Tips for Prolonging Laptop Screen Life

Tips for Prolonging Laptop Screen Life 1

The screen cost of this notebook accounts for a large part of the cost of the whole notebook, and it is very easy to damage, so we should protect it well. Adding a protective film can play a certain protective role. You can choose some famous brand products, so the effect will be better.The normal use time of a LCD screen is about 5 years. With the passage of time, the laptop screen will become more and more yellow, which is the aging phenomenon of the lamp tube in the screen. So how can we reverse the aging time as much as possible? followingA few tricks can prolong the service life of your screen.

1. Usually reduce the possibility of screen exposure in the sun. When used during the day, try to close the curtains to prevent the screen from aging due to excessive temperature after being exposed to sunlight.2. Do a good job in daily cleaning. In daily use, we are in close contact with the notebook, so it is inevitable to leave all kinds of stains on the screen. Therefore, we should do a good job in cleaning the notebook screen. We can use 3M magic cloth to wipe it, and the general dust can be removed directly. However, for those who are stubborn, we should use some breathing. But be careful to cut off all power to avoid leakage or water.3. Reduce the brightness, which can effectively prolong the service life. Generally, it is enough to open 1-2 grids during the day and 2-3 grids at night. When you turn it on again, sometimes there is a default choice. The screen is particularly bright. You must remember to turn it back.

Tips for Prolonging Laptop Screen Life 2

4. Remember to turn off the screen when you leave for a long time. If you have something to leave, you must remember to close the screen. The shortcut key is FN + F3. In this way, the screen will not be white.5. Never point the screen with your hand, pen tip and other objects. It will cost you. It is easy to cause bad points, and it will be too late to feel distressed.

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