The G1 Evaluation of Bit Continental Graphics Card Miner Can also Be Easily Operated by Xiaobai User

Basic product data


Ant miner G1

Digging currency

Ethereum, Zec




530 mm * 320 mm * 160 mm


Intel Broadwell-u 3215 or 3205


Equipped with graphics card

8x Nvidia GeForce GTX1060

Rated calculation force

Rated power consumption


Official selling price

18700 yuan

Unpacking explosion

The ant miner G1 is packed in five layers of industrial cartons. The outer boxes are provided with logistics storage graphic marks, commodity bar codes and the logo of the ant miner G1. Because G1 is a graphics card miner, its size is larger than other series of ant miners.

The packaging protective layer of the mining machine adopts pearl cotton board, which effectively ensures the transportation safety and prevents collision during transportation. In addition to the miner, an English manual of the miner is attached in the box. Appearance and workmanship

Ant miner G1 adopts front and rear fans, and there are 5 fans on the front and back to dissipate heat for the graphics card. Open the miner backplane, you can see the internal structure of the miner, and you can see that 8 graphics cards are linked on the motherboard.

The side of G1 graphics card miner is the power wiring port, with a total of seven interfaces.

The front of G1 is the air inlet, which has QC mark and 5 fans.

In addition to the fan, there is one button and four interfaces on the back of G1. The buttons are mine switch, and the other interfaces are USB interface, HDMI interface and network cable interface respectively.

Installation and commissioning

1. Wiring the power supply used in this test is the new power supply of bit continental - apw5 power supply, and the test environment is the office with room temperature of 25 . The wiring mode of G1 is not complicated. First, connect the wiring of the power supply to the mining machine, and then connect the network cable to the network cable interface. The two USB ports are respectively connected to the mouse and keyboard, and the HDMI interface is connected to the display with HDMI cable.

This is what it looks like after connecting all the wiring of G1 graphics card miner!

2. System settings

After connecting the line, you can connect the power supply and power on. Press and hold the start button of the mining machine, and the display starts to light up. G1 is pre installed with Linux system. After entering the system, enter the login password "a". At this time, the system has started mining according to the default miner, click "stop mining", select the currency you want to dig, enter your wallet address, mine pool and miner name (only sub account number can be filled, no suffix can be added), and then click start mining. In the operation log, you can see the calculation force of a single graphics card and the calculation force of the mining machine.

Right click in the blank space of the desktop, select open the terminal, and type "NVIDIA SMI", the information of 8 graphics cards will be displayed.

Noise test

The noise of G1 is small. The noise of the miner measured at 10cm from the outlet of the miner is 80 dB, and the noise drops to 68 dB at a distance of one meter. There is basically no noise when the door is closed.

Computing power and power consumption

Calculation curve of 12-hour operation of ant miner G1

When the ant miner G1 operates stably, the official rated computing power of G1 is 200m. During the 12 hours of actual test, the computing power of G1 is maintained at about 190m, which is lower than the nominal computing power. In the actual test, the power consumption is 889w and the power consumption per M is 4.67w/m. On the deadline (November 9, 2017), the ETH currency price was 2075 yuan. According to the PPS income model of ant mine pool, the one-day income of G1 was 0.03 eth, equivalent to 62.25 yuan. According to the price of 0.3 yuan per kilowatt hour, the one-day electricity charge of G1 was 6.4 yuan and the daily profit was 55.85 yuan.


Actual computing power


Actual power


Unit power consumption


Daily income

62.25 yuan

Daily power cost

6.4 yuan

Daily profit

55.85 yuan

The overall performance of ant graphics card miner G1 is good. Due to the complete operating system, the mining setting is quite simple. Xiaobai users can also operate easily according to the tutorial. The calculation force and power consumption are lower than the nominal value, and the miner operates stably without failure. Ethereum is a leader in smart contract blockchain. At present, many enterprises have used Ethereum to develop smart contract applications. With more and more enterprises developing blockchain applications based on Ethereum, Ethereum has unlimited potential in the future. Mining with G1 is a good choice.

The G1 Evaluation of Bit Continental Graphics Card Miner Can also Be Easily Operated by Xiaobai User 1

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