VOC Online Detector Is a New VOCs Gas Monitoring System

VOC online detection instrument is a newly created VOCs gas monitoring system, which adopts original imported PID sensor and new 32-bit low-power processor; 8-inch LCD touch screen display, beautiful and generous; The circuit adopts 4-layer wiring, which is more resistant to weak signal and interference; Independent high-precision imported 16 bit AD chip and unique signal processing algorithm make the measurement data more accurate and stable.

Product features:

imported high-performance British PID sensor with good stability and repeatability and long service life;

Characteristics of PID principle: the basic principle of PID is to ionize the gas molecules to be measured by using the ultraviolet light (VUV) generated by the vacuum discharge phenomenon of inert gas, and obtain the gas concentration to be measured by measuring the current intensity generated by the ionized gas. The PID sensor is composed of ultraviolet lamp light source and ion chamber. There are positive and negative electrodes in the ion chamber to form an electric field, Organic volatile molecules are excited by high-energy ultraviolet light source to produce negative electrons and positive ions. These ionized particles form a current between the electrodes. After amplification and processing by the detector, the current signal is output, and finally the PPM concentration is detected.

pre-treatment unit and post-treatment unit: the pre-treatment unit performs preliminary treatment on the taken samples to make the samples suitable for transmission, shorten the transmission lag of samples and reduce the burden on the treatment unit, such as decompression, cooling, dust removal, etc. The post-processing unit further processes and regulates the sample, such as temperature, pressure and flow regulation, filtration, dehumidification, removal of harmful substances, safe pressure relief and flow restriction.

it is suitable for efficient and rapid water removal occasions and can be used online for a long time

suitable for operation in high temperature, high dust, high oil and gas and other occasions, such as boiler flue gas, automobile exhaust, environmental protection department, industrial production process monitoring, pollution source emission monitoring, flue gas heavy metal online monitoring, desulfurization and denitration monitoring, waste incineration flue gas emission monitoring, volatile organic matter (VOC) monitoring, biogas online monitoring, etc.

mg / m3, ppm, ppb, pphb and other units can be selected;

online curve display, which can view the dynamic data in real time

seamlessly connect the system platform, and the upper computer system realizes diversified operation

wall mounted, independent installation, no commissioning, directly powered on for use

the system can also accurately detect the value of VOCs in the environment with dust and moisture within 200


VOC Online Detector Is a New VOCs Gas Monitoring System 1

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