Maintenance Methods and Steps of LED Display Screen

1 Detection method of LED display maintenance

1. Short circuit detection method: adjust the multimeter to the short circuit detection gear (generally with alarm function, if it is connected, it will sound), detect whether there is a short circuit, and solve it immediately after finding the short circuit. The short circuit is also the most common LED display module fault. Some can be found by observing IC pins and row pins. Short circuit detection shall be operated when the circuit is powered off to avoid damaging the multimeter. This method is the most commonly used method, simple and efficient. 90% of faults can be detected and judged by this method.

2. Resistance detection method: adjust the multimeter to the resistance gear to detect the ground resistance value of a certain point of a normal circuit board, and then detect the same point of another same circuit board to test whether the resistance value is different from the normal resistance value. If it is different, the scope of the problem is determined.

3. Voltage detection method, adjust the multimeter to the voltage level, detect the ground voltage at a point of the suspected circuit, and compare whether it is similar to the normal value, which can easily determine the scope of the problem.

4. Voltage drop detection method: adjust the multimeter to the diode voltage drop detection gear. Because all ICs are composed of many basic single components, they are only miniaturized. Therefore, when a current passes through a pin, there will be a voltage drop on the pin. Generally, the voltage drop on the same pin of IC of the same model is similar. According to the voltage drop value on the pin, it must be operated when the circuit is powered off.

1. One electric soldering iron one suction gun and several soldering tin

2. One 5V regulated power supply to supply power to the receiving card and maintenance module or unit board

3. 1 electric batch for quick disassembly of module or unit board

4. Computer sending card, used to send programs to the receiving card

5. The receiving card hub board is used to observe the failure of the module or unit board

6. A multimeter is used to detect specific faults of module or unit board

7. One pair of tweezers, scissors and scissors respectively

1. Determine the hub board type used by the module or unit board, so that the interface definition of the cable layout can be the same

2. According to different models of modules or unit boards, send corresponding programs to the receiving card to ensure that the modules and unit boards are displayed under the correct program, which is the premise to find out the cause of the fault. Generally, the model of the module or unit board will be printed on the PCB.

3. Observe the phenomenon of module or unit board to determine the preliminary fault. For example, common blind lights, string points, small squares, etc.

4. Use the multimeter to find out the fault, mainly using the above short-circuit detection method to detect between the chip and the lamp pin.

5. Retest

Maintenance Methods and Steps of LED Display Screen 1

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