My Laptop Charger Isn't Working?

It has a lose or broken wire and needs to be replaced

My Laptop Charger Isn't Working? 1

1. Can I buy a US laptop charger for a UK laptop?

Laptop Charger Uk

2. My laptop charger won't stay plugged in!?

study the plug on the twine and look for injury to the two the steel prong and the rubber below it. in case you notice no longer something incorrect with it then it is your charger port. they are going to ought to open your computing device as much as restoration the charging port or re-seat it. i does not pay over $80. 00 to have this carried out as that's an elementary activity in case you recognize what you are doing

My Laptop Charger Isn't Working? 2

3. Where can I buy a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop charger?

Amazon has a few to pick from, you can get a generic one, or a brand-name. Usually the Dell original is better than the generic, some of the off-brand stuff is made really cheap and flimsy, but the choice is up to you, of course

4. Is 65w fast for a laptop charger?

Does not mean a thing. That is the power of the charger, which will be enough to handle the requirements of the machine it was designed for, at high power usage. It does not affect charging speed, as this is controlled by the size of the battery and the charging regulator settings on the motherboard. if it is too low power it will actually slow down charging or even allow the battery to run down when the machine is busy as it will not cope with demand.

5. My Laptop charger light blinks and doesn't charge?

In same kind of problem i tried with new charger but it was also blinking(Adapter) so i concluded the problem is with my laptop (short circuit)

6. help with my laptop charger! please help!?

Will the laptop power up without a charger plugged in. It appears that this seems to be the case hence why the laptop powers up with the charger mains but wont charge the battery itself. Just double check a few of these before considering buying a new battery. 1). If an option try another compatible battery and insert into the laptop and try the charger to rule out a charger issue. 2). Or try the charger on another laptop, like a Dell (very common) or similar and see what pans out.

7. Why is the laptop charger thing (transformer) making a noise? [duplicate]

It's a transformer. Not Optimus Prime, but a boring device that steps down mains voltage to the voltage your laptop requires.A slight hum is normal

8. Purchasing and off brand laptop charger for my Dell?

lol ok the same basic thing happened to me with my psp. i bought a tv connector cord from the brand pelican. it would not work right and displayed a red tint to the screen and all kinds of other crap. i caled up t o ask and they gave me this crap about a warranty etc and that i should have used a sony cord which costs like an extra 50 bucks. but think of it this way, IT'S A CORD. NOT A MOTHERBOARD BUT A CORD! not like it's a bunch of intricate soddering. just make sure it delivers the same energy per minute as your other cord. stupid companies

9. Laptop charger suddenly stopped working?

Try this. Shut down your pc remove your adapter. remove your battery. plug in your adapter. does it work /. if no then your motherboard needs a new solider to the laptop motherboard.Prolly more expensive then a new laptop

10. Laptop charger dying after plugging in?

Try removing the battery. Plug in your charger to the socket and then the laptop, then slip the battery back in. It works for me. Also, when the battery is full, plug in your charger while the laptop is off. This only works when your battery is at full power, so you should be switching off or hibernating your machine while plugged in and then disconnect the charger.

11. Help Plz??!! There's a problem with my laptop charger!!?

This could be happen only because of three reason from followings. 1. check the plug in which charger connected ( Switch board) is working properly. Or there is a loose contact. 2. 3. You can try using another charger & see if the problem persist or not.

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