What Are the Advantages of Linux? Can Linux Replace Windows?

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Does Linux work?

Linux has a graphical interface

Support daily development

Social communication is OK

Can Linux replace Windows?

Running Android applications under Linux

What are the advantages of Linux?

Linux is elegant

Linux is efficient

Linux is free

Linux can also be beautiful

Some of my friends around me still seem to have the impression of Linux on the dark command-line interface. When I told him or suggested him to use Linux, I would be surprised and ask me, how to use it (for development or daily use)?

Linux has a graphical interface



File manager

set up

This is the "domestic" operating system deepin, which I have used for nearly two years. I don't know whether the interface is beautiful. I'm sure it can be used.

For other Linux, please refer to:

Eight beautiful Linux distributions!


Top 10 most beautiful Linux distributions in 2018


Looking ahead to seven easy-to-use Linux distributions in 2017


Support daily development

First of all, VIM / Emacs says they can handle it, but I don't think I know them well

Java : Eclipse , IDEA , NetBeans , Android Studio ...

Python : PyCharm , WingIDE ...

C : KDevelop , Code Blocks ...

Php : PhpStorm ...

Front end: sublime, vs code, webstorm


Ranked in no order

Social communication is OK

There's an ICQ

Due to time constraints, the screenshot of deepin store is used here. Other Linux distributions may not be so rich, but there should be no problem installing QQ and wechat

Can Linux replace Windows?

First list the software I use daily:

Development: Idea

Database: dbaver, Navicat, PL / SQL

Communication: Tim, wechat

Browser: Google, Firefox, 360

Office: WPS, Microsoft Office Web Edition

Music: Netease cloud music

Input method: Sogou input method

Player: deepin's own player, VLC

Editor: Sublime text

Remote control: TeamViewer, sunflower, vnc, remmina

Download: thunderbolt express, aria2

Net disk: nut cloud, baidu net disk

Markdown editor: typora, zettlr

Terminal: built in by deepin (very easy to use)

Mind map: XMIND Zen

PDF: Fuxi reader

Virtual machine: VirtualBox, VMware

Game: steam, minecraft (my world)

These are just my daily use, and many excellent software are not listed.

As for whether it can replace Windows, the problem varies from person to person. For me, in my two-year experience, I haven't encountered any problems that can't be solved under Linux, so I have to go back to windows.

Besides, I can't. There are virtual machines.

Other references:

100 best Ubuntu applications (Part 1)


Deepin store


A summary of commonly used excellent linux software, which must be hidden in operation and maintenance!

http://www.sohu.com/a/238318823_ one hundred million eight thousand six hundred and eight

Niche software - Linux


Running Android applications under Linux

Xdroid enables Android applications to run on Linux, greatly expanding the Linux ecosystem.

Yes, you are right. It is not based on virtual machine or simulator. It has considerable speed and takes up less resources.

This seems to be something windows can't do at present.

Running screenshot

Screenshot of application market

What are the advantages of Linux?

The cost of moving from one system to another is huge. What is the charm of Linux worth doing?

Linux is elegant

When I install a software under windows, I first need to open the browser, search the software you want, and carefully avoid advertising. When you find a website that looks right, you still have to carefully find the download address rather than the huge download button. Finally, when installing a small wing, you must not miss some checks, Once you accidentally miss it, you will find that the computer seems a little stuck. Soon, its friends will appear on your desktop.

Under Linux, commands such as apt install or Yum install can complete the whole installation.

Linux does not need to choose whether to put the software on Disk C or disk D. It has defined which files should be placed in which places,

You don't need anti-virus software,

There's no need to clean up the garbage,

There is no need to free memory,

There is no need to activate the system. It is open source and free,

No disk optimization is required,

No annoying pop ups,

There is no forced update.

Linux is efficient

This is what attracts me most about Linux

command line

The command line is not a backward way to manipulate computers. On the contrary, it has always been efficient and expressive.

When you want to copy, cut or delete a file, I believe there is no command to open the file manager and jump between different windows.

When you want to check the system running status, I believe that moving the mouse, right clicking and selecting task manager is not as fast as a command.

When you want to write a simple script or file, I believe that there is no command to open the editor, create a new file, write, select the file location and save.


The mouse is a good tool, but it has its limitations. After all, it has only three buttons. The expressive power of using parameters on the command line is infinite.

Reduce mouse use

Through the command line, the vimium plug-in of the browser (operate the browser interface in a way similar to VIM), Albert (call an input box through the specified key to open app, file, URL, direct search, calculator...), system shortcut and idea (its design idea is keyboard first), I can rarely use the mouse.

Of course, the mouse is not hot. When your hands hit the keyboard quickly, using the keyboard directly is faster than moving your right hand to the mouse and back, and this uninterrupted experience is very comfortable.

As for why this is the advantage of Linux, in my past years of windows experience, I have not found an entry to customize the system shortcut keys, let alone customize macros. Of course, windows also has a command line, but I think its command richness and cooperation between commands are not as good as Linux (some people call it an accessory).

Reduce duplication of labor

I have a folder dedicated to all kinds of scripts I write. Most of the time, your problem can be solved by the software on the market, but when there are some small, unique and repetitive tasks. Scripts can help you solve these problems.

For example, I have a script to monitor the production environment (in fact, it should come with the project itself), an OA Guardian script (in fact, it is to monitor whether I write a daily report or send a text message to remind me if I don't), and even a script to send wechat regularly

These scripts can solve the repetitive work in the information world to a certain extent, and let me focus more on creative work.

Starting speed

On my computer, both the system startup speed and the software (idea, chrome) startup speed are slightly better than windows.

There is no accurate test data based on use experience. However, idea has been measured, which is faster than a second

Memory usage

Source: deepin official website

Linux is free

The above only explains the benefits of scripts, not Linux.

Because only Linux is so open and customizable, you can easily modify the system configuration and change the system state through commands, and even modify the kernel code, compile and use it.

If you don't like the current desktop environment, you can easily switch through commands.

If you love Mac OS as like as two peas, you can change Ubuntu to exactly the same way (including logo on boot).

If you don't like the file manager of the system, you can choose other excellent software, such as Nautilus.

If I don't like the current terminal, I have too many choices. I even used a terminal that imitates the geek style that appears in a movie.

On the contrary, take fonts for example. Under Linux, I can install and switch system fonts through commands, but there is no such setting or entry under windows. I don't quite understand why I don't have the right to choose.

And these are just trivial examples.

reference material:

What are the advantages of Linux over windows


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