Poor heat dissipation of the chassis leads to the rise of the temperature of the graphics card.Solution: eliminate the heat dissipation problem.Check whether the fan operates normally, add oil to the fan, clean the dust in the chassis, and eliminate the fault after solving the heat dissipation problem.5. Reinstallation of the system, graphics card or display does not support high resolution.resolvent:(1) Restart the computer, press F8 continuously, in the Advanced Startup menu, select "safe mode" and enter to log in to the system, then enter the display setting under windows, select the 16 color status, click the "apply" button and click the "OK" button.(2) Restart the computer. In the normal mode of windows, enter the device manager, delete the graphics card driver, and restart the computer.
Screen Printing Machines  Useful Tips to Choose the Best
Screen Printing Machines Useful Tips to Choose the Best
The younger and the antique are starting to understand the importance of making a fashion statement. Garment producers churn out more modern strategies and technology to meet the needs of the prevailing era. Screen-printing happens to be the brand new "fad" for the general public. For the time being, we will speak certain tactics to help you discover the fine on line bulk display screen printing providers.Why should you opt for on-line bulk screen-printing? The reasons vary i can highlight some of them in this passage. Actually, each person who has the proper type of machinery will be able to execute display screen printing beautifully. However, the catch lies someplace else. The design imprinted on the apparel has to be specific. The complete belief revolves round capturing the eye of by using standers! on the net, you will encounter various display screen-printing services who will offer the first-class of the designs for a viable pricing. How does that sound?Please be aware the "bulk" element associated with on-line display screen printing. in case you want to print a design on 300 tee shirts, then these service vendors will be of sizeable help. The greater the printing order, the profitable the prices will emerge as. Secondly, you can pick the designs from the consolation of your property. The usual technique is to spend a main part of the day hunting round for the high-quality Screen Printing Machine service to your location. Now, with the assist of the internet, you just need to spend a few minutes to select the finest designs in your garments. You can even pay for the printing task thru credit playing cards. Do you comprehend the simplicity associated with the bulk screen-printing procedures?In case you are willing to spend even extra time, you may permit your imagination run and supply upward thrust to amazing display screen printing designs. In fact, most of the people of the cyber residents seek custom screen-printing carriers at the net. The vantages are manifold in case you are willing to experiment with this paradigm. Sure online screen printing vendors will offer loose transport offerings for bulk orders. The way with which you spend your tough-earned money is solely depending on you.The smart will always choose such approaches because it saves them time in addition to money. You might come upon some online assets that strain at the importance of owning a display-printing device. Supply it a few idea and you may comprehend that there's no need to spend money on one such machine in particular for home users. If you want to make a dwelling out of display screen printing, then expending on a screen printer and the essential accessories will grow to be rather viable. Clever selections play an crucial role in your lifestyles!Given current technology, could TV display screens double as video camera sensors?Making this work technically would be a Manhattan project; there's no reason to make such extreme effort when there's a simpler way to get it done. Selfie-grade cameras like the one on the face of your phone cost less than a dollar in million quantity. Microphones are even cheaper. Simply incubate a social movement that creates some sort of reason some people might want one on their TV. Encourage every TV maker to put it on every TV, all in the name of populism. We pretty much already have this with several social media habits, like cell phones tracking your location. For instance Google Maps tracks your location even in the background, nominally to monitor traffic flow and present local attractions, but also usable by police. Those are things you can turn off if you apply both technical skill and diligence, however you need to apply both pretty liberally, and when you do, and the police have reason to notice, it makes you look guilty and prejudices juries.Eventually it becomes a thing that is on by default, like Google Maps' tracking; you must go to technical extremes to turn it off, and very few people bother. Those who do, the fact that they do is interesting in and of itself.Since the last Microsoft update to Windows 10, my display screens keep switching to a darkened version. Sometimes I can recover my preferred brightness by restarting, but not always. How can I fix this?It is possible that you have have activated "Dark Mode." Easy to turn off.How to Enable Dark Mode in Windows 10 or Turn it OffAnother possibility is that the driver for the "brightness sensor" changed, if your displays have one. Maybe try to disable auto brightness adjustment?How to disable automatic brightness adjustment on Windows 10. The other possibility is mis-set or overly aggressive power plan that dims the screen too quickly. htmlSince the last Microsoft update to Windows 10, my display screens keep switching to a darkened version. Sometimes I can recover my preferred brightness by restarting, but not always. How can I fix this?Since the last Microsoft update to Windows 19, my display screens keep switching to a darkened version. Sometimes I can recover my preferred brightness by restarting, but not always. How can I fix this?
Liu Zuohu: Yijia's New Product Will Be Equipped with an Exclusive Customized New Display Screen
Liu Zuohu: Yijia's New Product Will Be Equipped with an Exclusive Customized New Display Screen
On the evening of April 22, Liu zuohu, CEO of Yijia technology, disclosed more information about Yijia's new products on his microblog. He said that the new products would use a new and exclusive customized display screen. Liu zuohu further talked about the impact of the screen on the user experience: "the screen is the man-machine interface that users contact most and feel most directly every day. A good screen is very important to create the best user experience."Figure: Liu zuohu microblogThe screen is very important for a mobile phone product. Liu zuohu said: "we have invested nearly 100 million yuan in R & D to customize a unique display dedicated to Yijia. People in the industry know that the screen is one of the most expensive devices in mobile phones, and the screen cost of Yijia's new product is 2-3 times that of the screen used in ordinary flagship machines."Yijia has always adhered to the product concept of "no burden" and is committed to building Android flagship boutique mobile phones. Yijia has extremely high requirements for product hardware configuration and software optimization. Yijia mobile phone adopts the current top configuration in hardware selection, and fully releases the potential energy of hardware through software optimization and adjustment. The combination of software and hardware provides users with a light and smooth use experience. "Lightness and fluency" is also a common label on all generations of mobile phones.Liu zuohu tweeted on April 17 that the new Yijia product will lead the industry into a new era of "smooth" experience. This product is also the "smoothest Yijia mobile phone" he has ever used. One plus new products are approaching. Liu zuohu's new product topic on his microblog makes netizens look forward to it more and more. On April 23, Liu zuohu will also announce the date of one plus new product launch on his personal microblog, which is worth looking forward to!
What Would Make Your Computer Freeze Up and Display a Screen with Lines on It?
What Would Make Your Computer Freeze Up and Display a Screen with Lines on It?
viris1. What are the disadvantages and advantages of a crt display screen?CRT are huge monsters. But LCD'S are small and USAULLY have a better image2. How to use laptop as a display screen for Raspberry Pi3? [closed]The assumption is that you want to "see" the RPi graphical screen on your laptop. Consider setting up a Virtual Network Console (VNC). A VNC server on the RPi and a VNC client on the laptop. (If all you want is the console (text only) then the simpler SSH approach mentioned by Ingo should work.)3. How to make my computer display the screen full size?adjust your screen resolution... if you had adjust it to high and still the same.. get a video card the has a highest resolution.4. My 1st generation iPod display screen is partially blank. Why?Try resetting it be shifting the hold button back and forth once and then holding the center and play button5. How do I control my laptop computer display screen?Go to Start - Control Panel - Display - Advanced In advanced make sure your DPI setting is set to Normal 96dpi and not 120 I think this is what I had to do.6. The inside display screen lights up but is a blank screen. My outside scteen works just fine.?You have a couple options here...the simplest one would be to claim insurance on your phone, pay the diductable and t-mobile will mail you a new phone...thats is if you have insurance...if you dont then you will have to buy a new phone at full price....i think the 6103 retails at $199.99. Also try and remove the battery and put it back in and power up the phone. ..that works sometimes. You can also purchace parts for that phone on ebay and try and fix it yourself but i would not recomend that unless you know what you are doin. Hope this helps7. What can I use to clean my laptop display screen?Dip citrus orange in cocoa butter and heat for five minutes. Allow to cool an additional ten for best results. Actually, I advise you not to try that. It is untested, and would probably destroy your laptop. Clean it with something soft, would be my best advice.8. I just built a computer and the system turns on, but I get no display on the screen at all.?Chances are that you damaged your power supply (PSU) when you hit the voltage switch the first time. So, I would recommend replacing that first. However, there is a large chance that your motherboard (and other internal components) are damaged once again. In short, its going to be a process of elimination. Since everything is linked to the electrical problem. Do you hear any BIOS beeps when powering on the computer (during the POST process)? Generally those will lead you to what is wrong with the PC. They are a form of Morse Code, if you will. One quick beep usually implies that everything passed POST (Power-on Self-Test). However, multiple beeps (either long or short) can imply anything from bad RAM, Video Card, Processor, etc. For a description of what each of the codes mean, you will need to consult the manual that came with your motherboard, since the meanings vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.9. what is the best case to protect my display screen on my droid?The Otterbox Defender for the Incredible 2 will be the most durable case for a variety of reasons. -It has a built-in screen protector so your screen has an extra layer of protection from not only scratches but the impact of drops as well. -The shell is made of a polycarbonate plastic that is extremely strong, durable, and lightweight. -It has an extra layer of silicon molded around the outside for extra impact protection. I've had several people tell me they've ran their otterbox over with a car and the phone was still okay. I've also had a firefighter tell me he ran his over with a firetruck and it still survived. Those things are heavy! Finally, I had someone who ran theirs over with a crane and they claimed the phone still functioned despite the screen breaking and otter case breaking. So basically a crane may be the limit. Also, the Otterbox case comes with a one year manufacturor's warranty. Go to to order one! The commuter series is good too but it wo not be as protective as the defender series. Regards
Analysis of Six Key Technologies on How to Ensure the Safety Performance of LED Display Screen
Analysis of Six Key Technologies on How to Ensure the Safety Performance of LED Display Screen
1 What is the reason why the LED screen is completely black?During the application of the control system, we occasionally encounter the phenomenon that the LED screen is completely black. The same phenomenon may be caused by various reasons. Even the process of screen blackening will vary according to different operations or different environments. For example, it may be black at the moment of power on, black during loading, black after sending, etc1. Please ensure that all hardware, including the control system, is powered on correctly. ( 5V, do not connect reversely or wrongly)2. Check and repeatedly confirm whether the serial port cable used to connect the controller is loose or falling off. (if it turns black during loading, it may be caused by this reason, that is, the communication line is interrupted due to looseness during communication, so the screen turns black. Don't think that the line can't be loose if the screen body doesn't move. Please check it. It's very important to solve the problem quickly.)3. Check and confirm whether the LED screen and the hub distribution board connected to the main control card are tightly connected and inserted reversely.2 Why does the LED display screen appear bright lines for a few seconds or the screen image becomes blurred when it is just powered on?After the screen controller is properly connected with the computer, hub distribution board and screen, it is necessary to provide 5V power supply to the controller to make it work normally (at this time, do not directly connect with 220V voltage). At the moment of power on, a bright line or "flower screen" will appear on the screen for a few seconds. The bright line or "flower screen" is a normal test phenomenon to remind the user that the screen is about to start working normally. Within 2 seconds, the phenomenon is automatically eliminated and the screen enters the normal working state.3 The reason why the whole screen of the unit board is not bright or dark1. Visually check whether the power connection line, 26p cable between unit boards and the indicator light of power module are normal.2. Use a multimeter to measure whether the unit board has normal voltage, and then measure whether the voltage output of the power module is normal. If not, it is judged that the power module is broken.3. Measure the low voltage of the power module and adjust the fine adjustment (the fine adjustment at the power module close to the indicator light) to make the voltage reach the standard.4 What are the reasons for the failure to load or communicate?The reasons for communication failure and loading failure are roughly the same, which may be caused by the following reasons. Please compare with the operation according to the listed items:1. Ensure that the control system hardware is properly powered on.2. Check and confirm that the serial port line used to connect the controller is a straight line rather than a cross line.3. Check and confirm that the serial port connecting wire is intact and there is no looseness or falling off at both ends.4. Select the correct product model, correct transmission mode, correct serial port number and correct serial transmission rate according to the LED display control software and the selected control card, and correctly set the address and serial transmission rate on the hardware of the control system according to the dial switch diagram provided in the software.5. Check whether the jumper cap is loose or falls off; If the jumper cap is not loose, ensure that the jumper cap is oriented correctly.6. If it still fails to load after the above inspection and correction, please use a multimeter to measure whether the serial port of the connected computer or control system hardware is damaged to confirm whether it should be returned to the computer manufacturer or the control system hardware for testing.
Control System of Large Screen LED Monochrome Graphic Display Screen Based on FPGA
Control System of Large Screen LED Monochrome Graphic Display Screen Based on FPGA
At present, the small and medium-sized LED display systems in the market generally use the traditional single chip microcomputer as the main control chip. For the LED large screen display, due to the large amount of data transmission, the scanning speed is required to be fast, while the internal resources of the single chip microcomputer are less and the running speed is slow, which is difficult to meet the system requirements. FPGA is used as the controller. On the one hand, FPGA uses software programming to realize hardware functions, which is fast; On the other hand, it has rich pin resources and strong scalability. Therefore, the control of large screen LED display screen can be realized by using single-chip FPGA and simple peripheral circuit without designing Chinese character library. It has the advantages of high integration, good stability, flexible design and high efficiency.1. Overall system structureThe LED large screen display system is composed of upper computer (PC), single chip microcomputer system, FPGA controller, row and column driving circuit of LED display screen and other modules, as shown in Figure 1. The upper computer is responsible for the collection and transmission of Chinese characters, characters and other data. The single chip microcomputer system and the upper computer work in the mode of asynchronous serial communication. The graphic dot matrix data to be displayed which has completed format conversion is obtained from the upper computer through the serial port, and stored in EEPROM memory. Then, the display data of the memory is restored to the LED display screen through the FPGA controller. The scanning control circuit adopts programmable logic chip cyclone ep1c6, which is programmed with VHDL language, adopts 1 / 16 scanning mode, and the refresh frequency is above 60 Hz. This paper focuses on 256 & times; FPGA control module of 1024 monochrome graphic display screen.2. Basic working principle of LED displayFor the large screen LED display, the column display data usually adopts the serial transmission mode, and the row adopts the 1 / 16 scanning mode. Figure 2 shows 16 & times; The basic structure of 32 dot matrix screen unit module, and the column drive circuit is cascaded by four 74HC595. Under the action of the shift pulse srclk, the serial data is input bit by bit from the data port ser of 74HC595. When all 32 columns of data in a row are transmitted, the latch signal rCLK is output and the pass signal Y0 is selected, then each column of data in the first row can be displayed as required. The remaining rows are displayed in the same way. When 16 rows of data are scanned once (i.e. one cycle is completed), the scanning of the next cycle starts from the first row. As long as the scanning period is less than 20 ms, the display does not flash.256&TImes; 1024 large screen display consists of 16 & times; 16 of 32 32 dot matrix screens are cascaded. In order to shorten the signal transmission time from the control system to the screen, the display data is divided into 16 areas, each area is composed of 16 1024 dot matrix, each line of data is 1024 / 8 = 128 bytes, the pixel signal of the display screen is transmitted and shifted from the right side to the left side of the LED display screen, and the data of 16 partitions are stored in the same memory. The display data of one screen is 32 KB. To accurately read the data of 16 partitions, the read address of the memory is composed of 16 bits. Since the data is only 32 KB, it can be set to 0 at most. The other 15 bit addresses are row address (4 bits), column address (7 bits) and partition address (4 bits) from high to low. The decoded signal (Y0 Y15) of the 4-bit partition address is used as the latch pulse of the latch. Within 16 read address generation cycles, the first byte data of the 1st 16th partitions are successively latched to the corresponding latch, and then the 16 byte data is simultaneously latched into 16 8-bit parallel to serial shift register groups at the rising edge of the shift latch signal. In the next 16 read address generation clock cycles, on the one hand, the parallel to serial shift register shifts the 8-bit data to serial output, and the shift clock is the frequency division of the read address generation clock; On the other hand, the second byte data of 16 partitions are sequentially read out and locked into the corresponding latch. After all the first row data of all partitions are sequentially read out according to this law, all serial shift data are output on the rising edge of the data effective pulse signal to drive the LED display. Next, the data of the second row is shifted and output, and the first row remains displayed during this period; After all the second line is moved in, drive the second line display and move in the third line at the same time... Complete the scanning and display of the whole LED large screen in this way of branch scanning of each partition.3 design of display controller based on FPGA3.1 overall scheme of FPGA control moduleAs shown in Figure 3, the FPGA control module is mainly composed of MCU and FPGA interface, data reading and writing module, read address generator, decoder, row address generator, data latch group, shift register group, pulse generator and other modules.The read address generator mainly generates the read address signal, which is sent to the MCU interface and data read-write module to read the processed LED display data in the external sram1 or sram2, and send the data to the data latch group for locking according to the partition mode. The latch outputs 16 partition data, realizes parallel serial conversion through the shift register group, obtains the serial data required by the display screen, and sends it to the LED display screen column drive circuit. The pulse generator provides the corresponding synchronous clock for each module, and the line address generator generates the corresponding line signal and sends it to the line driving circuit of the display screen.3.2 interface between MCU and FPGA and data reading and writing moduleThe interface between MCU and FPGA and the structure of data reading and writing module are shown in Figure 4. After the single chip microcomputer reads the data from EEPROM and processes it according to the display requirements, it sends the data to the data buffer sram1 or sram2 through the interface and data reading and writing module. In order to improve the data transmission speed and ensure the continuity of display effect, the dual body switching technology is used to complete the data storage process in the system. In other words, the dual SRAM storage structure is adopted, and two sets of completely independent read and write address lines and data lines are switched in turn for reading and writing. When working, FPGA only reads the displayed data from one of the two SRAMs for display at a specific time, and the other SRAM exchanges data with MCU. MCU will write new data and work alternately in turn to realize display modes such as left shift, up shift and double screen. If the displayed content does not change, that is, the data in one SRAM remains unchanged, MCU does not need to write data to another SRAM.The module is implemented by VHDL finite state machine. The whole control is divided into four states, and the state transition diagram is shown in Figure 5. The working process is as follows: the system starts up and enters the initial state st0, the write enable end e of the single chip microcomputer is low level, the single chip microcomputer reads the data from the EEPROM and writes the data to sram1, and the FPGA reads the data in sram2 at the same time; When the MCU data writes a screen of data, e changes to high level, and when the FPGA reads the data from sram2 and ends the signal read_ End is low level and enters ST1 state.In ST1 state, if no new data is written, e remains high, and FPGA reads the data of sram1 for static display; Only when the read in control signal e of the single chip microcomputer is low and read_ End is at low level and enters ST2 state. In the ST2 state, the single chip microcomputer writes the data into sram2, and the FPGA reads the data of sram1. After the single chip microcomputer writes the data, e becomes high level, and when the FPGA reads the data on one screen, read_ End is low level and enters ST3 state. In ST3 state, if no new data is written, e is high level, FPGA reads the data in sram2. When the MCU has new data written, e becomes low level, and read after reading the data on one screen of FPGA_ When end is low level, re-enter st0 state. Through this cycle of alternating work to complete data writing and reading, the port program is as follows:3.3 read address generatorThe read address generator mainly generates the read address signal of the external buffer sram1 (sram2), so that the system can correctly read the corresponding display data from the memory. The highest bit of the address is 0, and the other addresses are 15 bit effective address signals of row address (hang [3.. 0]), column address (lie [6.. 0]) and partition address (Qu [3.. 0]). Read out 16 byte data in sram1 (sram2) within 16 pulse cycles, and some VHDL source programs are as follows:3.4 decoderThe decoder module mainly generates 16 partition signals (low-level effective), controls 16 latches respectively, and locks the display data of 16 partitions in the corresponding latches respectively.3.5 data latch group and shift register group moduleThe data latch group module consists of 16 8-bit latches, which latch the data of 16 partitions. The shift register group module is composed of 16 8-bit shift registers, which converts the 8-bit parallel data in each latch into 16 channels of serial data output at the same time, drives the LED display screen and realizes the parallel serial conversion of data.The generated component symbols are shown in Figure 6. Among them, data in [7.. 0] is the 8-bit parallel data input of each partition, SCLK is the shift clock, CLR is the zero clearing signal, load is the data latch signal, CS [15.. 0] is the input signal of 16 partition (connected to the output of decoder), data_ Out [15.. 0] is 16 channel serial data output.3.6 pulse generatorThe system adopts 1 / 16 scanning mode to divide the data into 16 partitions, and the data in 16 partitions are transmitted at the same time. Assuming that the refresh frequency is 60 Hz (i.e. the period is 16.67 MS), the display time of each line is about 16.67 MS / 16 = 1.04 Ms. If there are 1024 bits in each line, the shift pulse period is 1.04 / 1024 = 1.02 s. That is, the shift frequency above 0.983 MHz can meet the requirements. Since the shift pulse is 2 frequency division of the clock of the data reading module, the clock of the system is at least 1.97 MHz. The system adopts 50 MHz clock source. The timing diagram is shown in Figure 7.Wherein, rdclk is the FPGA read data clock; SCLK is the shift clock of serial output and the 2-frequency division of rdclk; Load is a data latch signal. A latch signal is generated after reading a byte data in 16 partitions each time. The data is locked in the data latch group, and its clock is 16 frequency division of rdclk.4 simulation test of FPGA control moduleA project is established in QuartusII 5.1, and the schematic diagram file is established. The module element symbols generated by the interface between MCU and FPGA and the unit modules such as data reading and writing module, read address generator, decoder, line address generator, data latch, shift register and pulse generator are connected to form the logic diagram of the general control module and simulate its function. The simulation results are shown in Fig. 8. 16 bytes of data are read from the memory and 16 channels of serial data are output through parallel serial conversion. From the waveform analysis, the function is correct, and the signals of each output port meet the timing requirements.epilogueFPGA is an on-line programmable chip, which can be programmed according to different user requirements, which shortens the development cycle of the system and saves the development cost of hardware. In this paper, FPGA is the main chip, and the control system of large screen LED monochrome graphic display screen is designed completely. With the development of LED display technology, the combination of FPGA and arm or DSP will be widely used in the field of two-color display and color display.
How to Use AT89C51 Single Chip Microcomputer to Control the Circuit Design of LED Display Screen
How to Use AT89C51 Single Chip Microcomputer to Control the Circuit Design of LED Display Screen
LED display screen is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, schools, shopping malls, shops, public places, etc. for graphic display, advertising and information release. This paper designs a system composed of four 16 The display screen composed of 16 dot matrix LED module is controlled by single chip microcomputer to smoothly move and display any number of words or graphic symbols. This circuit can be cascaded and expanded to realize any number of 16 Display screen composed of 16 dot matrix LED module.1 circuit designThe control circuit is controlled by AT89C51 single chip microcomputer, and the display screen is composed of 4 16 16 dot matrix LED modules, each 16 The 16 dot matrix LED module consists of 4 8 Composed of 8-dot matrix LED modules, users can expand and add any number of 16 as needed 16 dot matrix LED module. eight The structure of 8-dot matrix LED module is shown in Figure 1, with a total of 8 rows and 8 columns. Each LED is placed at the intersection of row line and column line, with a total of 64 LEDs. When a column is at high level and a behavior is at low level, the corresponding LED is on.The P3.0 pin of the single chip microcomputer is connected to the serial data input of the serial input and parallel output shift register 74LS164 (U10), eight 74LS164 (U10 U17) are cascaded, and the P3.1 pin is connected to the clock pulse input of eight 74lsl64; Eight 74LS164 are respectively connected to eight latches 74ls373 (U18 u25), and the data output terminals of the eight latches are connected to four 16 Row line of 16 dot matrix LED module, each 16 The line of 16 dot matrix LED module is controlled independently. P1. O is connected to 8 clock pulse inputs of 74LS164 (U2 u9), P1.1 is connected to serial data inputs of U2, U4, U6 and U8, and every two 74lsl64 (U2 and U3, U4 and U5, U6 and U7, U8 and u9) are cascaded; Four 16 parallel data output terminals of U2 u9 are connected 64 array lines of 16 dot matrix LED module. P1.2 is connected to the clear 0 terminal of all 74lsl64, and p1.3 is connected to the latch control terminal of the latch.2 working principleThis circuit uses the serial communication port to work in mode 0, and uses P1. O and P1.1 to simulate the serial output to realize the smooth moving display of LED display characters. Because the LED module is 16 16 dot matrix, so the character dot matrix is also 16 16 dot matrix, that is, each character is composed of 32 bytes, that is, 16 word data. Each word data determines the lighting of each column of LED. sixteen 16 dot matrix character data is obtained by character dot matrix extraction software.Firstly, the single chip microcomputer P1.1 serially outputs a binary bit "1", which is sent to four 16 bits through four groups of 74lsl64 The first column of 16 dot matrix LED module is sent to a high level, and then four 16 bits are output serially by P3. O The row data in the first column of the 16 dot matrix LED module, that is, the row data in columns Y1, y17, y33 and y49, is sent to the row line of the LED display screen after being locked by 74ls373. At this time, the corresponding LED in the first column of each LED module is on. The row data of each column is one word data, and there are four word data in four columns. The address difference of the first byte of each word data in the character dot matrix data table is 32. At this time, each LED module displays the first column of each character. Then P1.1 serially outputs one binary bit "0", which is shifted by four groups of 74LS164, and then sends a high level to the second column of four LED modules, and then P3. O serially outputs four 16 bits The row data in the second column of the 16 dot matrix LED module, that is, the row data in columns Y2, Y18, y34 and Y50, is latched by 74ls373 and sent to the row line of the LED display screen. At this time, the LED corresponding to the second column of each LED module is lit, that is, the second column of each character is displayed. In this cycle, turn on the corresponding LEDs in each column of each LED module in turn until the 16th column of each LED module is turned on, that is, the columns of each character are displayed in turn. As long as the alternating display time of each column is appropriate, and using the visual persistence characteristics of human eyes, it seems that 16 columns of LEDs are lit at the same time, that is, the whole character is displayed at the same time. Then scan the display from column 1 to column 16, and cycle for many times to ensure that the displayed characters have sufficient brightness.In order to achieve the effect of smooth moving display of characters, after the above four characters are statically displayed for a certain time, when scanning the display again, the first column of each LED module starts from the second column data of each character, that is, the first LED module displays the second column, the third column,..., the 16th column of the first character and the first column of the second character, The second LED module displays the second column, the third column,..., the 16th column of the second character and the first column, the second column,... Of the third character. In the third scanning display, the first column of each LED module starts scanning display from the third column data of each character, that is, the first LED module displays the third column, the fourth column,..., the 16th column of the first character and the first column and the second column of the second character, and the second LED module displays the third column, the fourth column,..., the 16th column of the second character and the first column, the second column,... Of the third character. In this way, the smooth moving display of characters is realized.3 ProgrammingAccording to the above circuit design and working principle, the control program flow chart of this circuit is drawn. Write the control program according to the program flow chart, and generate the object code file after debugging with wave or keil software.4 circuit simulationThe object code file is added to the single chip microcomputer in the simulation diagram of LED display control circuit drawn by Proteus Software, and the simulation runs. The running results are shown in Figure 4.Circuit design of LED display based on AT89C51 single chip microcomputer5 ConclusionThe LED display control circuit uses a single chip microcomputer as the controller and adopts the serial shift output mode to realize the smooth moving display of a line of characters. In practical application, relevant driving circuits should also be added. The circuit can be extended by any number of 16 16 dot matrix LED module composed of LED display screen display control. The practical application shows that the circuit is stable and reliable, and the effect is good.
Four Technologies to Solve the Problem of LED Display Screen
Four Technologies to Solve the Problem of LED Display Screen
The first is high luminous efficiency: the luminous efficiency of LED display screen can be said to be an important indicator of energy-saving effect. At present, China needs to strengthen the luminous efficiency. To really achieve high luminous efficiency, we should solve relevant technical problems from all links of the industrial chain, so how to achieve high luminous efficiency? This paper will discuss the technical problems to be solved in epitaxy, chip, packaging, lamps and other links.1. Improve internal quantum efficiency and external quantum efficiency.2. Improve the light output efficiency and reduce the junction temperature.3. Improve the lighting efficiency of lamps.Secondly, from the perspective of high color rendering: there are many light and color quality of LED display screen, including color temperature, color rendering, light and color fidelity, light and color naturalness, tone recognition, visual comfort and so on. Here, we only discuss how to solve the problems of color temperature and color rendering. Making high color rendering LED display light source will lose more light effect, so these two factors should be taken into account in design. Of course, the combination of RGB three primary colors must be considered to improve the high color rendering. Here, I also have three methods:1. Multicolor phosphor.2. RGB multi chip combination.3. Phosphor and chip.Thirdly, in terms of high reliability, it mainly includes failure rate, service life and other indicators. However, there are different understandings and explanations in application. High reliability refers to the ability of products to complete specified functions under specified conditions and within specified time. Led failure categories mainly include serious failure and parameter failure. Life is the characteristic value of product reliability It generally refers to the statistical average. For a large number of components, the life of LED devices is the meaning of this description. However, the factors affecting the reliability of LED display products include chip manufacturing, packaging, thermal resistance, heat dissipation and so on. Now that we are talking about this, we hope that enterprises will make two requirements for LED display products on the basis of total quality control:1. Reduce failure rate.2. Prolong the wear and tear failure time.Finally, it is to reduce the product cost: at present, many consumers feel that the price is too high when purchasing LED display screen. Therefore, many LED display screen entrepreneurs have also taken corresponding measures to reduce the cost. In addition to mass production, they mainly take technical measures to reduce the cost. It is mainly to reduce the cost in epitaxial chip, packaging, driving and heat dissipation, so as to fundamentally solve the cost problem of LED display products. Specifically, it is discussed from the following four aspects:1. Method for reducing cost of epitaxial chip link.2. Methods to reduce the cost of packaging.3. Methods to reduce the cost of lamps.4. Reduction of other supporting costsThe above mainly solves the main technologies of LED display screen and takes corresponding measures from the four technologies of high luminous efficiency, high color rendering, high reliability and low cost. Generally speaking, in addition to adopting new technologies, new processes, new structures and new materials to realize high luminous efficiency, high color rendering, high reliability and low cost of LED display screen, from a deep level, We should take improving energy efficiency and light color quality as the higher requirements of LED display screen, so as to really provide people with the demand of products!
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